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About Same Day Music

Same Day Music offers free ground shipping on every single order shipped within the continental United States -- no minimum purchase required and no exclusions.

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My review about Same Day Music

Hello to everyone. Today I am going to write you about Same Day Music. Same Day Music is a store created in recent years. I have no information about the location of this store and the experience period. This is also related to the fact that I can...See full review

Order now and get it delivered same-day

I have visited a lot of e-commerce sites that sell musical instruments and music software. They all have one thing in common: they can be very boring to use. So, I decided to review the ones I thought were good and explain what makes them different...See full review

Get free ground shipping on every order

I have been making music for over a decade and have bought instruments, gear, etc from all over. I was looking to buy a synth that would be easy to carry around but also fun and quality work. The Nord Lead 3 fit the bill perfectly! It's small...See full review

No minimum purchase required on Same Day Music

After spending some time digging in the Internet for information about this e-commerce site (i was looking for reviews or anything at all) i couldn't find anything.  Apparently, they don't sell any goods on their website and the only thing that is...See full review

Same Day Music is the largest music retailer in the world! But......

I ordered a drumset from Same Day Music on January 11, 2018. Everything was alright with the transaction until I had to contact them about my order status. On February 6th I noticed that they were waiting for payment authorization but needed more...See full review

My survey about Same Day Music

Hi to everybody. Today I will keep in touch with you about Same Day Music. Same Day Music is a store made lately. I have no data about the area of this store and the experience time frame. This is likewise identified with the way that I can...See full review

Same Day Music

I don't know where Same Day Music is located or how long it has been open. This is also due to the fact that there is very little information available about the store. I'm hoping that the Same Day Music developers can quickly resolve this issue...See full review