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Review on Silver Panasonic RF-2400D ๐Ÿ“ป AM Radio for Improved SEO by Logan Taylor

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Panasonic RF this is how a radio should be - my review about it

Here will be a short review of the Panasonic RF-2400D radio. Usually my reviews are about any Chinese rubbish of varying degrees of basement. This is not the case. This is a good quality radio from a trusted manufacturer. Surprisingly, it is even made in Indonesia, and not in China (this replica is for those who, like fire, are afraid of Chinese goods). A large box, where, wrapped in polyethylene and reinforced with foam plastic, our Panasonic lies. Let's put it aside for now, take a look at the instructions. Here, this is one of the signs of a quality product - a detailed human instruction. Literally everything is painted, despite the fact that the receiver is as simple as a tree in the forest. Look, have you ever seen, for example, such a sign? So many hours on salt batteries, so many hours on alkaline batteries, and depending on the range. Everything is science. True, a reasonable question arises: an alkaline battery is different for an alkaline battery, will there really be no difference? I don't believe it doesn't happen. The sound is good and clear, the speaker is large and loud, the antenna is long, the reception is good, with auto-tuning, as far as I understand. Perfect assembly, confidence-inspiring plastic. Powered either from the mains through a standard two-pin cord (included, the quality is very good), or from four AA batteries (included, the stump is clear, no). Headphones are optional. I know that skeptics with JBL in their pockets will object to me. Here I praised him like that, but there is nothing in him but the radio. Do not insert a USB flash drive, do not connect to the phone. Do not drop into the water at your leisure. Where is Bluetooth and built-in battery? Yes, guys, none of that is here. All he can do is play FM radio stations. I'll put it this way: sometimes a radio has to be a radio. Often, the redundancy of functions negatively affects the main one; portable acoustics sooo often catches waves just disgusting. There will be no such problems with this unit, infa 100%. Does it have any disadvantages? There is. One, but significant. It is expensive. For this money, you can buy two good Chinese devices with much more functionality. However, I'm not so sure about their quality.

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  • Sound, assembly, simplicity
  • Price

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