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Review on Panasonic RP-HJE125-Y Yellow Wired Earphones: Upgrade Your Listening Experience by Agata Kubica ᠌

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Not a good product, not worth the money.

I have never used headphones manufactured by this business in the past. And then my cat destroyed my memories, so I had to get new ones made. When it came time to make a decision, I had numerous possibilities to pick from within this price range (800r). Yet, these are the ones that drew my attention to them. And I came to deeply regret my decision. When I first started using the nasnik, one of its components at the junction appeared to be moving when I touched it. This gave me a feeling of uneasiness from the very beginning. But, I assumed that it was only happening to me. After using it for a week, I came to the following conclusions: there was hardly any sound insulation at all. Even though I had the volume of my music turned up to its highest setting, I was still able to hear every word that was said by others in the area. In addition, my previous Sony headphones were compatible with this phone without any issues. In comparison to Sony, the sound was quite distorted and unclear. This was another issue. In addition, I tried several different kinds of headphones belonging to friends, and the issue was only present with mine. And then, after less than a month of intermittent use, one of the headphones just snapped in two on the sidewalk where it was being used. And at first, I was under the impression that the incident was caused by my applying an excessive amount of pressure as I was holding them. And even though she was disappointed, she continued to blame herself. I checked the second earpiece right away, and there were no flaws or cracks in it that may have caused this problem. After that, the headphones were not utilized at any point. They were just sitting there on the shelf. After two weeks, I had an urgent need for headphones, and these were the only ones that were available. Then after using them for less than an hour, the second earpiece completely disintegrated in my hand for no apparent reason. This time around, rather than squeezing it, I merely held it in my hand. In addition, the connection between the two headphones broke on both of them exactly where it should have been. And it is about exactly even. I had the impression that they were not fixed in any way, but rather just inserted, yet I was unable to successfully re-insert them into their original positions. Because of this, I can unequivocally state that the headphones are of very poor quality. In the picture, there are other headphones purchased from the internet; nonetheless, the connection on mine snapped just here. Regrettably, I did not remember to snap a picture of them before I used them for the final time, and as soon as they were no longer needed, they were discarded.

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  • Nice and audible.
  • Hardly worth the cost to them. Lack of acoustic insulation Both of the headphones were inoperable in slightly more than a month.

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