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Review on Seagate BarraCuda 2TB Internal Hard Drive HDD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 7200 RPM 256MB Cache – Frustration Free Packaging (ST2000DM008/ST2000DMZ08) by Summer Hendricks

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Seagate BarraCuda Awesome gift from Seagate! - all pros and cons about this

It's just a miracle, not a disk! Well, I never imagined that in 2018 you can get 2Tb for 4200 rubles with a speed of 7200 rpm and a 256Mb cache (!!!) Hi all! My old Seagate suddenly died and I needed a new one. At first I chose between Seagate [ST1000DM010] and WD [WD10EZEX], these are 7200rpm / 64Mb single-terabyte units, at one price of 2900 rubles. It was somehow not easy to choose from them, the reviews as well as the characteristics are identical, but scrolling through the store's catalog just a little bit to the bottom, I came across a 2Tb / 7200rpm / 256Mb hard drive worth 4399 rubles. I didn't believe it at first, I thought it was a mistake. But it turned out to be true. It just wasn't available. Usually, stores artificially lower prices for those goods that are not available, but no, I found it in another store for 4190 rubles. There was an offer even for 3990 somewhere, but the delivery is expensive. In general, the price was real. I read quite a bit about him on the Internet, everything seems to be praised and ordered almost immediately. I took it from the pickup point in a regular antistatic bag. On the warehouse sticker of the store in the characteristics, by the way, CACHE 64Mb is indicated., Which at first confused me: but the QR code on the disk itself, through a smartphone, brought me to the manufacturer's page where the characteristics indicate the name 256Mb. Looks like a stock error. This specification in PDF, by the way, is the only documentary confirmation of the presence of exactly 256Mb cache memory, since no program showed me this desired figure, but more on that later. In general, in making the decision to purchase this particular "hard", of course, the main role was played by all the same price. I didn’t even really look for reviews on it, namely how correctly the head parker works in this model. This is probably the only thing that bothered me. But 2 terabytes with a speed of 7200 rpm and 256mb memory cannot be bought for 4200???!!!... Externally, hard as hard. Modern - narrow and pretty - green: Interface - SATA III. For work: Windows 10 got up at first without any problems, but I did not split it into logical drives during the first installation. First impression - BOMB!!! Loading Windows 20 seconds. How a simple SSD works. Copying 80Gb passed at an average speed of ~ 90Mb / s, but I can not say that it is very smooth and stable. The speed jumped from 160Mb/s to almost 4Mb/s. But overall it's satisfactory. The lower bar in terms of speed was only a few seconds, on average, the fluctuation was in the region of 120-60Mb / s. I regret that I did not screen this process. Nevertheless, for everyday use, so to speak, it is quite cheerful. I also had to face one problem when reinstalling Windows. I generally saw this for the first time in my life, despite more than one hundred assembled computers at one time. When the disk was split into two logical ones, the system wrote to me that it was not possible to install some drivers and that the installation was suspended, try again. I tried again, and again, and again ... it doesn't work. I began to shovel the Internet, as I managed to understand the problem was in the incorrect division of the HDD into partitions and this conflict with UEFI. Something went wrong in the process. There was an option to dig into the BIOS, but since my old system disk was at hand, I decided to try to solve the problem with it, and leave UEFI alone. I downloaded Windows from it and deleted all partitions on the new "Barracuda". After that, I divided the disk again and filled in W10 without any problems. I think it's a coincidence. Well, now, after a month (maybe a little more), I can state that everything is now working properly. What bothered me the first time was this: 1. no program showed the cache size 2. it was necessary to find out how correctly the head parker works. On problem number 1, as I wrote above, I could not understand anything, not a single program shows this information to me. We have to believe the specifications off. Seagate site that the ST2000DM008 model has these 256Mb and, of course, according to my own feelings. Feelings, as well as the specification, confirm this. And everything is fine with #2, here is a screenshot from Spessy: 293 parking lots in 220 hours of operation is excellent. People wrote that some WD parking every 8 seconds, with a resource of 300,000 of these parking lots. Here is the complete order and resource 600,000. The working temperature is 40-42 degrees, the maximum recorded 45. The drive is quiet. It's now one in the morning, no extraneous noises - the disk is not audible at all, only the dusty processor cooler barely rustles. Compared to the old "black" WD, which crunched so hard you could hear it in the next room at night (no kidding), this is a fabulous drive. With a heavy load, of course, it comes to life a little, but very modestly. A very worthy hard drive in terms of its characteristics and price. Everything loads very quickly. I can safely and confidently recommend. Of course, I can’t say about the current quality of Seagate, its durability, but I want to hope. The old one worked for probably more than 10 years, though he died very suddenly. In general, the durability of a hard drive depends on many factors, not always the cause of his sudden death lies in himself. I will check the PSU now, it seems I got tired of it. He is the same age as the "deceased". Worked ten.

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