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Review on Acer XR382CQK Bmijqphuzx Response Technology 37.5", 3840X1600P, 75Hz, Curved Screen, by Cameron Harris

The last monitor I'll ever need (for a long time).

The box is solid and heavy (and comes as seen in the photo, you should be close during delivery as there is no question what it is. When I opened it I was shocked to find this thing HUGE "I knew it was going to be big but it's still quite a deal to see in person. The amount of screen real estate is great. It takes up most of my field of view while sitting at my desk. The resolution is great amazing, everything is very sharp and small text is much easier to read It's bigger than my previous monitor (34", 2560 x 1080, 75Hz). Most of the weight comes from the stand. It's very solid and feels much better than its LG counterpart.too much of a hindrance.I ended up getting a monitor arm.Knowing in advance it wouldn't fit on my desk with my soundbar and I had to have it very low,I also thought that the LED lights would be something i would turn off and never touch but I set them to beautiful Designed to fit my PC and I really like them, not too bright or annoying even with dark content. They also turn off automatically when the monitor goes into sleep mode. The power indicator is also not bright enough to be noticed. The colors right out of the box are very good. It's pretty bright at 100%, no complaints, I still use dark mode so my eyes don't sting at night. There are no dead or stuck pixels on my panel, which is always something that bothers me when buying a monitor. Backlight bleeding is very minimal, it's only noticeable or annoying in the corners and not at all during normal use, and even when watching a dark movie or playing a dark game it's barely noticeable (again, much better than my old monitor). I'm really not a fan of curved displays, but they don't make flat screens of this size. I was wary I thought it would look distorted or distracting but the curve on this one is very smooth and now that I have it in person I don't have to worry. The curve is actually an advantage for this size. It's really addictive in games and not distracting in normal use or noticeable when watching movies. So games. My PC is in dire need of an upgrade, but right now it's impossible to get a GPU without taking out a small loan, so I got these instead until the market calmed down. I didn't plan on playing it, figured my outdated GPU (r9 290 OC'd) wouldn't be able to use all those pixels, but I was surprised that games run great at full resolution and 75hz. I had to tweak the settings a bit on some games to keep the frame rate up, but it's barely noticeable. You'll get a nice performance boost by turning off anti-aliasing, as it's not needed at this resolution. Surprisingly low frame rate considering the number of pixels. I also tested it on the PS5. I was worried that non-integer image scaling would look crappy, usually you get either a very soft image or some sort of lines. No, any monitor scaling looks fine at 1080p scaling. The picture is clear and without problems. I was hoping to set the PS5 to 4k and zoom out but that doesn't allow it. A bit of a shame, but it doesn't matter, it just means higher frame rates anyway. Overall I am very happy with this monitor. The LG panel is excellent as expected (it was also a bit cheaper than the LG model that also uses it, but it allows 75Hz to be used without free sync and the free sync range is a bit higher and has one too better kickstand) . I look forward to using this for years to come, especially when I can finally upgrade my setup.

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