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ZWIFEJIANQ Pocket Portable Martial Silver
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About ZWIFEJIANQ Pocket Portable Martial Silver

Coming with Video Tutorial Included ➤ The Video will teach you HOW TO USE IT. Material ➤ 100% High Quality, durable, allows you to Reuse and Recycle multiple times. The magic wand easy to be extended when you're performing on the stage. Extending Length ➤ Professional magic wand for stage. 43.30" / 110 cm, 51.20" / 130 cm, 59.10" / 150 cm. Spring Switch ➤ Easy for One Hand Extending, Lightning Speed, Show The Best Stage Magic Effects. A Pair of Gloves Can Protect Your Palms and Don't Interfere with Finger When You Learn How to Close The Cane. Packet Includes ➤ 1 * Black Golden Silver Magic…

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Trash can - New toys and fun

A literal heap of rubbish. Straight out of the mailer, once opened, open crooked, not resealable when returned. jokes about us!

Pros & cons

  • Nice packaging
  • A few little things

Reliable seller: Magic Kits & Accessories

At first I didn't know how the product works so I gave it 1 star, the seller contacted me and helped me figure it out. Good product and seller

Pros & cons

  • Decent performance
  • Nothing here

satisfied ! for Magic Kits & Accessories

A great prop that takes practice to master. Be careful when practicing, so be extremely careful when opening to avoid pointing the pointed end at someone (especially yourself!). All in all I would buy it again!

Pros & cons

  • Best
  • ---

Dangerous junk

This dangerous junk. Open, open. I had to shake it to lengthen it. I wanted to plug it up and ended up with a deep cut in my palm. Don't buy this. I would have given minus 100 stars but I couldn't.

Pros & cons

  • New
  • Something else

Cool as a Kingsman

This is a fun item, for show and parody only. I wore gloves while learning how to use them based on other reviews. Now I can conveniently use it in presentations at work. I have trained with this cane and it has withstood many abuses from a very amusing person. The cane is stronger than expected, so you can bang the table with it if you want, but it will most likely startle or frighten the co-workers. I chose the black reed version as it looks bigger than the silver one.

Pros & cons

  • Great design
  • Safety

Worst purchase I have ever made

The wand is neither strong enough for adult martial arts nor safe enough for normal children. The opening mechanism is downright dangerous in terms of the speed and force with which it opens and can easily gouge out an eye. Then the real problems begin - an attempt to close the wand again. Between us we bought 5 and watched a video on how to close it. We abandoned 3 attempts after the sticks proved flexible. The one of us who gave up and took off our gloves (recommended) to fight better got a very nasty cut. A huge disappointment for the family and a complete waste of money.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to use
  • Damaged

wear protection! best in Magic Kits & Accessories

Thank you! This toy is incredibly cool and fun! I have two boys, they are 10 and 14 years old and it has been so exciting and entertaining! However, when my 14 year old let go to grab it, it started flipping over. Unfortunately he cut his index finger pretty badly. It wasn't the first time he'd played with him and he's very aware of the accidents that can happen. Three days have passed since the incident and there is still a long healing process ahead. It might have needed sewing, but the way it was cut convinced me that it would most likely just be glued. My son has reported he will continue to play with it but thinks maybe a glove should come along, I know it's recommended but more people will use it if it's included and there will be fewer accidents. Under no circumstances should you miss out on a purchase, just alert others that the material it's made of can be dangerous. Again, this is an incredibly cool gadget! Just wear gloves and stay healthy!

DO NOT BUY - Magic Sets & Accessories

I wish I could give 0 stars but whatever. said Pointopen, still excited. Pull out the staff, wow, very edgy and nervous. I open the damn thing, wow, it shoots! very excited! trying to close so i can reopen it, confusion, there doesn't seem to be a way to get it back. I try to squeeze it but I see that if I squeeze hard enough it starts to bind. I try twisting and pushing a bit but it doesn't work either. confusion at this point. So I decide maybe I'm not squeezing hard enough to get it back. I go out, pay and try to get it, no, same thing, he just got stuck and was quite frustrated. So I decided to try uncoiling the pole to visually compress it, boom, it twisted and you're done. .Would I buy it again? No, I recommend others to buy it? YUP! Misery loves company.

Pros & cons

  • Cool product
  • Not everything fits

VERY COOL. Have fun. Added instructions.

Bought two after seeing this on a YouTube video. Received them very quickly. After reading other reviews I was very cautious about activating. It's not that dangerous. Pointing it at yourself or someone else can bruise you or even knock out a tooth, but with normal care it's no more dangerous than a bee gun. And suitable for all ages. I found it very fun to play with him. There are no instructions for this, but they are needed. To activate it, hold it firmly by the rounded tip with your thumb. Make sure it's not pointed at you, anyone else, or anything that could break. Pull the pin back and out 90 degrees. Release your thumb and look cool. To fold it back down, place the tip on the ground and press down on the base, twisting the stem in various places to loosen it. While squeezing the shaft, keep pushing and twisting until the pin comes out of the base. Latch the pin again to lock it in the closed position, then twist the pin and keep pushing until it returns to its original…