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About Watermelon Music

We are proud to be a true "full-line" and family friendly music store, with full lines of fretted instruments, brass and woodwinds, orchestral instruments, and percussion as well as accessories and a wide range of printed music!

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My review about Watermelon Music

Hello to everyone. Today I am going to write you about Watermelon Music. Watermelon Music is a musical instrument store created in 1975. The store has nearly 50 years of experience and also executes some excellent strategies. I've researched and...See full review

You are encouraged to come in and meet their highly educated staff

The store that sells CDs which are priced at up to $20,000. The shop's manager is Shigeo Nakazono. Nakazono is well known as a "genius singer" in Japan; he has released ten singles and four albums since his debut in 2002. He draws much attention...See full review

Survey on Watermelon Music

I need to inform you regarding melodic store, Watermelon Music. I loved its name. It arranged in west Davis, California. This store was established in 1996.  They have consistently strived to be a mainstream objective for Northern...See full review

Review on Watermelon Music

I want to tell you about musical store, Watermelon Music. I liked its name. It situated in west Davis, California. This store was founded in 1996. They have always strived to be a popular destination for Northern California musicians.This store...See full review

Watermelon Music

Hello guys. The topic I want to write today is about Watermelon Music. Watermelon Music was founded in 1975 as a musical instrument business. The shop has approximately 50 years of expertise and employs several innovative tactics. I've researched...See full review