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Review on Kena Bridge Spirits Deluxe PS5 PlayStation by Link Link

Revainrating 4 out of 5

One of better games for kids!


my dad just bought this game as a gift to me, he bought it for me because it looked like the legend of zelda, and he loved it very much, and went through it several times, and knew all the places on the map. and he was not mistaken, this game is so beautiful and good as Zelda, it is very similar to it, it has everything, a beautiful map, perfect graphics and wildlife with cute creatures.

we made a pre-order, and waited for three months, and we waited in vain, the game met all expectations except for the open map, but this does not interfere so much, because the plot is very good

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as soon as I entered the game, I was immediately surprised, because the game was more beautiful than I expected, the trees were objective and the leaves moved like real ones, all the dualshock triggers worked there, which is used very rarely, and this immediately made me happy , at some points I had to use Wiki or YouTube because of the complexity of the puzzles, but I rarely used it, because I liked to play without help.

3. MAP

the map is average, not big but not small, but the map was so elaborated that it didn’t matter to me how big or small it was, there were about nine bosses on the whole map, they were all different, so it was a pleasure to kill them, I liked it the most the last one, since it was the most complex and elaborate, it had two phases and eight different attacks, but this did not stop me from killing him and saving the world.

img 2 attached to Kena Bridge Spirits Deluxe PS5 PlayStation review by Link Link


all bosses are located in their biomes, some are rot, and some are wood or moss, in order to kill you need to use certain abilities and tactics, there are big bosses with a lot of hp but little damage, or fast with a small amount of hp but strong, or all in a place like the last boss, it took me an hour to kill him, because I played on the hardest difficulty

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there are smolders in the game, the whole game is tied to them, they must be saved and used as an improvement in attacks, all from whole things, and they are on the whole map, to get them you need to clear the forest of rot when you collect all the smolders you can get an achievement that not everyone has, and it is very rare, there are spirits in the game, when you save from you you go through the story, or you get achievements

I collected only 89 smolders, so I didn’t get the achievement, I was bored and tired of playing for so long, having flooded, I decided not to collect all the smolders

I recommend you play the game, or buy it for your child

  • Good for kids
  • Amazing graphics
  • amazing shadows
  • cute creatures
  • nature like real
  • Expensive
  • Boring for adults

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February 03, 2023
👍Great review!!! My son played this game after Zelda)🧝‍♂️ Colorful beautiful game!🎮