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Review on πŸ”§ DIY Water Heater Sediment Cleaning Tool - Turbo Tank Cleaner for Hard Water by Kenneth Murphy

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Super easy to use, goes well with water heater parts

After receiving a $1,000 offer from a plumber to clean my reservoir of scale, I googled to see how I could do it myself. I'm so glad I chose Turbo Tank Cleaner! I read the instructions cover to cover before getting started and also watched a YouTube demo video a couple of times. I did this without draining the tank as the YouTube video shows. First, however, I turned off the heat and ran hot water in the shower so there was no problem draining the scalding hot water through the hose. Following all the instructions it worked like a charm. My reservoir is outside so I wasn't bothered by a water leak when I installed the tool and then removed it, but to be honest there weren't that many of them so I think you'd be fine even if you put it inside would do with a couple of towels under the flap. The tool seems pretty solid, so I'm sure I'll get at least a few more uses. worth your money! My kettle no longer pops and hisses!

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