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Review on Acer XR382CQK Bmijqphuzx Response Technology 37.5", 3840X1600P, 75Hz, Curved Screen, by Robert Mcmillian

Yes, you will like it - A LOT!

I bought this monitor after spending many hours researching, comparing and thinking about what I will be using in the next 5-8 years because I can't afford to buy a monitor as often as I upgrade my computer . I'm a photographer, video maker and sound engineer, with occasional graphic design. I edit, retouch and style all my photos/videos. I also stream some simulation games on a few nights. So I needed a monitor with accurate color reproduction, plenty of space for audio and video tracks in the timelines to speed up editing, and high pixel density for photo editing with less zoom and space for the tool palette. 34-inch monitors and found the brightest settings to be dark, off-white and not even in the same universe as that screen. The Acer is bright enough to turn off for comfortable all-day use. And the white color is even and clean, like an expensive sheet of paper in good daylight but not in glaring sunlight. I've also been using a 39" 1080p LED TV as a monitor for the past year while waiting to get something better and I found this and the first monitor I bought to match it replace, 4K 42 inches, were too high for comfortable use. I always had to tilt my head up and down to scan the entire screen to find something. This monitor is amazing. People see him and have trouble breathing, fall on their knees and want to bow to him and ask me if you can move or be adopted. ;-) It looks fantastic, it's a brightly colored image, a beautiful image that's great for professional use (no overly hyped colors like Samsung's new quantum dot, which is amazing, but it's unrealistic for editing and color grading , it's too much. I spent a bit more for an HDR compatible version which is HDR "compatible" but NOT HDR "compatible" (it doesn't deliver the 1000 nit brightness required to meet that spec), but it works with and displays HDR footage better than any other non-HDR monitor. For gaming, this is probably the perfect monitor. At 3840 x 1600 pixels, it has everything a 4K monitor has, except for the height but I don't miss the height at all and find it more natural and easy to photograph everything without moving your neck at a viewing distance of 24". Pixels are crisp, the colors vivid and the black almost as black as the black surroundings. It is dark. Even at 3/4 ls pixels than a full 4K screen, your GPU gets about 25% more frames per second! I paired mine with an EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming for 60-90 fps (no screen tearing) in MechWarrior Online at max settings for a smooth, dreamy experience in one of the worst optimized games. And that refresh at 75Hz day and night is better than the 30 that many 4K monitors still have, and still better than the newer 60Hz. If you're looking for a monitor that can do just about anything you can do , damn perfect. This is your new monitor. Love love love him! Highly recommended! Buy and enjoy!

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Pros & cons

  • ‎XR382CQK bmijqphuzx
  • The monitor refresh rate is too slow.

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