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Review on πŸ” Hendlex Anti Fog Spray - Multi Purpose & Long Lasting 3.38" for Goggles, Car Windshield Treatment, and Bathroom Mirror by Michael Barry

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Dangerous product Do not buy!

First let me say that I followed the instructions correctly. I bought this spray to use on the inside of my car's windshield. I cleaned it thoroughly with Windex before applying the Henlex spray. I made sure the jar was absolutely clean and dry as instructed. Everything went smoothly and at first I thought everything was fine. (By the way, I live in New Jersey.) I wore it this fall. As soon as the weather got colder, I noticed a problem. My windshield started fogging up which this product is designed to prevent! But not only that, it also makes fogging worse! I can usually wipe it off with a mop, but the spray left this ugly filmy residue that can't be removed. Like wax on a windshield. And you only see it at night. During the day, the glass looks perfect, so you think everything is fine and only see a problem when it gets dark. Turning on the heater only aggravates the situation. I also tried the spray on the bathroom mirror as a pre-test to make sure it would work in my car and it didn't work there either. I should have paid attention. I've tried cleaning a car's windshield with Windex and then Dawn dish soap, warm water, and a coarse sponge, but it didn't work. I don't know what to do and I can't drive at night anymore until I fix this problem. To be honest I'm surprised the company that makes these things hasn't been sued in a car accident! I'm so mad I bought this thing. Please don't repeat the same mistake.

  • Very impressive
  • boring packaging