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Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31 195/60 R15 88T winter Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31 195/60 R15 88T winter

Product Description: Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31 195/60 R15 88T Winter Tire


The Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31 is a high-quality winter tire designed for passenger cars. With its Nordic studded design and directional tread pattern, this tire offers exceptional performance on icy and snowy roads. It replaces the successful I’Zen KW22 model and has been highly anticipated by fans of the renowned South Korean brand. Through extensive testing, the WI31 has proven to be superior in terms of traction, fuel economy, durability, and acoustic comfort. Its optimized stud pattern, inspired by Finnish tire manufacturers, features increased spike density and reduced spike size to meet European requirements.

Similar Products:

For those seeking alternative options in the winter tire category, there are several products worth considering. Popular choices include the Michelin X-Ice Xi3, Bridgestone Blizzak WS80, and Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT. Each of these tires offers its unique features and benefits, so it's essential to evaluate your specific needs and preferences before making a decision.

Problems Solved:

With the Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31, you can confidently tackle winter driving conditions. Its directional V-shaped tread pattern, wide oblique grooves, and multiple sipes work together to enhance traction and grip on icy and packed snow surfaces. The tire's excellent performance in these conditions helps to minimize the risk of skidding and slipping, providing a safer driving experience for you and your passengers.

Important Parameters:

When selecting winter tires, it's crucial to consider certain parameters that contribute to their performance. The Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31, with its 195/60 R15 88T size, offers optimal balance and stability on the road. The tire's load index of 88 and speed rating of T indicate its capacity to handle various vehicle loads and maintain reliable performance at speeds up to 118 mph (190 km/h).


This winter tire is suitable for a wide range of passenger cars, providing excellent traction and handling in cold and snowy conditions. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or embarking on a winter road trip, the Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31 ensures a safe and reliable driving experience.

  • Winter road trips to scenic destinations
  • City commuting during snowy conditions
  • Visiting ski resorts and mountainous regions
  • Winter camping and outdoor activities
  • Driving in areas prone to heavy snowfall
  • Who Will Benefit from This Product:

    The Kumho WinterCraft Ice WI31 is an ideal choice for individuals living in regions with harsh winter climates. It caters to drivers who prioritize safety and require a reliable tire that performs exceptionally well on icy and snowy roads. Additionally, those who frequently travel to snowy destinations or engage in winter activities will benefit from the tire's enhanced traction and grip, allowing them to navigate challenging conditions with confidence.

    Kumho WinterCraft WI-31 is a Nordic studded winter tire with a directional tread pattern for passenger cars. Also available without spikes.The Kumho WinterCraft Wi31 winter tire was highly anticipated by fans of this South Korean brand. After all, she replaced the very successful I’Zen KW22 model on the assembly line, which has proven itself from the best side. The first tests showed the absolute superiority of the novelty, which turned out to be a very good winter tire, both in terms of traction, and in terms of fuel economy, durability and acoustic comfort. Kumho WinterCraft ice Wi31 has a directional V-shaped tread pattern with wide oblique grooves to remove snow and mud. Oblique thin meshing ribs form a central rib responsible for the stability of movement in a straight line. Multiple sipes improve traction and grip on icy and packed snow.Optimized stud pattern In order to bring the tire in line with the recently introduced European requirements, the South Korean tire manufacturers chose to take advantage of the positive experience of their Finnish colleagues. They significantly increased the number of spikes, while reducing their size. The practical result was 20 continuous rows formed by them in motion. At the same time, a large part of the spikes is located in the central part of the tread, which gave the grip on ice even greater stability and reliability. In this regard, it is impossible not to note the original design of the area near the places of their installation. Their shape resembles turbine blades. It helps to crush and remove ice chips from under the spikes.3D slats Another notable innovation is 3D slats. The multifaceted profile of their walls prevents them from closing on contact with the road. At the same time, tight fixation limits the mobility of the blocks, which, in turn, entails a significant improvement in controllability.The main features of Kumho Wintercraft Ice WI31 - maximum traction on ice, thanks to an optimized arrangement of studs that form at least 20 continuous rows during movement; - three-dimensional sipes increase traction on packed snow, improve handling on asphalt; - wide drainage grooves prevent hydroplaning and slashplanning.You can buy Kumho tires in the Market-Shina online store of tires and rims. ru.Winter tires and summer tires are always in stock, we offer a low price and a complete catalog of tires for all passenger tires. We give a guarantee for Kumho car tires from the manufacturer. Shop of tires and disks Market-tire. ru is reliable, professional and inexpensive.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A valuable purchase, some advantages!

    if you want to save a little, take marshal the same kumho, only made for Europe. The price is consistently lower by 500-700. for the balloon. Pros: 185/65 r14. Any snow at 5 for two-thirds of the winter never got stuck, no matter how hard I tried. On ice, 4 are affected by the simplest studs, although 20 row studding Cons: for a price comparable to cordiant, kama and Belshina from simply not.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    The product is average, Im not sure its worth the money.

    The noisiest tire I've ever had (I always buy with studs). I changed my shoes at the end of October, for a month the spikes didn’t “get used” and the noise didn’t decrease, there’s a wild howl in the cabin (((It rides very unstable on asphalt, floats. I don't recommend

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best thing Ive ever used, a great item for everyone!

    Excellent tires - I drove it for 3 seasons, lost only a few spikes (the mileage is really small). It brakes normally on ice, the abs kicks in when braking hard, but the braking distance is quite short. Rides well on tarmac, no signs of wear. Considering the price, I really liked it.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Exactly what I needed, it's a great buy, I recommend it.

    Auto: Priora without abs, esp. What can I say, a newbie on this rubber, driving experience of exactly 3+ thousand kilometers, exactly the same amount I have driven on this rubber and so far. I live in Siberia, a remote city. And now about rubber. The tires are excellent for me, a friend has heaven and earth for another company, a friend says it would be better if he bought mine. (I took his car for a ride) Holds ice well, braked with wheel lock from a speed of 60-80 kilometers in front of a

    • Quiet price.
    • Afraid of a rut, does not like open ice.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The right product for me, the price suited me.

    Normal good tires. Well balanced. I accelerated it to a speed of 140 on M4 - it does not hit, it does not make noise, it is well controlled. I can’t give an estimate for cross-country ability, since this is the first rubber on this car (I changed tires along with the car). Passability on snow and ice depends not only on rubber, but also on the car (on the weight of the car, the dimensions of the rubber, disks, etc. ).

    • Quiet, imported, inexpensive (4300 / cylinder 215/50 R17 95T), new model of 2022
    • Did not reveal

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Quality is top notch, happy with everything.

    Has some pros: Low cost for a 17-inch diameter, and both gentle and silent. When driving on smooth roads, it performs really well. There is a good chance of winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour (St. Petersburg Cad). Having this drawback: When rebuilding it is really felt, especially after the summer Bridgestone. really sausage in a rut.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Good and quality product, but there are flaws.

    Used for two seasons on a four-wheel-drive minivan. I always pump this rubber, but the pressure was too high, so I had to turn it down to normal. Handling 5. noise 5. perseverance 4. prior BG winter slalom went better with deep snow. The spikes have been properly positioned. It is not well-balanced at all! 215 x 70r15 freight discs original molding weigh 150 to 200 grams each. Manufacturing of rubber in China. I also brought along my sister, a Toko marshal 175 70r14 from Korea, which is…

    • Quiet handling
    • Uneven ground throws off the equilibrium.

    Ford Focus 3 car. Driving mostly in the city. My wife and I drive by car. Tires have been out for 2 seasons. Driving on asphalt is beyond praise: it is quiet, like in summer, it keeps the road well, does not scour. Stud loss statistics: Season 1 - minus 3 studs (one on 3 wheels), Season 2 - minus another 13 studs (on all four, but mostly, of course, on the front wheels), Season 3 - minus another 19! Distribution of losses after the third season: 4,5,11,15 (11 and 15 - front in the third…

    • Very quiet, grippy tread, studs distributed across the entire width of the tire. As a result: comfort and confident movement on any winter roads.
    • The subjective feeling that the "rowing" is rather weak, but objectively - see the comments below.

    Subjectively, the sidewall is stiff, the 65th profile almost does not "inflate" in the lower part of the wheel at full load and normal pressure in the wheel - I don't know if this is good or bad. In terms of cross-country ability, it didn’t get stuck anywhere. Normal wheels for your money, a review of the dimension 185 / 65R14 Different pros: Quiet compared to other studded tires, wear-resistant, three seasons all the studs are in place, relatively inexpensive, holds water well up to reasonable

    Excellent tires in the conditions of cities and a winter line. Weak in the snow, especially at low speeds. It also seems that it is very bad on ice . but this is due to the contrast. Because it rides on dry and wet asphalt almost like summer. Not much noise, not floating on the road. Especially after a trip on asphalt with ice, I got into the car on the 7th hakkapelite. Hakka is not so much better on ice, abs chirps in front of those lying down on rolled areas, but on the track . after hacky 7,

    • 185-70-14 Very quiet up to 110-130 km / h. Grip and handling on dry and wet pavement, stability at high speeds. The behavior during skidding or drifting is very well predicted, as well as the breakdown and restoration of adhesion in sludge are soft. Perfectly digests 220 Newtons of torque with 2.4 motors. PRICE!
    • A little sensitive to the rut, the average cross-country ability.

    Tires from katal season approximately 7000 km. All the spikes are in place, the wear of the rubber is not significant (maybe it just changed the winter / summer in time), it does not make noise (it seems that the summer Hankuk makes noise up to + 10C more). Holds the road and dry, and wet, and snowy. On specific ice, Nokia, Conti is probably better. Size 235/65/17 with standard 235/60/17 I don’t complain about handling, the car rulits well, slows down (car weight 2t.) Thick sidewalls hence the…

    • Quiet, catchy, not expensive
    • heavy tire, studded

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A wonderful product, it's nice to use.

    These tires in size 175/65/14, installed on a Ford car. They showed themselves excellently on snow, excellent Starting and predictability on ice.

    • Low noise level. Handling. Great price.
    • No.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

    Got pros: Good price. 2600 rub. for 185/65 R15. Below, indeed, only China and ours. Noise. Or rather, a minimum of noise from the spikes. There is a slight hum that doesn't increase with speed. On machines with good soundproofing, there will be silence, like Velcro. Compared to the Cordiant Polar, the ears simply rest: the Cordiant howls like a plane taking off. ) It rides in the snow and brakes great. Average on ice. Stability and handling are good. Traveled on badly paved roads. From rut t

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Not a bad product, but you can do better.

    Departure winter on the Skoda Rapid, size 195/60-15. This model will be good for the city, where snow is removed more or less on time, I also recommend it for the track, again, where they clean it on time. On fresh snow it goes fine, but if the snow is wet, then the directional stability and dynamics suffer greatly. I wouldn't buy it again. Some pros: Inexpensive, quiet compared to other studded ones, rides well on asphalt Got cons: I would like more grip on the ice. The snow porridge is very…

    I’ve been using it recently, I’m still running it around, but the first impressions are as follows: it rows very well on loose snow, but it clings poorly to ice, even with neat, not fast corner entries, there is a slight lateral drift of the car. But we must pay tribute, the tires are very quiet, and in the entire range of my operating speeds)))) I managed to ride it from 0 to 110 km / h, summer tires make more noise.

    • Quiet rubber, attractive price
    • insufficient grip on ice

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Normal quality, you can use it.

    Bought at the end of October 2022. Not a high price played a role. Only China is cheaper. 195/60/R15, Ford Focus Mk 1, front-wheel drive, automatic transmission, 2 liters. From the end of October 2022 until today, I have driven a little more than 5,000 km on it in different conditions: city, highway, ice, packed snow, snow porridge, etc. For the entire period of operation, I have not lost a single spike, which pleases, although it repeatedly started off with slippage and sometimes I had to…

    • Quiet, attractive price, beautiful tread
    • Rutting, not stable when cornering in ice