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4 3X2 0 Inch Compression Lock with Adjustable Operation Review



Very good

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Description of 4 3X2 0 Inch Compression Lock with Adjustable Operation

Product Overview

Introducing the versatile Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch, a premium latch designed for a wide range of applications in the Latches category. Crafted from high-quality materials, this compression latch flush is made of zinc alloy with a powder-coated finish and steel with zinc plating, ensuring durability and longevity. Its reliable locking mechanism offers protection against theft, making it an excellent choice for securing horse floats, trailers, campers, and caravans. With dimensions of approximately 110mmx52mm/4.3x2.0inch and a mounting hole size of 90mmx35mm, this compression latch is designed for a precise fit.


The Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch stands out in the Latches category due to its exceptional characteristics. The zinc alloy and steel construction not only provides robustness but also enhances its resistance to environmental elements. The powder-coated and zinc-plated finish adds an attractive touch, making it suitable for various industrial hardware applications. Its adjustable operation allows users to fine-tune the latch's tightness, ensuring a secure and customized fit. Whether used for waste receptacles and liners, or in other settings, this compression latch is designed to deliver reliability and ease of use.

Similar Products

If you're looking for alternatives to the Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch, you may find other latches in the market, but few match its versatility and quality. Some similar products may lack the adjustable feature or the robust materials, compromising on security and durability. Customers searching for top-notch latches for their horse floats, trailers, campers, or caravans need not look any further as this product sets the bar high in terms of performance and functionality in industrial hardware applications.

Problems Solved

The Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch effectively addresses security concerns for waste receptacles and liners in various settings. Its compression latch lock mechanism ensures that valuable items are well-protected, reducing the risk of theft and unauthorized access. With its durable materials and adjustable design, users can rely on this latch to withstand harsh conditions and maintain a strong hold over time. Additionally, its application in horse floats, trailers, campers, and caravans enhances the safety of belongings during travel or storage, making it an invaluable solution for secure transport and peace of mind.

Important Parameters

When considering the Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch, key parameters come into play. The dimensions of approximately 110mmx52mm/4.3x2.0inch ensure a compact yet functional latch suitable for various mounting configurations. The mounting hole size of 90mmx35mm allows for easy installation and ensures a reliable connection to the intended surface. Furthermore, the materials of zinc alloy and steel, with their respective finishes, provide the necessary strength and resistance to corrosion, extending the product's lifespan and usability in demanding environments. These essential parameters make the Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch a standout choice in the Latches category.

Using in Healthy Lifestyle

While the Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch is not directly related to promoting a healthy lifestyle, it contributes to security and organization in various environments. By ensuring the safekeeping of belongings and waste disposal in waste receptacles and liners, it indirectly supports cleanliness and hygiene, which are essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle. In commercial or recreational settings such as campsites, caravans, or horse floats, the latch aids in maintaining a tidy and secure space, creating a positive environment for occupants and visitors alike.

Who Will Benefit From This Product

The Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch caters to a wide audience in need of reliable locking solutions. Industries dealing with waste management, such as hospitality, construction, and public services, will benefit from its application in securing waste receptacles and liners. Additionally, those involved in transportation, such as horse owners, travelers, and campers, can trust this latch to safeguard their valuable belongings during journeys. Moreover, individuals seeking durable and adjustable latches for industrial hardware projects will find this product an ideal choice, thanks to its quality materials and functional design.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

  • Waste receptacles in hotels, restaurants, and public spaces
  • Liners for trash bins in commercial establishments
  • Horse floats and trailers for secure transportation of animals and equipment
  • Campers and caravans for safe storage during travel and camping trips
  • Industrial hardware projects requiring robust and adjustable latches
  • Overall, the Adjustable Operated Compression Locking 4 3X2 0Inch is a reliable and versatile solution for various security and organizational needs across different industries and settings, ensuring peace of mind and efficient operation.

    Material and Finish: Zinc alloy,powder coated and steel,zinc plated compression latch flush . Protection from theft, great for horse floats trailers, campers and caravans compression latch lock. Dimensions: Approx. 110mmx52mm/ 4.3x2.0inch ,Mounting Hole Size: 90mmx35mm. Hand Operated Compression Latch, Key Locking. Package Includes:2 Piece compression latch lock,4 Pieces Keys.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Product does not match photo

    Bought two packs of this item. When I went to work after a few months, I found that the photos do not match the product. I had to keep them in the hope that I would need them in the future.

    • Great price
    • Big and bulky

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Well designed and built product

    We use these in our custom stainless steel crates for our special trailer and they work great! They also look great on our boxes and seem to be durable! Will be buying more once we launch our trailers!

    • Easy installation
    • There are other interesting options.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    There are no installation instructions.

    They match my trailer perfectly. I can't say enough good things about her. I gave them 4 stars because they don't come with fitting instructions and it took a bit of trial and error to figure out the size of the mounting hole and where to place it in the door. Nonetheless, great product.

    • Nice to use
    • old