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Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Cancellation Waterproof Review



Very good

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Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Form FactorIn Ear
Noise ControlActive Noise Cancellation

Description of Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Cancellation Waterproof

【Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology】This 2021 new wireless earbuds adopts upgraded hybrid ANC technology. The internal and external bidirectional microphones respectively pick up the internal and external ambient noise of the ear in order to generate a reverse sound wave to cancel out the noise. This creates a new depth noise reduction of - 38dB, so the external world is quietened to create an immersive listening experience. 【AI Phone Call Noise Cancellation】This bluetooth earphones are equipped with deep neural network call noise cancellation, which accurately picks up sound waves using AI. With the help of an adaptive algorithm, the voice of the caller is separated from other voices in real time, bringing a high-quality call experience. Even in a noisy environment, both sides of the call can be heard clearly. 【Superior Sound Quality】AAC HD audio decoding provides higher quality audio transmission and excellent sound quality, beautifully restoring every detail of sound. 【Quick Charging and long running time】The charging case has a Type-C charge port, it supports quick charging, 10 minutes of charge will provide 60 minutes of listening. It features IP54 dust and waterproof good for outdoor sports. 【Ambient Sound Monitoring Mode】By simply double-tapping the left earbud, it can conveniently deactivate the active noise canceling feature to be able to listen for the outside sound without removing their earbuds, to keep you safe and make it convenient.


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By the way, the case does not fully fit the Freebuds 4i. But at the same time, I feel comfortable both physically and psychologically (I accidentally dropped the headphones a couple of times, nothing happened to them)

  • - Good sound (compared to Soundcore Liberty Air 2, Realme buds air neo) - Convenient application with up-to-date charging data - Ability to reconfigure the sensor (1/2/3 clicks), including different ones for the left and right headphones - Comfortable in the ears, although they can fly out with prolonged use - Excellent microphone, for the sake of which the search for headphones was actually - Easily switch between different devices (I regularly use it from my phone and laptop)
  • - The microphone still works poorly in noisy places, you can hardly hear me. But there are no complaints at this price. - A huge minus: a couple of times while listening, the sound crashes. Literally for 1-2 seconds, the sound disappears, the earphone does not turn off, but this is very unpleasant, especially while listening to music

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

On Ali 3200 are . I hurried bought on amazon. But if you consider that in total I received 510 points (for headphones and pickup), then an overpayment of 500 for fast delivery is quite good Hello , the price is 7400 on Ali. Goodbye bargain shopping)) S. And now the most interesting thing is that one of my earpieces started to flicker, I issued a refund and now it began, what is happening now. And now they don’t really want them so much for that kind of money. And another interesting thing, I

  • For 10 hours in the ears (stress test, so to speak), one ear a little ached at the end of the working day. The charge is also excellent. The box says 20 hours and I ume that the error in the data is small, without charging the headphones lasted 6-8 hours (I can’t say for sure). The instructions say: charging the case 1 hour, charging the headphones, 1.5 hours. Good soundproofing. The sound is also great, deep b. I mostly listen to music at 60-70%, sometimes I listen at 100%, but these are my favorite tracks)) Connect to smartphone quickly
  • Lift on the case. So far a little, but most likely it will play more with use

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect product for any user!

Some pros: They sit very well in the ears, really have noise cancellation, nice materials, great sound Cons below: Battery (I would like more, but not critical, can be attributed to the small size of the gun) Small lid bulge

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The purchase did not bring joy, the product is bad.

Liked the features. When the goods arrived, the left earpiece was offline and no tricks could turn it on. Okay, I decided to give a second chance, ordered again. And he was very surprised. Double two was without "bricks". However, the right earpiece was discharged twice as fast as the left one and held a charge for about 2 hours (with four declared by the manufacturer). I had to give up a second pair :( Well, maybe I just got really lucky. As they say, the problem once is an accident, two is a…

  • Good performance, good sound and microphone. Noise canceling is available.
  • Quality!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great sound and worth buying

I lost a set of headphones. I just saw these earbuds that look like an Airpod Pro but are a lot cheaper. Great sound and worth buying.

  • Featured
  • The list will be long.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Doesn't work with MacBook or Apple TV

I was hoping to get a pair of headphones that would work with my iPhone, MacBook and Apple TV. Works great with iPhone but not MacBook or Apple TV. Both are not recognized.

  • Great for me
  • Unbelievable price

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Pay attention to the quality of the in-ear headphones

Ordered 2 new ones but received the boxes already opened, the seal was broken in both boxes. The first couple had connection problems. The second pair sounded tinny, there was no bass either. Malfunction. Both sets are back. The Edifier brand was the reason for my order. I don't know why there were defective earbuds in those open boxes. The earbuds had smaller ear covers, which was a positive.

  • Stylish and modern design
  • Big and chunky

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Headphones EDIFIER ANC Bluetooth

Bought this set for my teenager. What I love about these headphones is that they come with different sizes of ear tips to fit your ears perfectly. My kid kept dropping the Apple headphones. The active noise cancellation isn't the best, but as I expected the quality is at this price point. The package was sent quickly. Overall, my child is happy with his new headphones.

  • Very good price
  • Doubtful

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Amazing battery life

I've been using it for about a week on a single charge for at least 2-4 hours a day and it's still not dead. But other than that it works as stated in the title. Definitely noise cancelling, because even before I turned on the music, the sound around me was definitely reduced, probably by around 80-90%, which is perfect. I'd also recommend checking the volume before turning it on to hear anything because it works, and going deaf isn't an ideal idea (I had an average volume and it was still too…

  • Easy to read control panel
  • New competitors are here

Just got them today and so far so good. I bought these because I wanted noise canceling headphones for the gym. And they block the fan and air conditioner very well. The bass is really powerful, mids and highs are missing a bit, but everything is fine. I prefer a flat sound signature. But punchy basses make them very interesting for listening to music and watching videos. The earbuds are very small and light so they fit my ear comfortably and there is a wide range of earbuds so finding the…

  • Great price
  • Big and bulky

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good sound and battery life. The base is fine.

I bought these so I wouldn't have to worry about losing expensive headphones at the gym. The sound quality is better than expected. Headphones need to sit properly in your ears, no matter what you like best, to get the best sound. At first I thought the sound was tinny and baseless, but once I put the headphones in properly and voila, the sound was great! Noise cancellation is good. Clarity and base aren't as good as my Apple Wired headphones, but I didn't expect them to be like this. Callers…

  • Dope 🔥
  • Expensive