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Review on EZ Flares 1-Inch Fender Flares – The Original Universal Flexible Foam Rubber Reshaping Solution by Michael Keitt

Revainrating 2 out of 5

It's literally foam!

Totally dissatisfied. The idea is great, the product not so much. I bought two of these 8.5 foot extensions to keep my wide tires from throwing gravel and dirt onto my pretty paintwork. When I received the product, I was surprised to find that the "foam" in the description was more foam than rubber. It has the same density as door seals and other sealing foams. In no case will it stand for very long. Installation was easy. The double sided tape stuck, the fact that I didn't have to drill any holes was one of the main reasons I chose this brand. I doubt the tape will last more than a year - it's definitely not branded material. The only tricky part is keeping the flares in a straight line while applying. This soft foam just isn't stiff enough to maintain precise alignment during installation. Trimming is easy with sharp kitchen scissors. Note though that when you cut it you will find a nice patch of porous foam that looks awful if you try to taper the ends to match the curvature of the wing. Wonderful. I'm sure there are better things. The idea is great, but the materials aren't automotive grade. That looks ridiculous. I hope they do the job and if they don't I guess they're easy to rip off.

  • Nice packaging
  • I don't like anything, everything is good