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BRITA Cartridge Maxtra Universal, 1 pc. Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of BRITA Cartridge Maxtra Universal, 1 pc.

Replacement cartridge Brita Maxtra+ universal 1034675, 1pc


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

Advantages: It comes in a nice box. Excellent bargain. It's a good thing I spotted them at your market because I wasn't able to locate them on the shelves of any other stores. Cons: You'll have a hard time tracking one down anyplace. Or I'm not so lucky))

The layout is one of the advantages. Once, I purchased a jug of brit maksara due to the attractive design of the jug and cartridge. When compared to these, the round cartridges of competing brands look pretty cheap and tacky. Negatives include the need to frequently swap out cartridges. A month is barely enough time for my spouse and I. In the coffee maker, the kettle, and straight up, I exclusively use filtered water. I know the exact time since you can see by the teapot when the cartridge has

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Bad quality, not worth the spent money.

The goods was sent with a date that indicated when it would expire. There is still one year remaining, which equates to a maximum of three cartridges. It will no longer be possible to use a 4 cartridge. In my perspective, orders with such a large number of cartridges need to have at least another two years.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not particularly happy with it, but it's mostly okay.

It is impossible for an individual family to determine whether or not the water has become cleaner as a result of the filter because the cost of the filter is extremely high in practically every location. How to set huge questions, since according to the instructions it is stated to press until a click, and I have been using these filters for three years, there have been clicks three times, but regardless of the installation, there is always water close to the filter, and it is not obvious…

  • confusing instructions price

I really enjoy the Brita brand and have used it for a long time, but due to issues with the importation of goods, this brand's products were no longer available for purchase. Only via the use of aliexpress was it feasible to buy extra replacement water filters. Although there was a minor delivery delay, which is not really important, the price has gone up, therefore 4 stars instead.

  • Brand
  • Overpriced

These cartridges have been my go-to for a very long time. As there was tap water, it was filtered, so before buying on I placed an order on amazon, but the cartridges from there did not last even a week. Buy-in: everything is good. when necessary, filters. I frequently use the filter; we use the water for drinking, boiling water, and all food preparation. It lasts for around a month on average. All 2-3 of the pans will be filled with pure water if you don't pour into them.

  • Original, fully and effectively filtered. it takes a while.

When looking at the history of the company and the conditions that led to its founding, we found that it was the most successful player in the market for filter jugs. Warning to customers: do not place the jug in the same space as the kettle. When the kettle comes to a boil, any steam that contacts the jug, even if it is not in the form of a straight jet, can be damaging to the plastic. The end consequence is broken surfaces.

  • Very pure and high-quality water, with a composition not dissimilar to that of spring water.
  • In light of the price of equivalents now available on the market, I do not see a lack of expense.

We converted to Brita jug filters five years ago. Under the sink, there used to be a flow filter. Even worse, I didn't put one in my new flat. We exclusively make use of pitcher filters. We always purchase in bulk and at a discount. The water after this filter is excellent. Tea made with this type of water tastes quite different. Both the kettle and the soup maker are filled with filtered water. The Maxtra series offers a significant performance improvement over the earlier series…

  • water filtration works wonderfully. This filter eliminates the unpleasant taste that is found in our tap water. Filter change in the jug is simple and quick. possesses a unique sealed container. Excellent performance—certainly superior to that of the previous series' filters.
  • No indication

As a single person, I find that it lasts me little more than a month. It's mainly for drinking water and not for cooking. I've read that it has a very long shelf life, possibly 300 liters. Unfortunately, I'm in a terrible mood and the 50 liters of water I have won't last very long. From 100% to 0%, I have about 20 days of marginal usability.

Wonderful separation devices. Compatible with any filter that measures this size. Brita water has a superior flavor. Purchased at a discount, the price of $517 is fairly reasonable. Enough for a typical two-month supply for a family of three.

  • A bargain at this price for 3+1. Flavor-wise, water is mild and odorless.
  • No