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Review on πŸ–₯️ BenQ SW270C PhotoVue Technology Reproduction Monitor - 2560X1440P, USB Hub, High Dynamic Range, Hardware Calibration, IPS by Mark Berkelo

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He ticks all the boxes

TL;DR is simple: I found the SW321C to be a phenomenal, uncompromising, almost flawless monitor. Great stand, great UI (love the puck), great image quality, even backlighting, no glare. It's great for work and play. There's an IPS glow, but it's inevitable. I'm a programmer who spends most of my time on my computer - reading/writing texts, watching videos and playing games. I have previously used 2 Dell U2518D monitors which even after calibrating with iDisplay Pro Plus had the following issues: * Compressed blacks * Poor contrast * Uneven colors * Uneven backlighting * Bleeding backlighting * Glare despite matte finish. I don't want to put up with these issues anymore, I spent a week or two researching what the best uncompromised monitors of late 2020 were. This led me to the SW321C, which is a professional monitor, not a gaming/consumer monitor. , because the consumer models β€” no matter how quirky they called themselves and how tricky the marketing were β€” all seemed untenable and forced me to compromise in at least one area (and I didn't want FALD). The BenQ SW321C is expensive (although not as expensive as the EIZO and Dell screens it's often compared to), but I think it's money well spent. The picture quality is excellent. The colors are amazing. Images and text are noticeably sharper and clearer than on my 25-inch 1440p monitors (although that's true on any 32-inch 4K display). The backlight is the most even I've seen. I can't see any backlight leaks. I love the shade hood and never take it off. The matte finish is by far the best I've seen/used. I couldn't be happier with the picture quality for the movies and series I watched (Blade Runner, Ex Machina, The Witch, Space, The Man in the High Castle, Midnight Gospel). HDR may be 'fake', but it still greatly improves the viewing experience, especially when it comes to darkness/shadows. Last year I bought and returned a BenQ SW271. I liked it, but the backlighting was uneven, there were blowouts, and 27 inches was too small for 4K. (32 inches to my eyes (late 30s) is the ideal size for a 4K screen.) If I were to spend $1,500, I wouldn't put up with these issues. The SW321 isn't as bright as the SW271, which is a shame, but it also fixes any issues I had with the SW271. DO NOT get a very decent OLED TV with perfect blacks. You will experience burn-in.) The monitor also seems to generate a lot of heat. I'm not sure if I regret the purchase. It still fits the bill for me and I think it's money well spent, but if I could do it again and my living space allows (EDIT and retract: I wouldn't go with OLED) Update #2: Delete that I still wish the blacks were darker but that's about as good as on an IPS panel OLED TVs are not intended to be used as PC monitors and burn-in will inevitably occur, if you use them that way. despite a single case l hanging subpixel. I've seen a few reviews on here that downplayed the hardware calibration, but to me it was excellent - definitely better, in my unexperienced eye, than the i1 Display Pro Plus's software calibration. That being said, I ran into a few bugs/issues when using the Palette Master software: it didn't recognize my calibrator until I set the colors to 10 bit, full output, and I had to plug it into a USB port my adjoining desk. , not one of the USB ports on the SW321C. Update #3: The stuck pixel kept popping up, so I contacted BenQ customer service and asked them to fix the screen. The phenomenal support staff - fast, professional, understanding, knowledgeable and incredibly easy to deal with - helped me resolve the issue to my satisfaction despite some confusion (which was not their fault). .Update #4: Top Rating. terrible. What kind of person brags (?) about being in command of delivery men? Topping this person's pros list is "quality monitor," but the review also says the screen was defective, he/she has seen better picture quality on $200 monitors, and the colors are "awful." looks. Garbage. None of us are experts. Ignore reviews on Amazon. Read testimonials from professional photographers for whom this monitor was designed.

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  • Expensive but worth every penny
  • Color Interference: If the color settings are not properly adjusted, the display may appear erratic or distorted.

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