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Review on New Apple Watch GPS 40Mm Wearable Technology by Nguyn Thng Qun  (Chu ᠌

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

After using the AirPods for the past six hours, I'm beginning to comprehend the allure of these products, despite the fact that I'm not a big lover of Apple products in general. Indeed, they are ridiculously pricey, and one even begins to wonder why this is the case at times. But, in terms of their usefulness, these are excellent and interesting items. If you have the means, it is unquestionably something you should invest in.

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Pros & cons

  • Like everything else Apple makes, this product is cleverly packaged. The watch is attractive and packed with a variety of practical features. What is important: an alarm clock should have a nice vibration that can be turned up to a higher volume. High-quality sound, with a simple interface. Because it works so well with an iPhone and airpods, I no longer need to bring my phone with me when I go jogging or do other activities. It is quite easy to use with Spotify; all that was required was for me to download songs and install an application on my mobile device. An excellent choice for either training or keeping track of your activities. Perhaps most significantly, I was looking for a shade of red that was very vibrant. The watch itself is gorgeous, but the strap isn't quite right; it leans too pink in comparison to the deep color of the watch itself. Likewise, I went with version 40, and I nearly instantly came to regret my decision. According to the reviews, the actual dimensions of the device are not well understood. Although 40 millimeters might look normal on the hand of a man, the device is quite small; therefore, 44 millimeters are required.
  • About autonomy, only the slothful did not say anything, but I will not emphasize this point. Plenty, but it's still a minus after being there for a day and a half. A little over a month after that, there was a problem with Spotify in which the digital crown would no longer control the volume. Disconnecting the ears from the phone, connecting them to the watch, and then connecting the watch to the Wi-Fi network resolved the issue. A trifle, but nasty. Glass makes up the primary joint. I don't know how it was tempered there, but I noticed (completely by accident) that there were already tiny scratches on the glass on the third day of wearing it. These scratches were barely distinguishable from one another. This is also something that is frequently said, but I did not believe it, and now I have been proven wrong. As a result, the use of some kind of protective glass, whether it be actual glass or just a cover, comes highly recommended.

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