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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of Sears

Sears is an American multinational department store chain headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in Greater Chicago. The company was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893 as a mail order catalog. Julius Rosenwald took control in 1895 and expanded its sales and profits greatly. In 1925, it began opening localdepartment stores. The business peaked in the 1950s and 1960s, then began a long, slow contraction. In 2005, it was bought out by Kmart, which renamed itself Sears Holdings.


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Type of review

Revainrating 3 out of 5

My survey about Singes

Hi to everybody. Today I will keep in touch with you about Singes. Singes is a store made in America in 1893. Working as a little store when it was recently made, Singes made its own site and began offering on the web on account of innovation. Burns has an enormous customer base, with branches in numerous pieces of the US, however I figure Singes might have been a greater, worldwide organization. Since recently made organizations are en route to getting large and renowned on a worldwide scale,

  • A store that has gone through significant turns of events and acts in agreement with innovation
  • Singes has a huge client base and fulfillment
  • It becomes gradually in spite of having a great deal of involvement.
  • Not yet worldwide

Revainrating 3 out of 5

My toughts about Sears

Hello there. The review I will write today will be about Bestbuy. Sears is a keep created in USA in 1893. Operating as a small shop when it was once newly created, Sears created its personal internet site and began promoting on-line thanks to technology. Sears has a massive customer base, with branches in many components of the US, however I assume Sears ought to have been a bigger, world company. Because newly created corporations are on their way to turning into large and well-known on a…

  • Sears' future could be very bright
  • Excellent strategies are being executed
  • Very low in popularity
  • More attention should be paid to advertisements.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

South American seller.

Life is changing fast and things are moving faster than we expect. To be aware of these fast-growing organizations you need to be aware of their good and bad times. Competition between organizations is so fierce that any organization tries to present itself at its best and freeze as the main thing in search. As a result, just like every other questionnaire you need as a customer, every organization has its own products and elements. These organizations include Sears. Cheaper songs are the most

  • The power page has a great plan.
  • The songs are a well-known American sales representative.
  • Topographically unavailable in many places.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

My review about Sears

Hello to everyone. Today I am going to write to you about Sears. Sears is a store created in America in 1893. Operating as a small store when it was newly created, Sears created its own website and started selling online thanks to technology. Sears has a large client base, with branches in many parts of the US, but I think Sears could have been a bigger, global company. Because newly created companies are on their way to becoming big and famous on a global scale, it is progressing very slowly…

  • A store that has undergone major developments and acts in harmony with technology
  • Sears has a large customer base and satisfaction
  • It grows very slowly despite having a lot of experience.
  • Not yet global

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Sears company.

Life is changing quickly and things are going faster than we would expect. To keep up with this rapid development companies should keep pace with this development. Competition is strong between companies and every company is trying to prove that it is the best and to be the leader of business in the market. Therefore, every company has a website that displays its goods and products, all matters related to its which you need to know as a customer. Among these companies is Sears Company. Sears…

  • The official website design is great
  • Nothing yet.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review on Sears by Emine.

Sears is one of the biggest shop stores around united states. which is has thousands of branches if you visit their website you will sink in the products, they have every thing we want, to ease the shopping process to the customers , with providing clothes, jewelry, tools, fitness stuff, electronics, baby tools, yards equipments and etc. i have ordered a new brand television , it arrived in few days to my home door. so it was great experiment to me . and contacting with them is so easy and…

  • Contains a huge number of international brands
  • Nothing about it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Sears The American Retailer Company

What would we do without access to giant consumer good sales outlets today? A very good thing that makes our shopping or buying activities today is the availability of such retail outlets that make purchasing of much needed goods easy and interesting as well. Then we can also make mention of benefits to be enjoyed, such as cheaper products. Sears is one of such popular names in the giant retail industry. Sears is an american retailer of general merchandise, tools, home appliances, clothing, and

  • Sears is a retailer company popular known in America
  • Variety of different products
  • Not geographically available in a lot of locations

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review on Sears by Umut Y.

eeIt is a supermarket chain known as Sears and was founded after it bought the first Kmartandsears and its second branch was established in 2005. It is one of the largest sales companies in the United States and these companies are one of the largest stores and they hire a large number to start these new stores by investing in the largest shopping center. It has purchased dozens of centers to integrate its products to speed up work and supports projects to reach the largest number of…

  • A company that achieves successes that make it one of the first international companies in trade
  • Nothing to say