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Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
Marketing Services, Branding Agencies

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Description of VSM Studio

VSM Studio is a design and visual communication studio based in Hamburg. We love to craft identities that make brands leading-edge, sustainable and valuable.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

High quality & quick deliveries, fast responses

I like how they have great designs for all different kinds of companies or products you can find out there! Their layouts are very clear so it's easy as well when choosing which layout fits your needs best (whether its fonts/logos etc.). Sometimes their prices might be too much compared with other similar services but i guess this depends upon what kind of service u need them most? They offer good customer support if something goes wrong - even though they aren't always available 24 hours due…

  • Great quality
  • Fast turnaround times, excellent communication between designer & client.
  • Very responsive team
  • Good price ratio in comparison woth others such websites that offers same type design work
  • Empty

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A great tool to help you create amazing logos and visual identities

I like how easy it was for me as an intern from another country (Spain) with no previous experience of working at branding agencies or graphic companies. The process was simple but not too much time consuming since there are many tools available which makes things easier than expected! It would be good if they have less expensive versions so more people could use them without breaking their budgets. This way we can improve our knowledge about this software even though most clients only want…

  • Very organized workflows when you upload your own images to test different colour scales etc.
  • We do need cheaper version that will allow us smaller organizations such business startups

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Easiest Logo maker that anyone needs to try once

The ease of use for creating templates from scratch or editing existing ones! I can easily create my own logo with all its variations without having any technical knowledge about graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop etc., which are not user friendly at first sight!! Sometimes it takes some time before you realize how powerful this tool really could be if used properly by an artistic mind who knows what he/she wants exactly. It would have been great had there were tutorials…

  • Easy to learn, easy usage especially in case someone is newbie into graphics design industry.easy yet effective tools that make up our daily life such as mobile phones / tablets , computers
  • All these things made possible because they've got their very essential needs met thanks
  • Almost everything is ok

Revainrating 5 out of 5

VSM Studio is a web development agency based in New York City.

It was very helpful to find a company that could take my idea and put it into reality. VSM Studio helped me get my website live and also made sure it looked great. I was worried about getting stuck in the middle ground between "pretty" and "looks like it came straight off a brochure". That wasn't the case with VSM Studio - they created a site that was beautiful and useful, without being too hard to navigate or look at. It was a pleasure working with them! They were flexible and responsive…

  • Excellent client service, responsiveness and flexibility
  • Extremely affordable and value for money
  • Good quality products (website, video)
  • The email response time
  • Lack of communication before delivery

The account manager was fantastic and made sure we had everything covered before she left us in the capable hands of another agency. All of her feedback has been spot on and very useful to us in shaping the final product. The other members of the team have been equally helpful and insightful when providing advice and support. Overall - great people, great service, great project! Would definitely recommend. A: Here are my reviews. Please note that these are not reviews per se (I'm not…

  • Has all of the functionality of other analytics tools, it is simple to use and has a lot of power.
  • Is a great tool to transform and model data you can take data and get a lot of great insights
  • It doesn't have all of the functionality of other analytics tools
  • Doesn't have all of the functionality of other advanced analytics tools