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💨 RUSK Engineering Speed Freak 2000W Professional Hair Dryer Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Hair TypeAny hair type
Special FeatureReduce drying time with the ceramic and tourmaline emit far-infrared heat waves for faster drying.

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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Goodbye curly hair! Finally!

Wow what a difference this hair dryer has made to the style and overall look of my hair. My hairstylist sister told me for years that my name brand hair dryers ruined my hair. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and she recommended this one that the stylists use in her salon. My hair dries much faster, looks healthier and has less frizz! It took a little getting used to, especially since the nozzle is longer than other dryers I've used. That would be my only complaint. It has multiple heating

  • Quality finish
  • It's hard to remember but it was

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hands down the best hair dryer I've had yet

I've always used hair dryers, either from Walmart or Tarjaaaay or just Target. You know Conair and its many variants. They were noisy but did their job relatively well. Last year my new barber used Rusk. However, I thought my hair dried well because she did it and not me. Anyway, I pulled the trigger last week and received this dryer today. Dan! this thing really blew my mind. It is not only powerful, but also quiet. I'm not sure why people say it's noisy. I opened the lid protecting the fan…

  • Looking forward to it
  • It's ok

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Super hot dryer! - Hair care

This hair dryer is no joke! This is a truly amazing hair dryer and well worth it! It's getting sooooo hot and I need heat to straighten my hair. It gets so hot that when I blow dry my hair with the thin attachment it is too hot to remove with my hands. The cable is so long! However, when I press it, my fingers constantly slide and change settings all too easily. I think it's good to have the settings right there so you can toggle them while drying your hair, but on the downside my fingers…

  • Best
  • Not everything fits

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Makes drying hair comfortable.

I've had a lot of hair dryers since I was about 14; I'm 28 now. I've only had Walmart or Target dryers before, usually with the number 1875 stamped somewhere on the dryer, and usually Conair. Finally, after years of frustration with hair dryers and spending too much time in front of the mirror, I've changed. I will always buy such a quality hair dryer and pass this advice on to my daughters who are far too young. This hair dryer cut my drying time by at least half. A cold shot actually blows…

  • Pleasant
  • Poorly thought out

This hair dryer is a POWERFUL HORSE. I have 3b/3c curly hair. It gets really hot, you can even use the "Warm" setting and still get a great hit with less heat damage. The airflow is strong and hot. I find that the combination of airflow strength makes the difference to other hair dryers. I've had him for 5 years now. Bought here at Revain. Not the lightest weight but I can get my hair smooth and shiny like glass with fewer passes. Worth the weight. My husband also uses it on his thick straight…

  • This is amazing
  • Crumpled hair

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Power, drying Faster and easier

I always use professional hair dryers. My latest Rusk speed freak gave me some problems after about 8 years of continuous use, but that wasn't due to the hair dryer, but to the electrical problems in my house. I love Rusk Speed Freak and they work fantastic, the duration is amazing regardless of use. I dry faster than others, powerful hot air which does a lot to dry my hair faster in less time and leaves my hair completely smooth and shiny without the oncoming frizz that we all particularly…

  • Easy installation
  • There are more interesting options.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

What about complaints?

Great hair dryer...worth every penny! It can get really hot... if that's not what you want or need, set the damn thing to one of the many settings and leave it there. The dryer offers multiple temperature and speed settings for many hair types. I am a woman over 50 years old. I have shoulder length hair that is naturally white in low salon light. It has a nice texture but I still have quite a lot of hair at the moment. It may tangle in wet weather and has a slight natural waviness. I set this…

  • Worth the money
  • Not sure

After a grueling search for a new hair dryer for my girlfriend, I finally decided on this Rusk hair dryer. She has thick, coarse, wavy, long hair. It takes a lot of effort to dry it with a hair dryer. This Rusk hair dryer is extremely powerful and reliable. This halves the drying time and this dryer will continue to function even after several years. She tends to waste cheaper hair dryers. This is a very hard mode and I find it close to commercial/professional quality. It is heavy but ergonomic

  • Delivery was very fast
  • Mature model

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best hair dryer I've ever had

Best hair dryer I've ever had! Had to buy this again recently after my (same model) 6 year old hair dryer died. I have very curly hair (naturally) and this blow dryer makes it smooth as silk! Some people didn't even know that my hair isn't naturally straight. I will probably buy this dryer again 6 years after the death of my next one - loyal customer!

  • Special offer
  • Negative impression