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About Felt Bicycles

Felt Bicycles is a performance-oriented brand focused on making cutting-edge bicycles for Road, Triathlon, Track, Cyclocross, Gravel & Adventure. With a focus on speed and an innovative spirit, each Felt bicycle brings the passion of California riding to cyclists worldwide.

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Felt Bicycles was 1991 founded in California and ever since it has arrived to be the most innovative cycling Company in the world and it has helped each rider ascend to a world championship victory, surpass a personal record or achieve a perfect...See full review

Felt bicycle

Felt bicycle is an enterprise that deals with the sales of bicycles of different brands and types for anyone,it doesn't matter if you are a sport man or any individual who wants to own a bicycle, you can go on to Felt bicycle and make a choice from...See full review

Felt Bicycle - unleashes the power of bicycles for you.

Bicycle and parts company Felt Bicycle - unleashes the power of bicycles for you. The bicycle is my favorite means of transportation, firstly, as it keeps a person in good shape, and secondly, it is environmentally friendly and does not pollute...See full review

My review on Felt Bicycle

One of the first vehicles of our childhood is a bicycle. At first we learn on 4-wheeled bicycles, then we move on to 2-wheeled bicycles. Felt Bicycles - is a US bicycle shop. This shop was founded in 1991 In California, USA. Since that Felt...See full review