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The interface is very intuitive, easy to use for all users (both technical as well non-technical). It has been used in many projects at our organization so far with great success! I have not experienced any downsides yet but would be glad if someone could share their experience regarding this software/service provider - what are your thoughts? We manage several applications running across multiple cloud environments like AWS EC2 / Fargates etc., which we need centralized control over via one daSee full review

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My daughter said it was easy for her but she did need help in laying out all 4 pieces & putting them together....the instructions are pretty good though I bought this for my niece who loves playing her PSP and wanted something that would stick better than normal tape or clear nail polish. It did what it was suppose too but she doesn't really play much anymore so now I'm stuck with an empty package lol...but overall I'd say its worth the money if you want your game controllers to stay in place See full review

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The features that I like best are its flexibility to add new apps/tools easily without requiring any coding knowledge or expertise. It's easy enough even for someone who has zero technical skills to use it effectively in their organization.The interface of tixtime was not very user friendly at first but with some training you can get used to using this tool quickly.If there were more tutorials available online which could be accessed by anyone from anywhere then we would have no problems solvingSee full review

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The biggest benefit is that it's easy to keep up-to date with what my team members are working through at any one point in their project lifecycle. I also like being able to see progress made by each of our employees as they move towards completion. It can sometimes get hard for me (as lead) to be out there too much during projects - so i tend not to spend very long viewing them all together from start to finish! As stated above though this tool does help solve some of these problems. We're usinSee full review

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The best thing about rosterermanner was its user friendly interface which made it easy even newbies like me could use this tool without any problem at first try itself! I am using roster manager since last 3 years now but i have never faced anything negative in my experience with them so far!! Their support team always helps us whenever we face issues or problems related our work they are very quick responder also when you contact via live chat service then your queries will be solved within fewSee full review

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The best thing I like is that it's easy for me as an employer, because all of my employees have profiles with pictures so they're easier than ever before! It also helps them find jobs more easily by giving us access in order to view our employee profile information which makes communication between both parties much simpler too!! Nothing at this time but if there were any improvements then maybe having some sorta chat function would be nice? Also adding other job boards such as Indeed or indeed See full review

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Ease of use, simple to navigate through, easy to understand how things work overall. It is very user friendly for anyone that has no previous experience with scheduling software but it also works well if you have some prior knowledge or experience in this area as there are many tools available to help users who may be new to this type of program. I would like more ways to customize what types of reports we can generate from our schedule. We currently do not have any way to produce reports withinSee full review

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The best feature of zen shifts is that you can see who's working where at any given time! So if I'm off site for an event or training they know to cover my shift while i am away so there are no issues with covering someone else's vacancy in their absence.The only problem we've had was during our annual summer shutdown when there were some vacancies left unfilled which meant people didn't get paid until after Christmas as per pay run rules but this could be solved by ensuring everyone gets paid aSee full review

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The features are very useful for managing projects in an agile way with effective time estimation of tasks using story points or epics.It also supports Kanban boards which helps me organize my work better than any other tool I have used before.The UI could be more user friendly as it has some quirks sometimes when you try to open your previous pages from within another page (for example if you want to change something after adding comments).Also there isn't much customization available at this pSee full review

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The best thing about using radium is that I can manage my entire project in one place, so it's easy to keep track of everything! It also makes me feel more organized because all tasks are linked together within each other as well; which helps when collaborating or communicating via Slack/GitHub issues etc., Also being able to see what has been completed for every task at any given time really gives you peace-of mind knowing things aren't falling through cracks (or not getting done). Other than tSee full review

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The ease of use for the product. It's very easy to create new pages, modify existing ones and also add functionality to a page with plugins and widgets.The layout is also very user-friendly and it has excellent SEO features too. I have used this tool in my previous jobs as well and always felt like I was learning something new each time I used it. There are several tools that can be used for creating websites but leanGears stands out from the crowd because it makes web designing a cakewalk. AlsoSee full review

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I like that it can be used for multiple clients with ease! It also has great customer service support if needed at any time during setup or use! There are some things about this program that could improve such as more robust billing options (ie having an option where invoices have different payment methods). We were able to get our accounting information into one place when previously we had 2 separate programs using two sets up files which made keeping track difficult in terms of adding new accSee full review

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The program is very user friendly and it is a lot of fun to use. I like that you can create your own gardens and landscapes and that you can add different things to it. I do not like that you can not save your work. I wish that you could save your work and that you could also save your work to a computer. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to create their own gardens and landscapes. I use this program to create my own gardens and landscapes. I create different types of landscapesSee full review

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There are many features available, some which I have yet learn how use effectively but there's no doubt about its efficiency as it has all we want for our companies needs! Nothing so far since i didn't try out enough until now hence can not give any feed back because nothing comes into my mind at this moment. The best part here would be their customer service team who will guide you through every step possible if needed or required!! No words said just go ahead take advantage of them. Highly rSee full review

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I love how easy it works! It's like having an assistant for your production team to help you make sure everything looks just right before release or airing/streaming online etcetera.. And also with our clients who are filming in different locations around Europe we can use one single software across all countries which saves us so much work when shooting multiple projects simultaneously from many cities! Not really anything dislike about this product but sometimes there could be some lag while uSee full review

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I love that we have someone in our team dedicated solely for reviews management, this saves us time by not having many different people managing them! It's been easy so far but there are definitely some quirks with it at times (like when you need help from another member of staff). We've had good success using Reviews Studio as part of an internal process improvement project within my own organisation; helping me manage workflows more efficiently which has reduced turnaround significantly overalSee full review

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I like how it allows me to create my own custom fields for my content. It also has a lot of helpful integrations with other platforms. Sometimes you can't find what you're looking for if you don't know what you are searching for. I would recommend creating a list of keywords and then searching through them to see what comes up. This helps when you have multiple people using the platform at once and doesn't know exactly what they want. It makes it easier to pull information together from differeSee full review

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The best part of working with nikabot was its ease to use, it has all you need in one place! This bot works great for our organization as we can track employee hours easily without having to do any manual entry at all. It could be better if there were more options available when adding new users or departments but overall this product does what I needed exactly! We are able to keep an accurate account of how much work each person did throughout their day while also being able to see who took lonSee full review

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The code dog is very helpful in keeping track of our open pull request's status, it also helps us keep up to date with all changes made by others on github as well! It does not have any downsides so far but I would like more options such as adding comments or replying directly from that notification email which can be done manually if needed. This software has helped me stay connected with my team members who are working remotely across different timezones without having to log into slack everySee full review

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The best thing about this software is its easy integration with all major Cloud applications such as Gmail, Office 365 etc. It also provides multiple options for sharing files within an organisation. There isn't much I dislike about shareOptic in general. But if you are planning to use this product in conjunction with your existing products or services then make sure they work together well otherwise there will be issues when transferring information between them. We have been able to transfer fSee full review

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