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Very good

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Description of Faucet water heater with display

A flowing water heater is an electric water heater-faucet that operates from a conventional 220V outlet. Water heating occurs within 3-5 seconds after switching on. The faucet water heater is equipped with an LED display that shows the level of water heating and simplifies temperature control. The water heater is made of durable plastic. The case with a water heating element is completely protected from water. The faucet of the water heater rotates 360 degrees, which gives more opportunities for its installation and operation. This water heater is protected from overheating and short circuit, the heating element is activated only when water enters, i.e. if there is no water in the system, then the faucet simply will not turn on. You can also use the faucet without heating when you just need cold water. Despite its light weight, the crane is very reliable and durable. You no longer need to take up space with large boilers for heating. Get a instantaneous water heater faucet, saving money and space in your home! Features: Height 32cm. Weight only 820 gr. -Heating up to 60 degrees -LED display with temperature indicator -Easy installation -Heating in 3-5 seconds -Cord 1 meter -Temperature adjustment by turning the knob


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In the absence of central hot water supply, a good alternative. But do not hope that the water pressure will be strong and hot at the same time.

  • Good idea. Packed well. Came on time and intact. Installed in the country without any problems. With low pressure, the water becomes noticeably warm, closer to hot. While everything works. Wash dishes just right.
  • Not found at the beginning.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

I'll try it, I'll add it later . I'll add it in a month, everything works, Hot water is only if it's a very thin jet, and it's a little warm, Therefore, I don't advise taking such a model with a shower light, It helps us a lot, Especially in cold weather

  • Packed well
  • Until I noticed

I recommend to buy Has pros: Easy to install. For grounding, only a grounded socket is needed. It helps us a lot in the country. This year they abandoned the boiler, switched to such a heated faucet. We do not regret. Has cons: Sometimes it doesn't get hot, sometimes it gets too hot. What it depends on is not understood yet.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not a bad product, nothing extraordinary.

The device came in a wrinkled box, with water left in the water heater. Most likely it has already been returned by previous buyers. But the set is complete, no complaints. Everything is whole, everything is in order. With its pros: They connected it - it worked right away, the tap works, it's good that it works)))) it heats up the water for brushing your teeth, you can wash the dishes. Its cons: the water heater in 10 minutes somehow brought the temperature from the inlet water temperature of…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality is top notch, be sure to try it.

I am buying a third similar water heater. The very first one worked for about a year (with work only on weekends in the country) and knocked out automatic machines, smoke went out from under the glass of the temperature indicator. When I bought this one, I immediately smeared the display frame around the perimeter with sealant, maybe this malfunction is laid down so that moisture gets there

  • price
  • Not yet

If I had known, I would have chosen something more powerful, for washing dishes and washing with cool, not icy water, it will do for a while. With its pros: Interesting and modern design will fit into any interior. The set includes a rubber gasket between the sink and the faucet. Cons below: A short cord, about 1 meter to connect to the mains, so the socket must be right next to the sink. Declared by the manufacturer, heating water to 60 degrees, does not correspond to reality at all. In…

In general, I would not say that this is such a super reliable crane, but! guys, it costs 1300. The faucet costs so much, and here is the instantaneous water heater. What's more, it heats up well. It is convenient to put this at a construction site or at the dacha, so that you can wash your hands, and not collect water in the bath. Need a permanent? Look for a more expensive model. And for me, for its segment, it is very excellent. All the tasks for which he was bought solves. So five points.

  • Warm water immediately Inexpensive Compact Pretty decent power cable Digital display
  • For this money everything is fine