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Prextex Kiddie Magician Costume Tricks
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About Prextex Kiddie Magician Costume Tricks

BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME FOR LITTLE MAGICIANS: Bring some magic to your Halloween party! Encourage your kids to Role play and transform into a Magician this Halloween. INCLUDES MAGIC TRICKS TOYS AND TRAININGS: This super-exciting deluxe set includes a full array of tricks, from simple to advanced. Also includes a One-Full Hour DVD to teach each trick with advanced performance tips from a real magician. GREAT FIT FOR KIDS: Magic Costume Set is a One Size Most Children between the ages over 3 years old for Boy and Girl to avoid the hassle of trying on many costumes this Halloween Season. BEST…

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6 year olds approved for original and fun toys

Bought for a 6 year old as a Halloween costume! He liked to dress up as a magician on Halloween. He tried to learn tricks. He can do a few, but some of them still cause him problems. Great for learning. My only complaint is that the colored scarves wear off and don't last long.

Pros & cons

  • Price
  • Don't remember

DO NOT buy this. Very disappointed

DVD doesn't work and website doesn't work Customer service is non-existent, I'm very, very disappointed and frustrated. I couldn't send it back because my grandson loves everything and I didn't want to take away that joy from him. So he installed the magic kit with no instructions on how to use it.

Pros & cons

  • practical thing
  • secret

Instructions disk not working

The item was a subscription. He came with all the props. I had no problems with the actual items included in this set. My problem is that how to perform magic tricks instruction CD doesn't work. We tried playing it on our DVD player, PlayStation and computer but none of our devices played the disc.

Pros & cons

  • Super price
  • Great price

Great set for your little magician!

My son loved it! He recently decided to be a wizard and I came across this set. It was perfect for helping him learn new magic tricks and also supplying him with the clothes to use as a Halloween costume. He is 9 years old and it was perfect for him, his 7 year old sister loves it too. Great for many ages!

Pros & cons

  • Great for a small home
  • Quality

Top Hat Wizard Set

I have to say this is a really great wizard set for my grandson. I give this to Hanukkah so can't tell if it's easy to learn or if he likes it, but it looks like it's just perfect for him. He asked for a top hat so it will be great if he opens it. He seems to have to learn a lot of tricks as well as the costume.

Pros & cons

  • New
  • Empty

DVD didn't work with new toy and fun toy

So disappointed! My son was so excited to learn magic tricks but found the DVD didn't work! It was the main present he wanted for Christmas, which is why he got so upset when it didn't come off. All items in this set look high quality, it's just a pity we don't know how to use them for stunts! I can see from other reviews that I'm not the first customer to have problems with a DVD that doesn't work. It's a shame because otherwise it could be an amazing magical set!

Pros & cons

  • Nice packaging
  • Reliable

DVD didn't work, page was down 🙁

We got this for our grandson's 5th birthday and for the money I think it's a nice little magic set and age appropriate. The BAD thing and what worried me the most based on other reviews is that the DVD does NOT work. When my son tried to access the link provided to view the online training he said the site was for sale! Hence the 3 stars. Trying to find and watch these videos on the phone screen wasn't what I had in mind. Otherwise it's good.

Pros & cons

  • An absolute legend
  • A bit of a change

10/10 best purchase I've made

I got this set because my 4 year old wanted a magician's hat and cape. I didn't even know I was going to study magic. This set is absolutely fantastic! The details (both costume and props) are of excellent quality and we have a lot of fun playing with them. I watched the tutorial videos and loved that they not only show you how to do the trick but also give you an idea of how to set it up. A novice wizard is very uncomfortable telling a story or cracking jokes, giving them the time and opportunity to be discreet. I can't say enough good things about it. I like fake coins that you can "bite off" and bite off. It's so cool, fun and has a great "wow" effect! But what I like best is the magic trick with the coloring book. So simple and so impressive. Seriously, I could go on like this all day, or you can just click Add to Cart and see for yourself.

Pros & cons

  • weight
  • I don't remember but something was

Read this review first: DVD WILL WORK

The magic set was the number one thing my daughter asked for for her birthday. The hat, cape and gloves fit well for a 7 year old with little room to grow. The wand is durable and looks like the real thing. The plush bunny is adorable. All other components look like a real magician. We put the DVD in and got an error message saying it wouldn't play. That's when I checked the reviews and realized that a lot of people had the same disappointment. Luckily my husband thought of trying it on his computer and VOILA - it works! The DVD is specially formatted for viewing on a computer. So you can't watch it on a traditional DVD player connected to your TV, but it works fine on your computer. The only disappointment my daughter experienced was the realization that magic is purely manual work, not magic! But we will all learn that one day! ;) Luckily the instructions are excellent. It will take her a while to figure out some of the more advanced tricks (e.g. playing cards), but there are a few…