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Anycubic Vyper 3D printer Review




Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Anycubic Vyper 3D printer

The Anycubic Vyper 3D printer is an affordable yet highly functional FDM printer. It has a fairly large build area, and its extruder allows you to work with many thermoplastics, including TPU. Although the printer does not ship fully assembled, it is modular and final assembly is unlikely to take more than 10 minutes. Anycubic Vyper is a great option for home use. Vyper has a classic open-type body, and its mechanics provide high precision: 0.0125 mm in the XY axes and 0.002 mm in the Z axis. The print speed can exceed 100 mm / s. The dimensions of the construction area are 245×245×260 mm. At the bottom of the case is a convenient drawer for tools and spare parts. One of the most important advantages of this printer is its extruder, equipped with two gears at once and having excellent cooling. This decision made it possible to strengthen the grip with the thread and work confidently not only with PLA, ABS or PETG, but also with flexible materials. The maximum extruder temperature is 260 degrees. A nice feature of the Anycubic Vyper printhead is its modular design. Thanks to this, the extruder is easy to replace. There is also a system of illumination of the printed area. The aluminum base print bed has Anycubic''s proprietary adhesive coating and is heated up to 110 degrees. The platform is automatically aligned to 16 points. The device is powered by a Cortex-M3 processor. The 32-bit motherboard ensures fast loading and data processing, and the use of quiet TMC2209 drivers significantly reduces noise during printing. The Anycubic Vyper 3D printer has a user-friendly interface. All control is carried out using a 4.3-inch color touchscreen on the right side of the device. Data can be loaded from a memory card or via USB. Attention! You are buying a 3D printer disassembled. To use it, you must have technical knowledge. The equipment is shipped unassembled (Partly Disassembled) and requires adjustment and calibration and adjustment. Be sure to complete the training and read the instructions before use. The manufacturer has set the following warranty conditions. General warranty 12 months. Extruder - 3 months, Moving elements - 6 months. Consumables and accessories are not covered by the warranty.


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Revainrating 2 out of 5

I do not recommend spending my money on this.

This is a printer created by marketers, for those who are led by beautiful slogans like "auto-calibration", "silent 2209 drivers", etc. yes, it has it all, but why quiet drivers, if only when turned on and still without printing, the printer emits 60dB noise? This is how the 80mm mainboard cooling fan makes noise. Yes, and quiet drivers on this printer at speeds above 40 become not so quiet and are not inferior in volume to A4988, maybe the firmware is a curve, maybe the engines are bad. The…

  • A bunch of modern chips, the print area is declared as much as 245x245x260, and the real one is several mm larger.
  • Very noisy, if you print at a speed above 20, then the print quality drops, and the noise from the printer increases. Not convenient and not well-developed firmware. The large size of the printer itself, the same anycubic mega x with a print area of ​​300x300x300 has dimensions smaller than vyper, whose print area is only 245x245x260. After the purchase, the printer requires some serious work. And you will have to look for non-standard solutions for refinement. As an example, a table needs to be insulated, most table insulation is 10mm thick, the gap between the table tensioner and the table itself is only 8mm, i.е. if you stick a 10mm insulation, it will touch the tensioner and block the movement of the table. The downside to anycubic turnip is that not a single blogger spoke about the problems of this printer. The marketing department has been hard on the ads and the reviews are all over the place, even here. I understand those who have this first printer, they have nothing to compare with, but when a person who had a lot of printers praises this marketing misunderstanding and there are many of them, then the question is already to the manufacturer himself. And you should be wary of reviews of other products from this manufacturer.

A normal printer, for mastering 3D printing and for home needs with arms out of the shoulders. Due to the fastening of the coil with plastic on the side, the dimensions are too big, but there are plans to modernize the feed. Has pros: Delivery within 3 days, no need to wait, as from China. The packaging is secure. Assembly is simple. Works right away. Table calibration is automatic. Cons below: The Cura v4.2 slicer program is provided in the kit and on the Anycubic 2022 website, but this…

He's not fast. Not fast at all. Please note that if you use Cura to prepare files, then the time that the program promises can be safely multiplied by two. And if the difference between 10 and 20 minutes is normal. That 35 and 70 hours is a little annoying. But this is a question rather for Cura. The printer will show the print time after completion. Accuracy for domestic needs seems to be the norm. Engineering samples have not been printed yet.

  • Quick assembly. Table auto leveling. Quiet. You can sleep next to it. Really. Especially if you turn off the backlight.
  • Not a very rational arrangement of the coil. It is necessary to "" the mount from above. (Either behind, or, as they tell me here, put the coils on a shelf nearby).