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Ficihp Detachable Tri Screen Free Combination Kickstand 12", Portable, HD

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Screen Size12 Inches
Special FeaturePortable
Specific Uses For ProductGaming
Response Time5 Milliseconds

About Ficihp Detachable Tri Screen Free Combination Kickstand 12", Portable, HD

📟【FREE- COMBINATION】FICIHP X2 is the first and only real detachable portable monitor. Each screen can be detached as a single screen putting on the desk, so that you can freely switch among dual screens, triple screens or single screen. 📟【UNIQUE DESIGN】Ficihp X2 tri-screen for laptop has 0.3-inch ultra-thin bezels, 4 bult-in speakers and a stretchable bracket on it's back. The unique detachable and 270° rotation feature allow you to easily share your screens by detaching the screens or rotating them horizontally. 📟【CUSTOMIZE YOUR SCREENS】Ficihp portable screen extendes your laptop to multi-screen...
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The display is ok, NOT stunning.

Pros: Great looking product. Sleek, nicely finished and with an included iPad style lid/stand it's great. Well packaged, with cable and power supply. Cons: Display quality is okay, but not great. It's fine for gaming and movies, but if you plan to use it to view documents or email you can really see that the resolution isn't ideal for text compared to other budget monitors I've owned. On the other hand, it's bright. The Bad: The scroll button for the settings options is weak and very difficult to use. I'm not saying not to buy this, but if you have a good laptop and want something that's as good as a monitor, this might not be for you.

Pros & cons

  • Easy setup & excellent image quality.
  • Monitor speakers are too quiet.

It took me a second to figure out how to connect to a MacBook Pro and when I did it works great!

At first I couldn't figure out how to get this to work with my MacBook. The trick is that you have to use the mini HDMI input along with the display performance. I use an extra USB-C to USBC from the laptop, but you can also use USB-C to USB-A and a wall adapter. An additional adapter may be required (not included (there is no HDMI port on a MacBook). Other than that, it works very well. The color isn't as vibrant as my laptop, but the resolution is great and a good one overall Purchase.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to use. Ideal portable auxiliary screen.
  • No paint required

Fantastic USB-C monitor for work and play!

I highly recommend this monitor. When using it with a laptop, it can be connected and powered with a single USB-C cable. When you connect it to PS4, you need to use 2 cables, but only PS4 needs to be connected to the wall. It is compact and portable. In the menu you can adjust the color settings to match the screen of your laptop. Something I found interesting that it even has Freesync. It's only 60Hz, but Freesync has turned out to be a surprisingly nice addition. Finally, there are no logos on the front, so it's pretty neat. All in all, I highly recommend this monitor. For the price you can't beat it.

Pros & cons

  • Is a good product. Works perfect. The screen surprised me
  • Heavier than other monitors

Ideal for productivity and entertainment

This is our first portable monitor. We've kept our expectations low and so far we're enjoying it. We have limited work space at home so this monitor works great. It's small enough to work on a small desk or kitchen table and wide enough for video editing. The speakers don't sound very good. The body of this monitor is to be expected to be thin. You can get by with it, but I would use headphones. The metal body adds durability, but I'll still treat this monitor with care. Pros: - Two Type-C ports - High-quality cables included with Ethernet - Vesa mountable - Magnetic cover - Narrow bezels Cons: - Doesn't work with the official Apple Type-C to Type-C cable. To connect to Apple devices, you need to use the included Type-C cable. No FCC or CE certified symbols.

Pros & cons

  • It is great. Exactly what I needed.
  • I will add later

Great screen, great price

When I first saw a screen with this design, I was skeptical and bought it. But after some use I find the screen cool and works as advertised. After changing the settings in Windows, it became a second or third screen for my laptop and was thin enough to fit in my computer bag. After changing the settings in Windows, you can use it as a mirror for your laptop screen. Whenever I take them to a meeting, the guests think it's so cool that I can detach two additional screens right off the back mount and mirror my computer's content on each screen and place it in front of the client. You can easily share the adware on my computer from your location! I really like this monitor, it is definitely worth the price!

Pros & cons

  • I love this product because it is very useful for my work and my game.
  • What I don't like is the bleeding on the right side of the screen.

Perfect for software developers who need to travel!

I'm an engineer writing machine code for a living, and due to the nature of my job, I travel extensively. But I've found that a laptop screen limits my work when I'm driving to a client because I also have a second screen at home and in the office. So I looked at Revain for a portable laptop monitor to take home and I saw this product, it can remove the left and right screen at any time which is great too! I can take an extra monitor or two as needed and can remove or install at any time, even though I often watch a soccer game at home, the screen is bright, the resolution is very high, and the color contrast is enough for my needs. This device is way better than the many USB travel screens that also use USB-C.

Pros & cons

  • Has a great picture and is easy to use. Speaker could be louder.
  • This portable monitor worked for a year, and then suddenly the screen wouldn't turn on.

The display is good for its price, but there are issues with portability.

Due to driver issues, Windows does not recognize this monitor in USB-C mode. This even applies to a connection with Thunderbolt capability. Also, if the USB-C port supports data transfer, the HDMI port is not used. This means you need to connect it to a separate power source to use the display on a Windows computer. Stand cover doesn't hold the screen well; any vibration and it falls.

Pros & cons

  • Works as expected with iPhone and MacBook Pro
  • The list will be big.

The monitor would not turn on after a year. Very disappointing.

I never write reviews, but that's an issue I think everyone should be aware of before making a purchase. The display worked fine for about 8 months, and then it just wouldn't turn on. The green light meaning it's on comes on, so it's clear the monitor has power, but the display doesn't light up. There are several other reviews saying the same thing, but I clearly overlooked them before purchasing this item. Don't make the same mistake I did. I would advise you to look for a portable monitor made by a more reputable company.

Pros & cons

  • Limited compatibility with some devices

Best value for money in the category

This is excellent value for money. Very light and portable, yet large enough to really aid in productivity. The color and picture quality is fantastic, and the almost borderless display helps it blend seamlessly with both my 2-in-1 when I'm on campus and my laptop. my desktop at home. The VESA mount feature really adds to the flexibility. A few minor imperfections; The tome isn't very good, and it took me a while to figure out which ports to use for which function. Overall great value for money.

Pros & cons

  • Great monitor for the price. The "stand" should be more durable, but that's about it.
  • The monitor only works in black and white mode.

GOOD PRODUCT! the best in my rating

This is the first time I've ever used a computer monitor, let alone one with three screens. To be honest I was lucky enough to discover this product. Not only is it very compatible with my laptop, but it's also surprisingly comfortable to use. The company supplies everything you need in its box, including two instruction manuals and a set of cables that come in sets of two for its 2 screens, making your device almost always compatible with theirs. I rarely comment on Revain, but as a student it has helped me a lot and has proven itself in such a short time after arriving. When I need to take notes from a textbook, using the split screen feature on the Mac makes everything seem very small, but it solves the problem. He's also flexible. The other screen can be easily removed if only one is needed. Highly recommended!

Pros & cons

  • Overall amazing product, easy to use, clear picture for gaming, love it!!!!
  • Restricted Ports

This small screen is a big surprise!

I bought this monitor as a second screen for work. My laptop is Dell Precision 5530 and the quality of both screens is almost identical, there is no visual difference. I connected the screen to my laptop's USB-C cable and voila! USB-C cable, it also includes a USB power connector and an HDMI cable, but I haven't tested them. The screen is dimmable with a side slide button, power button, LED indicator and 3.5mm jack. on the lower left. On the bottom right are two USB-C inputs and a mini HDMI input. Holes for mounting VESA 75x75. On the back you can also see two perforated audio outputs for stereo speakers. You can control the sound in the operating system settings. The front is black with a brushed steel metallic finish, while the back is metallic with a grained gray matte finish. It's really portable. The laptop and screen fit perfectly in one compartment of my bag, although the ideal is to use a bag with two independent compartments for protection. I recommend it to anyone who wants…

Works perfectly! in my view

The Sophon 15.6 portable monitor works great! It's lightweight and has exactly the resolution and size I was looking for. One of the few with mini HDMI at a great price. I also like the protective cover.

Pros & cons

  • The ergonomic base helps you feel comfortable during long sessions.
  • Poorly designed menu

High quality external monitor

Impressed with how the Sophon screen looks for the price. Works great and helps improve productivity. Highly recommended!

Pros & cons

  • Its curved shape helps reduce reflections and glare from ambient light.
  • Bad ergonomics

Graphics and colors look great

Graphics and colors are very good with this monitor. The stand works well and keeps the monitor upright. I can't say anything about the sound as we use a Bluetooth speaker. However, in my experience, monitors with speakers on the back only radiate sound away from you, not towards you. So the sound will not be very good. Use either headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

Pros & cons

  • Very easy setup, good product, nice colors and light.
  • Bad response time

Great product in my review

Compared to what I've previously purchased from Best Buy, this screen is far superior to what's on offer. The resolution is crisp and better than what I have on my laptop. My only issue is the power supply when using it with my laptop. However, I can put my Switch and PlayStation on it with no connection issues. This is great for traveling, but I recommend buying a screen protector.

Pros & cons

  • Unbeatable for the price, good quality, it's worth it.
  • Limited response time

Good product! in my view

OMG, this made my life so much easier! It's definitely worth the money! The delivery was fast and on time! I'm very satisfied!

Pros & cons

  • Nice
  • Dead Pixels: These are defective pixels that remain black or glow solid on the display.

Product with excellent value for money!

Received the monitor within the promised delivery time. Excellent value for money and quality. Very easy to install on Chromebook and mobile and works as promised. Excellent resolution, picture quality. Easy to carry when travelling.

Pros & cons

  • Almost everything is there

Very clear and bright screen

This monitor is amazing for the price, two ways to connect via type c or hdmi, i tried connecting to my samsung note 9 and the connection was no problem, my phone became a touchpad that was screen beautiful and easy to use. These monitors are great. I love it so far!

Pros & cons

  • 5.88 pounds
  • Limited customization options

Good product

Three screens are a good choice for a mobile office. A medium-sized backpack easily fits two screens and a laptop. It's also one of the few triple-screen laptops to fit in a 17-inch computer, with excellent picture quality and great portability.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent picture quality and a very good portable monitor for your home office and wherever you work.
  • Bought 3 of these and 2 of them died in less than a year.

Great monitor!: my rating

I just hooked up my monitor to my laptop and it worked straight away! So easy! I am so happy! The picture quality is excellent! I'll be using it mainly for work, but I'm happy to be able to use it on my phone too. Thanks!

Pros & cons

  • electronics
  • Poor quality stand.