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Panasonic RF P50D Pocket Silver RF P50D

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Power SourceBattery Powered
Hardware Interface1/4-inch Audio, 3.5mm Audio
Item Weight4 Ounces
Frequency87 MHz
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About Panasonic RF P50D Pocket Silver RF P50D

FM/AM pocket radio LED Tuning indicator. Two AA battery operation. Large speaker.

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DSP is taking over the world of radio, but who cares?

If you agree that the DSP takes care of all aspects of the radio circuitry, then you won't mind the "D" version of this radio. However, the original original version of this model was a SONY single-chip design that included real IF coils, ceramic filters, etc. This latest incarnation claims to have greater bandwidth (for tuning), but it's difficult to accept that assessment given that it's now harder to tune into each station when it's hard to spot through disruptive clips between stations whether you are near a transmitter or have just passed it. I understand why they go all out with DSP, because it's a binder eliminator, there are almost no coupling components, so it's cheaper to produce each block when there's less work, but since the DSP chip isn't a standard DIP package is, you need a microminiature factory to be able to make and solder it. I suspect from my previous experience with this problem on a dyno I once worked on that they do a bit of circuit design along with assembling

Pleasant not ideal for training

Recently vandals cut the fiber optic line in my area and shut down the internet (including some cell phone) in my town. Government officials were struggling to figure out how to handle big jobs like routing calls to emergency services, while ordinary business owners like me used to leave the office, look around, and wonder when the internet would be back. . There was no cell service, we couldn't use our cell phones, there was no internet at home or in the office. No neighborhood internet, no neighborhood internet in the café. And we didn't have a landline (shhh!). I turned on our emergency AM radio and heard nothing. At the time, I had no idea what the Sun's entry into the ionosphere might have to do with it, except that the AM radio appeared to be off as well. I ran to the car and again there was no AM radio. But that's where all the news is! I started flying around our FM radio stations and after listening to horrible music for 10 minutes the message came: the line has been cut and…

Excellent reception - and the dial even glows in the dark

There are dozens of pocket radios here at Revain. This is one of the best. The Panasonic RF-P50D offers excellent reception on both AM and FM and sounds very good for a radio of this size. As a unique and useful detail, the dial even glows in the dark, just like the dial of a glow-in-the-dark watch. This radio looks almost identical to an early version of the Panasonic pocket radio that shares the same model number as this one, except the earlier model didn't have a "D" at the end of the model number. This was suitable for local stations, but had very poor reception from outside stations. This revised model has greatly improved reception, especially on AM. I compared it to a small Sony ICF-P26 pocket radio. Sound quality is the same, but this Panasonic is noticeably better at handling weak signals on both AM and FM. Compared to some other manufacturers pocket radios in this general price range - well there really isn't a comparison but many of them cost as much or more than this…