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Review on Baofeng UV-5R 8W Walkie Talkie - Dual Power Modes (Black) - Improved SEO by Ada Socha ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just super, it's beautifully made, I'm very happy with it.

For users without initial experience, this walkie-talkie can be somewhat difficult to properly set up and operate. Also, you should not buy it for children - the power and operating frequency range of the model go far into the area prohibited by the legislation of the 2022. For the rest of the users, this little Chinese miracle (no kidding) will bring a lot of research pleasure and practical benefits.

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  • The main advantage is an unsurpassed and undeniable functional / price ratio. The quality is acceptable. At a relatively low price, the walkie-talkie has an almost premium set of features and capabilities that are often not available even in expensive models: - together with the channel mode (MR) direct input of frequencies (VFO mode) from the push-button block is available; - it is possible to monitor the activity of the air at two frequencies at once; - if you set up different pairs of frequencies in the VFO and MR modes, you can quickly monitor the activity of four correspondents at once; - in addition to scanning frequencies with a step of 2.5 to 100 kHz, there is scanning of subtones - both analog and digital; - there is a shift and reverse frequencies for working with repeaters; - and there are many other things, necessary and not necessary, customizable in 41 menu items. Wow! The case has a convenient size with a pack of cigarettes and an ideal appearance (in my opinion) and is made of normal hard plastic, it is pleasant to hold in hands. In fact, there is no particular need to paint the merits, the Baofeng UV-5R has long been appreciated by the people and quite deservedly acquired the status of a classic of the genre.
  • Traditional Chinese tricks: - several copies purchased at the same time (with different body colors) showed unequal reception volume. 1W is clearly not up to the passport value, but when using a headset it does not matter; - the volume control strongly protrudes from the overall dimensions of the case and very easily turns in any direction when wearing a walkie-talkie in a pocket; - uneven, which is very strange, frequency laying in different copies (the range is wider than indicated in the passport - in principle, this is good, but it captures part of the civil aviation grid - nothing good in crooked hands or with a bad head); - the charger during a short interruption of 220V may lose control over the battery charge and continue charging exceeding the upper voltage threshold for Li-Ion; - the headset is fragile, will not last long even with careful handling; - the battery capacity measured at room temperature is not the same and is slightly less than the passport capacity; - the accuracy of the threaded entries on the RF connector is +/- kilometer, the antenna must be screwed in very carefully, it may not go along the thread; - practically no moisture protection.

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July 13, 2023
Different pros: Worthy of checking 2km when FM radio is boring convenient! Has some cons I ordered 3 pieces 2 pieces + 3 without
May 30, 2023
Got pros: Excellent reception, long battery life, radio Some cons: Volume knob turns too easily
May 29, 2023
Will definitely recommend to friends
May 29, 2023
Has some pros Nothing. Everything is like everywhere else. Some cons: Is the delivery paid. This is a very big minus. This is why I don't order anything from here.