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Vdomus Tempered Bathroom Mounted Storage15 2 Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Vdomus Tempered Bathroom Mounted Storage15 2

Huge storage space: This large glass wall shelf transforms the wasted space into a spacious storage area. Simple and clean lines paired with polished metal texture, this shelf will also give a touch of elegant to your bathroom. 10.8 inches distance between two shelves. Great for big volume shampoo. The overall dimensions is 15.2 x 5 x 16.1 inches. Durable: The tempered glass shelf max load 20 kg/44 lbs, it is extra thick of 0.3 in (8mm), can resist most occasional impact, gives the best protection for you and your family. The bracket and towel bar are made of authentic space aluminum, 100% rustproof, ideal for using in the humid bathroom environment. Easy to install: It's a wall mounted glass shower shelf, need drilling 4 holes on the wall in total. Comes with needed accessories, easy and quick to install, you can start installing once you have received the package. Thoughtful design: Vdomus tempered glass 2 tier shower shelf with rail and towel bar, rail protect your goods from falling down from the shelf easily, towel bar holds your favorite towels. Choose Vdomus, zero risk: This product is tough, durable and rust proof. We care about quality, service and the happiness of our clients, if you’re anything less than 100% pleased, we’ll make sure things don't stay that way for long.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very useful in hardware

My workspace in the bathroom is "cozy" and easily cluttered with an item or two. So I ordered it to see if it helps. Finally I have a place for my perfume, vitamins and other things I never use but need to have access to somehow (you know you have that too! hehe). It is very durable and solid. When my wife saw this, she wanted me to mount the same on her side (we have his/her vanity). Very good buy!

  • Easy installation
  • Some small things

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Looks great on bathroom shelves

This was a great alternative for me as it looks less bulky and tidy. If I had a regular first aid box on the wall, it would look like a piece of furniture hanging on the wall in a small room. The downside is that I want the content to look neat and uncluttered; while I would only stuff as much as possible into a first aid kit. Sorry I don't know how to upload/download the image for you to see but it looks amazing.

  • Consistent test results
  • Waiting too long

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent purchase! Best in Hardware

I moved into a small city apartment with limited bathroom storage space. I hung it on the wall next to the clawfoot tub so I have space for all my shower products and it works great! Granted, the finish is clearly some sort of metallic paint or spray coating on cheaper metal, as that's not the case. truly chrome/nickel finish. However, the glass shelf is of high quality and the entire unit is easy to assemble and wall mount. Made a huge difference in terms of storage and looks great. For…

  • Looking forward to
  • Upgradable

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fitting bent on fitting

Product delivered was bent and unusable. To return. I hope next time everything will be ok. (see photo) UPDATE 10/14/2019: I blame Revain for sending a package that was returned to them. The original product I received was bent and had no instructions. Two days later I received a replacement which was not only in perfect condition but also came with clear instructions on how to install the shelves. It was pretty easy and looks great. My wife is thrilled with her new bathroom shelves so I'm…

  • Sturdy construction
  • No insurance

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Attractive shelves.

Very nice little frame. I'm a 61 year old female with little assembly experience and had no problem assembling this and hanging over my bathroom toilet. Just note that you will need a screwdriver to drive the screws into the wall unless you have a drill with an extension to drive the screws (see photo). The quality of the glass turned out to be unexpectedly thick, which I liked. The quality of the "silver" was a little disappointing, but it looks good in its place. The hooks on the bottom hang…

  • also understandable for old people
  • neutral

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice though. Best in Bathroom Faucets

I love the look of this product but it needs a design upgrade. It was easy to assemble, but difficult to align around the entire perimeter during installation. There must be at least one club running through the center from the back so it is aligned left to right. At the very least, he needs an "H" or "X" design. Basically there is no way to align it 100% left to right and then top to bottom. The image I provided appears to be aligned but is actually slightly off which is annoying when trying…

  • 1 year trial
  • Available in white only

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Serves its purpose, but the price is too high. Not average build.

I bought it to have more space in the bathroom. Works as intended, but this item is not worth what I paid ($40). It's a $25 shelf. $30 max, $20 good deal. Not unlike the cheap shelving you can buy at the store for a dollar. the same pain During assembly you will need to attach the 3 pieces together by holding and tightening the non-magnetic screws. Many times. Basically you need 5 hands. You will also find out about 3/4 that you now have to take it apart for installation according to the…

  • Comfortable
  • Mostly good, but...

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Surprise!: Features

Product seen online. Order placed and the product was delivered within 48 hours. Nice box. There are no defects or externally visible damage. I opened the box slightly and carefully poured out the contents. I understand mistakes happen. This is a set of glass shelves. They may splinter, crack, or break during shipment. This is more for the shipper than the company itself. But if you look at the attached picture. What is missing? Yes. Glass shelves. I don't know how the item leaves the factory…

  • Pleasant to use
  • old