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Review on Focused On Learning by Luca Washington

User Friendly Online Training Management System

I like how easy it was to use as an instructor because all my information is already in there! It's pretty useful, but sometimes you can't search everything if you need to find a specific piece of info that isn’t listed right away. It would also be nice to see how many people actually used each feature once they've been trained through it. If nothing else, this should really just get more people into the program so they could help other users who are having trouble figuring things out. The benefit of being able to train your coworkers or students with ease by giving them access to files stored online. I like that you can use team work in different ways depending upon your needs or those who are being trained/learning through this system! The ability within teamwork itself has helped me with my current role as an HR Manager at one point where i needed some help from another member regarding payroll issues which was resolved very quickly by them!! Nothing really apart form these few things but overall good product especially if its free.

Pros & cons

  • Very user friendly
  • Easy for new comers such us myself (HR)to understand what we're doing when using Team Work.
  • Training others without any problems even colleagues whom have no computer experience whatsoever easily done via web meeting option available
  • Good customer support service provided too :)
  • Mostly okay, but...
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