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Perfect product for any user!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

There is no doubt that the drug is original. Packaging, taste, smell, color, everything is like the original. For a very long time I was looking for ways to deliver the drug, and now, finally, I found it. Thanks for the compliment; )See full review

watch casio edifice efr-539d-1a2vuef, black logo

I took it as a gift. In life they look even better than in the photo. The bracelet is suitable for a large hand, everything works clearly. Warranty card inside the package.See full review

poker set world of poker poker chips, 500 chips logo

The purchase did not bring joy, the product is bad.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The cheapest option for a large group. Bought for chips. If it were not for the traumatic box it would have been 3. Its pros: The same proportions of all chips of small denomination. You can play with more friends. As a gift, they gave a Chinese copy of UNO. Has cons: A defective box, on the corner of which you can get a serious injury by cutting yourself.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter max g30p, up to 100 kg, black logo

Has some pros: The scooter is the best, especially after installing custom firmware. Has cons: It’s heavy, but miracles don’t happen with such a battery (65 km of run), apparently it’s not possible to make it easier yetSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Bought to replace the first robot Roborock Vacuum Cleaner, Bought in 2022, but drowned in the bay. Led to the reviews. But in fact, the vacuum cleaner much worse than the first. Only enough for two rooms of 10 squares. After that, it starts looking for a charger for a very long time if it is left in the next room. On the way, it pulls away the unabsorbed dust. The first vacuum cleaner completely vacuumed a three-room apartment of 60 squares and there was still a charge. Overall dissatisfied witSee full review

fortuna billiard equipment air hockey power play hybrid, 07747 logo

They played with the child. The feeling is indescribable. Fun and very exciting. Although I think it's a little overpriced.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s21 fe 6/128 gb, dual nano sim, graphite logo

Before that, there was the Samsung A70, which is a smartphone that fits more naturally in the palm of your hand and does not slide around easily even when there is no case on it. The protection against dust and moisture that is present. It has a chic appearance. I appreciated how simple it was to transfer data from an older smartphone; all I needed was a cord in 1 and a second phone, and everything, including recent calls and text messages, was copied across. The camera's full range of capabilitSee full review

computer chair zombie 10 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

Different pros: The chair looks nice and quite comfortable. The child liked it. With its cons: The design of the connection between the back and the seat with the armrests seems too unreliable, but so far it is holding.See full review

de "longhi dinamica ecam 350.15.b coffee machine, black logo

I bought it at the Barista House store through the Ya-Market before the New Year. The defect was noticed immediately, but there was no time to deal with the return or exchange, as they were leaving for 2 weeks. I called the service center, they said that you can call a courier for free to send it for diagnostics, but after a thorough flushing of the mechanism, everything disappeared. You can take!See full review

computer chair a4tech x7 gg-1100 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/blue logo

It’s just unlucky, maybe they’ll give you at least some kind of bun, alas, you won’t be protected from marriage, apparently that’s why it’s easier to take it live directly at the points of saleSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v10 pro global, white logo

Different pros: 2 turbo brushes, for fleecy and smooth surfaces; parking with charging and connectors for all attachments Has cons: Weak battery, weak suction power (virtually useless without turbo brushes)See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

Complete disappointment. Perhaps due to the fact that there is something to compare with. Marusya is dumbing down decently, after a time she doesn’t understand what you are talking about at all, you have to shout over her, repeat your request several times. In addition, the difficulties with the launch, it took about 15 minutes, in the end it was decided by resetting all settings. The assistant is clearly unfinished. I do not recommend buyingSee full review

xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, support legs on the side, stiffeners, grooved surface, 64 l, size m, blue logo

Excellent suitcase. I used to take luggage for five thousand to eight thousand dollars, which was enough for two to four journeys before they cracked. This one has been around the world on more than 20 trips and is in pristine condition the entire time. The materials are of excellent quality, and the construction is solid. I would suggest.See full review

dx700 logo

This is my second vacuum cleaner. The first one I bought on Ali. He valiantly fought against dirt and dust during a major renovation and survived this confrontation. It is important. It did not burn out, it began to work weaker, but it is alive. The results are like this. If you have a large apartment or house, and if you have a lot of carpet, then this option is not for you. It's most likely an electric broom. Good for apartments up to 50 meters. Since the motor gets very hot when used for a loSee full review

bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 225/65 r17 102s winter logo

255/55/18 T tires on a Tuareg 3.0tdi. Before that, I drove on Pirelli ice&snow tires for six seasons and was satisfied with them until they wore out. Before then, I exclusively used high-performance winter tires, and they never failed me. I don't see the need in using friction (Velcro) for this kind of driving, and I don't get it either. Therefore, studs may emerge as a substitute, particularly given the availability of low-cost Pirelli in the H index. Only Koreans, Bridgestone, and Pirelli coulSee full review

wrist watch casio aq-s810w-1a logo

Bought this watch two years ago. I wanted something with arrows, but strong enough and reliable, they advised. Over the time since the purchase, the inscriptions above and below the dial have been erased (above the buttons - like new). I do not use it very carefully, I dropped it several times. The time is shown quite accurately, for all the time since the purchase, the arrow has never failed. Of the possible disadvantages - unintuitive access to additional. functions (timer, stopwatch), but ISee full review

10.4" tablet honor pad v6 wi-fi (2020), 6/128 gb, wi-fi, android 10 without google services, black logo

I chose a tablet for my wife between this and the iPad 2022. The main task is to surf the Internet daily with watching videos and watching movies while traveling. Very glad I chose Honor. It is better on the head in all respects, except for the screen. But the screen is also excellent, it's just that the iPad is a little better. But everything else is 80/20 in favor of Honor. honor has 128 memory instead of 32, plus the ability to add an SD cart. Autonomy is better. Also fast in applications. ThSee full review

toaster kitfort kt-2014-6, graphite logo

A few advantages: I decided to buy this toaster, and I don't really have any regrets about that decision. The wife and the children are content with everything. It is also appealing to the eye from the outside. However, notwithstanding the lack of significance attached to the union. despite its advantages. Because of the excessive depth of several of the turns of the heating wire, the toast does not get sufficiently browned in certain areas.See full review

orthopedic pillow 40x60cm, askona temp control, size s, height 9 cm logo

I finally gave in and washed the blankets on the second day because I could not stand the way they smelled any longer. When she removed the pillowcase, the pillow itself was riddled with microscopic cracks; nevertheless, here in the comments, Askona stated that this is to be expected from the makeup of the pillowcase. I didn't wash the cushion itself because if I did, it would have fallen apart after I washed the worst of them. Because of this, I left it out on the balcony for three days. After See full review

🪑 office computer chair chairman 696 lt in red, with mesh/textile upholstery logo

Pros This chair is great and well worth the price. This wrinkle-free cloth is the perfect choice for cramped quarters. Contrast several: The lack of a recliner is annoying, but understandable given the price. If you look closely, you can see the stitching where the fabric was attached at several areas behind the item.See full review

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