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COSVII Dehumidifier Moisture Humidity Portable Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of COSVII Dehumidifier Moisture Humidity Portable

High-Efficiency Dehumidification: Upgrade Double-side air outlet, large air channel design, the portable dehumidifier extracts up to 23~34oz (700~1000ml) of water daily in a humid environment of 86°F & 80% RH. COSVII home dehumidifier helps you improve air quality and create a comfortable and heathy living environment for you.Keep moisture below 35%, say goodbye to wet days!. One-Button Control & Ultra Quiet: One-button switch design helps you easily operate the bedroom dehumidifier. The working sound of mini dehumidifier is whisper-quiet (<35dB). Allows you to run it all day and night without any loud or disturbing noises. Upgraded Energy Saving Dehumidifiers: The electric dehumidifier is effecive and energy saving with a power only 48W/hour which means it consumes only 1.15kW of electricity after running for 24 hours. It's environmentally friendly and more affordable than traditional bulky compressor or desiccant dehumidifier. Our basement dehumidifier comes with UL certified adapter to ensure safe use. Auto-Shut off Function: This compact dehumidifier with 68oz(2000ml) capacity tank will auto shut off & the indicator light also turns red when the water tank is full to prevent the risk of overflow. The large capacity water tank can reduce frequency of pouring water so that to save your time. Lightweight & Widely Used: This basement dehumidifier is compact and lightweight which easy to move to the place where you want to. ideal for rooms up to 480 sq.ft , especially suitable for high humidity in all kinds of spaces such as your home, bathroom, basement, bedroom, closet, kitchen, RV etc. No more worry about moisture.


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Revainrating 1 out of 5

Helps us a lot with dehumidifiers

This room was quite humid, there was even mold. I was looking for solutions on the internet, then I came across this machine. I wasn't sure how well it worked. But I have to try. I thought it would arrive on the third day, in fact it arrived on the second day. When I entered the room after a day's work, I was very surprised. The room had changed so visibly, from damp and cold to dry and warm. We all think it's really great. That helps us a lot. We love it.

  • Pretty packaging
  • Not sure

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hardly draws moisture into my bedroom/bathroom.

Not sure why the product has all five stars unless some of them have been paid for. For $85 this product is terrible. Maybe I have a two story one because the adapter keeps popping open and getting very hot. But I've let it run for three days now and it only has half an inch of water in it. It said he should have a full bucket of water, or I think 30 ounces a day. I live in a very humid area where it was 70-80% humidity in the 80's and 90's. I'm surrounded by lakes so it's very stuffy. I needed

  • Easy to read control panel
  • Crumpled

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For the bathroom it really works

I always want a dehumidifier for our bathroom as my son likes to take a very hot shower and then releases a lot of moisture after each use. I heard about this product from one of our friends. I was a bit skeptical about this product when I saw the size but decided to give it a try. I placed this dehumidifier in the bathroom and turned it on when showering, it actually worked collecting water/moisture in the attached cup. This dehumidifier is very quiet. This is amazing for such a small product!

  • Like everything before
  • For the old

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Quiet, efficient dehumidifier

I live in Oregon where it rains most of the year so my apartment is prone to damp and black mold. It's been very humid lately and my floors and other surfaces were very damp; I installed a smaller dehumidifier in my bathroom but it cannot adequately handle this amount of moisture. I received this new dehumidifier yesterday and have had it running in my bedroom since I went to bed. I've added a photo of the amount of water collected up until waking up (about 7 hours). Very quiet in operation. I…

  • New to my collection
  • I have no particular complaints about it, everything is fine

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I do not regret my purchase

I have had this dehumidifier for a little over a month. I also bought a $10 guarantee just because it will be 24/7. My dressing room is in our bathroom, which also has a washer and dryer. I don't want to deal with moisture or mold. So far I haven't had any problems with it. It's quiet, I never hear it when I'm in the closet. I have to keep emptying it, which is good because it serves its purpose. The only problem I have is moving it. There are 2 plugs it plugs into: to the wall, then to the…

  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Why didn't I buy this sooner?!?

I am so happy with this little dryer! I'm almost excited about it. We live in a very foggy area with tons of humidity that has ruined countless things over the years. I've never had a dehumidifier because I've only seen huge ones that would have been too big for our apartment. When I stumbled across this product, I decided to give it a try due to its small size and good reviews. I'm SO happy I did! I plugged it in the day it arrived and after 3 days the water compartment was almost full. I was…

  • Delivery was very fast
  • Frequency

The dehumidifier works like a charm. My house is next to a forest, so the humidity is high. As a result, walls, ceilings, and even the clothes in my house began to suffer. In the photo I shared you can see damp patches on the moldy wall. There were also mold stains on the clothes in the closets. So I bought this dehumidifier and kept it in my closet and I'm glad I no longer have to see those ugly greenish stains on my clothes. The dehumidifier is very easy to set up, just plug in and go. It…

  • Availability
  • Doubtful

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Small, quiet, cool, efficient!

Received this three weeks ago and am very satisfied. We had a moisture issue on our boat and I don't like the excess plastic and expensive damp-rid so these little dehumidifiers caught my eye. I read many reviews and this one seemed to be the best in terms of sound (virtually silent), water capacity (much more than competing models I've reviewed) and heat dissipation (none, so this little beauty doesn't work). I do not compete with the air conditioning). I bought a protection plan just in case…

  • Excellent overall performance
  • Expensive insurance