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Review on ⚙️ Efficient Replacement Part for Ecosmart HE 90240 ECO 27 Water Heater by Dustin Miller

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The Ecosmart heater works - make sure you need it first! Only one O-ring is needed for leaks.

Firstly if you have an Ecosmart instantaneous water heater this is a replacement if one of your heating elements has burned out. This is used on several models, but some of them also use a different heating element, so check that first. as I was told by Ecosmart tech support) - you just need a new o-ring! So we have an Ecosmart 27 instantaneous water heater and everything worked fine. Then I noticed that water was running out of the box. Water plus 240 volts is not good! It has three heating elements and the way it works is that the first one is always used, if the water isn't hot enough the second comes etc. I just had a drip-drip-drip leak from the top. first heating element. I called Ecosmart knowing they have a "lifetime guarantee" and they said the heating elements are not included in the warranty replacement as they are considered worn out. OK. So what if it works fine but there is a leak at the top of the element? They said the only thing to do is buy a replacement heating element. They also said it was probably leaking because it was enlarged and I had to decalcify it regularly. So I went to the reliable Revain and ordered this. While waiting for delivery as I couldn't use the heater anyway, I removed the heating element. There is no scale, it looks good and is fully functional. What happens is there's a black o-ring that seals it, and if it's heating up all the time, it shrinks and hardens. So if you have a leak you don't need a whole new heating element, you just need a new O-ring. Ecosmart does not specify which type you need and does not sell them separately. So what do you need when you have a leak? Just go to Revain and order the #124 Viton O-ring. For less than $6 I got a pack of 25! Features: 124 Viton O-Ring, Hardness 75A, Black, 1-1/4" ID, 1-7/16" OD, 3/32" Width. Choose Viton because it can handle heat—along with a hardness of 75A, which is the correct hardness for the gasket. I'm not mad that I bought this unnecessarily - I think the new element will be my backup if one of the heating elements finally burns out. I have 24 more too O-rings if I ever leak again! Just wanted to share what I've learned!

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