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Solid PDF Converter

I like the fact that it's a complete PDF to Office converter. I can convert a PDF to Office format and edit it before saving it. It's a bit slow, but I'm sure that it will get better as I use it more. I'm currently using it to convert a large number of PDFs to editable documents on my Mac. It's very easy to use. It's not too expensive and I can have it on my Mac without worrying about the computer crashing. It's a great tool to have on your Mac. I've been able to edit large numbers of PDFs to editable documents.See full review

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Tools2Export PST Exporter

The best part of this tool was that it works perfectly with my outlook version 2013 along with its compatibility issues. It has very simple interface which makes user-friendly. This software allows you to export your emails in different formats like mbox format or even text file etc.,It also supports all major versions starting from 2003 up until now. If you are looking forward to export pst then use tools 2exportpste exporter otherwise there might be chances that some important data will get lost during import process. We were facing issue while importing our email accounts into gmail account so we have used this product to resolve out problem by doing an efficient job within few minutes only without causing any damage to other folders apart from inbox folder.See full review

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Focused On Learning

I like how easy it was to use as an instructor because all my information is already in there! It's pretty useful, but sometimes you can't search everything if you need to find a specific piece of info that isn’t listed right away. It would also be nice to see how many people actually used each feature once they've been trained through it. If nothing else, this should really just get more people into the program so they could help other users who are having trouble figuring things out. The benefit of being able to train your coworkers or students with ease by giving them access to files stored online. I like that you can use team work in different ways depending upon your needs or those who are being trained/learning through this system! The ability within teamwork itself has helped me with my current role as an HR Manager at one point where i needed some help from another member regarding payroll issues which was resolved very quickly by them!! Nothing really apart form these few things but overall good product especially if its free.See full review

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This product has helped us to keep our team organized for all of my clients newsrooms. It also helps with content creation as well! I have not found anything that i dislike about this software other than some minor bugs here or there but nothing major enough where it would stop me from using their service again in the future. There is no reason why you shouldn't try out supernwsoroom if they are still working through any issues. They can be very helpful when having multiple people involved at once such as myself, marketing manager/content creator; graphic designer etc. See full review

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Accesswire is fast with response time for our requests as well has quick turnaround times when submitting articles or editing them after approval! They are very professional about their work which makes it easy working together while also helping us get results quickly. I would love more integration options like adding social media handles etc into links within my content but that may be something they can improve upon themselves at this point since we haven't found anything wrong so far (which of course doesn't mean there isn't any). We're trying out access wire right now because other companies were requesting payment upfront before publishing even though nothing was published yet - not only did acceswire waive all fees up front without having an article written/published by me first- however once i had gotten approvals from both parties involved everything went smoothly & got paid back promptly afterwards.See full review

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The design of pages made it really easy to create new sections or posts for different parts in my blog, so I loved this feature! Creating articles was super simple as well—and all templates were provided with them by default; no need do spend extra time figuring things out from scratch like we had done before (and still did). There wasn’t much that didn't work right during our first 3 month trial period when building up an initial client base at startup cost-free hosting site where people could signup free without any commitment yet make money through adsense income generating affiliate links. And they would get automatic updates/patches etc automatically whenever there are fixes available via security update patches released over years now since 2011 - 2013 from Google Chrome Security Update V2 & IE11. Nothing major came across after about 6 months but some small glitch here ndthere which might impact your business negatively can happen sometimes even if you pay more attention while using these tools compared than what normal user does. We used both wordpress blogs+siva platform together so users don´t have just one option anymore. They The customer support team has been very helpful when it comes to issues with our CMS, and they have fixed them so quickly. We like how easy it is for our staff to update our website without any IT skills required. There are some features that we haven't found yet, but the support team is working hard to make sure that everything is in place. We've been able to create an interactive website with all of our clients in mind.See full review

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