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Very good

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Musical instruments and Audio devices

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Description of DV247 Music Store UK

DV247 has been providing the UK and Europe with musical equipment since 1974. We pride ourselves on our high standards of service, music industry knowledge, and huge range of musical gear at the best prices in Europe, from musical instruments, guitars and amps right through to drums, pa equipment, synths and stage pianos, we've got everything you need to play, perform and record.


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Type of review

Hello friends and brothers. Today I am going to tell you a little bit about the DV247 Music Store UK project. It is the people who created this, not to mention the high standard services for its customers, called the DV247 Store. Therefore, the development of this store is high. It would be very appropriate to say that it is a music store that uses the most knowledge in the music industry to offer it in the garden. The store was founded in 1974 and I would like to point out that since then it…

  • offers excellent incentives to customers such as a 3 year warranty on gift certificates that can be purchased.
  • I didn't see any negativity.

DV247 Store UK, since its establishment in 1974 has been a constant provider of musical instruments for the UK and all of Europe at large. Due to this, their knowledge in the music industry is vast, hence, they pride themselves in high standard service to their customers and clients. They offer a wide range of musical instruments from guitars, drums, pianos and all variety of stage instruments, at affordable and amazing prices. They simply offer everything you need to play, perform and record…

  • DV247 offers various categories of musical instruments, from winds, strings, disk jockey, to instruments suitable for kids and anything required to play and perform.
  • They offer 3 year warranty on purchases and other amazing incentives.
  • Purchase payment are made via popular payments channels like PayPal and Amazon pay.
  • They allow customers drop feedbacks so as to improve and better satisfy them.
  • I have no dissatisfactory comment to give on DV247 musical store.

Revainrating 5 out of 5


DV247 is an online site that deals in the sales of musical instruments like the drums, keyboard,guitar, amplifier,Dj audio mixer,headphones & microphone. All types of musical instruments are available ranging from the percussion instruments,wind instruments and the electrical instrument . Dv247 always ensure there's a product description on all their goods to give customers enough information about the features of every products before making a choice on which one they would prefer to buy…

  • Customer support can be reached through electronic mail and phone call
  • Multiple payment channels
  • Product description is available
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

All kinds of musical instruments on this site

Hello to everyone. Today I'm going to comment on the site/company that sells these musical instruments. To put it briefly, this company was founded in 1974. Since then it has been selling all kinds of musical instruments to Europe and the UK at the best possible price. This site has everything you can look for in music - from instruments, guitars and amps to drums, pa equipment, synths and stage pianos - you need to play, perform and record, and they do it very well. There are a total of 55…

  • Good service
  • Fast delivery
  • Polite sellers
  • Only shipping to europe

Revainrating 5 out of 5

DV247 Music Store UK- the best company.

DV247 Music Store UK - I'm going to write a review about this online store today. Let me first write about the design of this store. The design is great, I liked it. The store sells any musical instrument. What musical instruments are sold, such as guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, children's guitars, and similar musical instruments. If you want to trade, do my advice in this store. Because all musical instruments are of high quality. If you don’t like the products you order, they get them…

  • I have not seen any negative aspects of this online store.
  • design are great.
  • has the best original and high quality guitars.
  • It is one of the most trusted and reputable stores.
  • None.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

DV247 music store Uk

DV247 Music Store UK its a home of great instruments of your decision, with their dependability and straightforwardness and nobility, this organization has again high worth in all exchanges, and they have brilliant volumes of Clients the whole way across Europe Nations. This stage was set up in year 1974, and from that point forward they have been well steady in music instruments industry. Searching for any standard instruments to prepared your Congregation, occasion focuses, need more

  • Phenomenal assistance upholds
  • High velocity conveyance
  • Great items
  • Low cost for all items
  • Availability is very simple
  • Nothing.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

DV247 music store Uk

DV247 Music Store UK its a home of high quality instruments of your choice, with their reliability and transparency and dignity, this company has again high value in all transactions, and they have excellent volumes of Customers all across Europe Countries. This platform was established in year 1974, and since then they have been well stable in music instruments industry. Looking for any standard instruments to equipped your Church, event centers, need more as a rentals, studio, and many more t

  • Excellent service supports
  • High speed delivery
  • Good products
  • Low price for all products
  • Accessibility is quite easy
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