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Xbox 360 250GB Console Kinect Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Xbox 360 250GB Console Kinect

Jump, dodge, and kick your way through exciting adventures set in a variety of exotic locations with Kinect Adventures. Xbox 360 console includes built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to Xbox LIVE, and comes with matching black controller and headset. Get off the couch and into the game by using your body as the controller with Kinect. Control your Xbox 360 with a single gesture or wave of the hand. Connect with friends and family with easy and interactive gameplay, video chat, and more.


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I've only been using it for a week. Before that, from the modern one, he held only psp in his hands. So there is nothing to compare. Everything works, does not slow down. I hardly use the joystick, because I took it because of the kinect. Here is the complete break. In the first days, to be honest, the muscles ached. Steeplechase, tennis, kayaking and much, much more. For the New Year they gave GTA V. Just a masterpiece ! During the game, the power of the console is felt. No lags, no long…

  • quiet operation, standing on its side does not take up much space, there is enough memory for the eyes.
  • The power supply is simply huge, the kinect works adequately at a distance of 2 meters.

In general, the Xbox 360 console turned out to be a very good subject for entertainment for children and adults, even for those who are not very fond of video games (Kinect sensor allows you to do fitness or dance at home). Even despite the old age of the console and a bunch of restrictions (which, by the way, can be removed with firmware, though, and deprive yourself of the warranty on the device), the Xbox 360 will forever remain in the history of video games as the most popular console of…

  • 1) Good design; 2) Virtually silent operation; 3) Favorable price for a set of console with a hard drive + kinect sensor; 4) A large number of games released for this console; 5) Convenient gamepad (very ergonomic and responsive, wireless consumes little power); 6) The kinect sensor allows you to have fun with friends or family in sports or adventure games and racing.
  • 1) Specifications. The console was released in the first half of 2022 and since then the performance indicators have remained practically unchanged, only the design, cooling system, power consumption, memory sizes and other aspects that have little effect on system performance in games have been improved. Accordingly, even in the latest games like GTA 5 on a large and excellent TV with a resolution of 1929x1080 (Full HD), it is at least strange to expect something outstanding; 2) All kinds of restrictions from the developer company Microsoft. You buy a console, purchase expensive licensed copies of games on discs or through the Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace digital distribution service, after which, in order to play online (online) in almost all games (95%) in which multiplayer play is possible, you must pay an additional subscription . service "Microsoft Xbox Live Gold". The price for this subscription does not bite, but this fact is unpleasant; 3) It is not possible to copy the game from the disc to the internal memory of the console and play without the disc. The point here is that a cunning mechanism is built into the microprocessor of the console, the essence of which is that the processor and, accordingly, the console itself, run only those applications and games that are approved and signed by Microsoft (licensed). For each copy of the game and application, this signature is unique. For games sold on discs, it is contained on the disc itself. So even if you install the game on the console, the console will still require you to insert the game disc in order to read the signature for the game being launched. The game resources at startup and operation, the console will already read from memory and will not force the disk so much. 4) The Kinect sensor requires a significant space to play relevant games (at least 2 meters). So owners of small apartments and rooms take note of this! In the "E" revision there are no major innovations compared to the "Slim" revision, such as "Slim" compared to "Fat" (Core, Arcade, Elite).

Revainrating 4 out of 5

More to come

This is my third X360 so nothing new. Love it. The base Xbox system itself is unprecedented. PS3, Wii. None of them come close to the competition. What about Kinect? In fact, I found out that the rest of the family loves Kinect more than I do. It's still pretty buggy in my opinion and the 360 UI wasn't designed for Kinect. It looks like a handle. I hope that the fall system update will fix bugs and be more comprehensive in terms of integration. If you haven't bought a Kinect yet, I would…

  • Easy install
  • Damaged

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I have a Sony PS3 but Xbox Kinect is better than SONY MOVE

PRO: Better selection of family (Disneyland Adventures) and educational games than Sony PS3. Kinect tracks everything about me (sideways and forward steps, kick, knee, kick, elbow, headbutt), not just my arms like the Sony Move. With Kinect, I don't have to go to the game's user guides to figure out which stupid buttons to press anymore. I recommend these games based on fun and accurate motion tracking: Child of EdenWipeoutBody and Brain ConnectionZumba FitnessDance CentralKinectimalsFantastic…

  • Enjoyable
  • Communication with Seller

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Awesome Car / Amazing Technology / Best Library / BURN CALORIES!

First, it's an Xbox 360 and it's great: lots of space, upgraded hardware that doesn't suffer from RROD, and is super quiet. 360 has an amazing game library with some great Xbox LIVE exclusive games that are really polished. Second, it comes with Kinect for $50 less than just by itself. This technology is amazing! It can see your entire body and has a promising library of fitness and exercise games that are second to none when you're just holding the controllers. Dance Central is exceptionally…

  • Solid construction
  • Empty

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great exercise and really cool technology

We got the X Box 360 250GB with Kinect and Adventures Game on, then Dance Central and Your Shape Fitness Evolved separately. I'm certainly not a techie, but setting it up was easy for me. The Kinect sensor sits on top of our Dish Network DVR and really recognizes you when you're in front of it, and I really like that I don't have to hold anything to play. To be honest I've only played the Wii 3 times at a friend's but being a controller is great. On the X-Box console, it can sit on its side or…

  • Sturdy finish
  • 0

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent on Xbox 360

Both Xbox and Kinect get my top marks. Foot. It was in my bedroom to expand my media center computer. I had the newer Elite connected to my PS3, Wii and Mac Mini running Windows 7 Media Center and it all went to my big screen TV. So this new slim Xbox has replaced the bulkier Elite that went into my bedroom and my 7 year old is thrilled as I am now buying a TV for his room to hook up an old first gen white TV. So the Xbox is a loving redesign, but the packaging really blew me away. Instead of…

  • High marks for support and durability from testers
  • Not as thick as other options