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Weber 6414 Caster Wheel Insert Review




Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
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Description of Weber 6414 Caster Wheel Insert

Includes 1 caster and 1 caster insert. Fits the following gas grills: Genesis 1000-5000, Genesis A,B,C (2002-2003 model years ONLY), Genesis Gold B/C (model year 2002 and newer), Platinum 1. Fits the following charcoal grills: Ranch Kettle, Performer (prior to 2005 model year ONLY). This replacement caster will ONLY fit the above Weber grills. Please read carefully to ensure proper fit. Caster Dimensions: 4.6"H X 1.5"W X 2.5"D.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Direct replacement for the high-efficiency Gen 1 SS grill.

These are OEM Weber reels that were a direct replacement for my stock wheels. Removing the old tube inserts was easy enough with a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. Using a rubber mallet I installed new bushings and pushed the roller in. dead easy.

  • Great price
  • Some cons

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Wrong size but seems ok!

The first set lasted about 6 years before they started to deteriorate and stopped rolling. They should be a direct replacement for my Weber EP320. They were a little smaller than the originals but I didn't want to stop and send them back so I installed them anyway. Everything seems to be going well for them so far. The time will show.

  • Absolutely amazing!
  • Socket required

Revainrating 1 out of 5


Come on, Weber! They make amazing kebabs and then you put these cheap little wheels on top! Why? It would be nice if we all had smooth concrete decks, but we don't have them and those wheels are useless. At least offer an upgrade to something with a bigger wheel! I bought new wheels off the shelf and just installed them on my grill after the third set fell apart!

  • Good thing
  • Many things

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great replacement for Weber 70360 casters

The wheels on my 2008 Weber Genesis 6550001 grill fell apart with every roll. The parts list lists 70360 casters, each costing $18. Revain's search turned up these Weber 6414 reels for $7 each with free return. So I tried them and the inserts fit the grill perfectly. The wheels are a bit smaller but roll very well.

  • handy item
  • expensive

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Wish you could give a negative number of stars!

If you ever move your grill (our grill is in the garage (a few feet) when not grilling) it will not be strong enough. The axle is just metal, everything else is plastic. The wheel halves snap into place (and fall off) with no locking mechanism. Not as strong as originals. I really wish you could give a negative number of stars!

  • Nicely packaged
  • Update available

Come on Weber. I expected the original wheels to last over 10 years. You won't survive the season. My Weber Gold Grill is circa 2005. While these wheels fit, they suck and probably won't last long from moving over deck or concrete. I give them 2 stars because they match the ad.

  • High quality assembly
  • I'll write later

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A little smaller: Rollers

My Silver B Genesis purchased from Home Depot is over 15 years old and this new wheel is slightly smaller in diameter than the original. Maybe I bought the wrong rims. For me the height difference is negligible, about 3/8 inch lower. The stake is higher than mine and fits perfectly in the reel frame. If you're worried about the height difference and want to keep those wheels, you can drill a hole in the frame for the difference, put a bolt and nut in, and that limits driving the inserts in…

  • Everything is fine!
  • Expensive

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Junk - Small cheap feel, not quality Weber

These wheels fit the Spirit e210 but they are *much* smaller and feel cheap. The locking roller is a joke, I almost broke the locking arm the first day because they wouldn't unlock. As the locking mechanism is very poor I will never use it for fear of constantly locking the wheels. Quality screams "Walmart Wheels". I have a feeling they won't last more than a year, I've had the grill for almost 10 years now and I'm sorry that Weber is turning to cheap short lived wheel parts. Not sure if there…

  • Satisfied so far
  • Not the best

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Broke in the first few weeks. Buy another brand

Terrible. My original rollers for my Genesis Silver C broke within the first year so I tried to fix them. The second set of Revain Weber wheels broke quickly. After spending a season without them, I ended up buying these replacements, thinking Weber had already upgraded them. But no, I've had this new set for about 2 weeks and the locking mechanism on one of them no longer works. As long as the wheel is still turning I'll leave them, but if the wheel rusts again and gets thin and weak I might…

  • Doping 🔥
  • Upgradable