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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great value for money, one of the best offers.

I enjoy using it every day. Looks very aesthetically pleasing and doesn't take up much space. A great option for a summer house or while you are waiting for the assembly of furniture in the kitchen and you have not yet installed the main hob.

  • Modern beautiful design, the fastest heating, water boils in minutes. It is easy to wipe, works almost without noise. Convenient control and automatic shutdown of the device, if you suddenly forgot to turn off the device, then after about an hour of continuous operation it will turn off on its own.
  • It heats up super strongly even at 3 divisions, there is no way to simmer the dish, because even at 1 division the stove heats the pot or pan quite powerfully. It would be great to adjust the power to a less strong feed.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

Take unequivocally. Both culinary specialists and moonshiners, and bachelors and married people, ulcers and teetotalers will also like it))

  • Made from high quality materials. The power is "honest". Very easy to operate. There are no extra functions that are not used in 90% of cases. There is no protruding sensor in the center, through which, if water gets in, a short circuit occurs.
  • Good night does not say good morning! ))

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It's not a bad product, nothing extraordinary.

I chose with a handle, not touch control. This is a big plus if something escapes. Pulse heating is practically not noticeable. Yes, and then he is only on a single one)

  • Pretty wide diameter cookware suitable for this stove, fast and powerful heating, easy to operate
  • You can find fault with everything, but they are not here.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

A great option for a cottage or a rented apartment Pros: Modern design, easy operation, works even with ordinary enamelware. Boils instantly. Has cons: Quite massive, you can still manage to get burned, it cools down for a long time.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

In the second year, the diode bridge burned out. As it turned out, this is a problem with almost all induction cookers. The repair price is 2022, or order in electronics stores or on Ali and solder Pros below: Heats up quickly, looks good, easy to use, easy to clean. For two years, the white color has not turned yellow Got cons: Noisy, after cooking it can still make noise with its fans for 5-10 minutes, the usual hob after it is like a Bentley after a Lada. There is still no necessary…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fits the description completely, very satisfying.

Great stove, everything works. Intuitively simple, looks stylish. Cheap for the money. Very happy with the purchase. Of the shortcomings, the instruction is not in 2022 and a plug with an adapter.

  • Non-RF plug (quality adapter included)

The stove is probably normal, like any other product of this brand, let's hope that it will last longer than cheaper stoves. As for the characteristics, nothing outstanding. Maximum power 1760 watts. The first five divisions have an impulse mode (in the comments, one friend wrote that there were only 2 divisions, this is not true. By the way, I probably took this tile because of his review, I thought it was without impulse). 1 liter of water from 20 degrees to boiling heats up in 5.5 minutes…

  • Design, conciseness, without any stupid modes.
  • Don't know

Positives: Heats up quickly! a complete induction hob. Mechanical adjustment is quite convenient +++! Simple to clean and wash. compact and light. has drawbacks: The cross section should be wider, and the power cable is flimsy. Although the power plug does not meet our standards, an adaptor was provided.

Excellent stove. I have been cooking on it for several months, I took it as a temporary one until I install a permanent stove. I cook infrequently, it is enough for me, although sometimes one burner is not enough. Heats up the dishes in just one to two seconds. I had no experience with an induction cooker before, so I was shocked. Just instantly! For this reason, everything boils very, very quickly. It took me some time to get used to not going somewhere “until it boils”, or “while the pan is…

  • Does its job well Affordable price compact Beautiful
  • Very loud beep when turned off No timer Chinese fork

With its pros: low price with excellent ergonomics and build quality. well, and all the advantages of an induction cooker, on which the boiled-off product does not burn. Different cons: plug needs to be replaced. do not use adapters with such power of the device. issue price 60 and 15 minutes of work

I bought in Hong Kong, but the plug is still Chinese! So stock up on a 16A adapter. Fresh batch, 2022.05 (photo). Unlike the DCL001CM, the DCL002CM does not have wireless modules (wi-fi, etc.), that is, it cannot be connected to the phone, and this is good due to the absence of parasitic squeaks and additionally complicated electronics with additional consumption, etc. Although the ability to set a timer from the phone would probably not hurt. After turning off, the fan may turn on for a…

  • + Simple rotary knob with on/off without any modes! Guys, this is just over the top. Do you find this item unremarkable? By no means! Almost all portable induction cookers suffer from "piano" controls with overdriven modes. When you just need to set some power, there is absolutely no need to train a major sixth chord with an added IX step. + Smooth start from 500W. In comparison with the Endever-IP46, which turned on at 2kW, burning everything with a subsequent decrease to the desired one. + Smooth 9-position adjustment: 250W | 500W | 700W | 900W | 1000W | 1200W | 1600W | 1800W | 2100W + No pulse mode on 500W+. That is, the first 250W is, respectively, 500W divided by time. But 500 across the floors is much smoother than going from 1000 to 200/400. + Quiet. Very quiet even at maximum speed. The turns here are smoothly adjustable by the controller. That is, with a freshly supplied pot of cold water, you will hardly hear anything at max power, only as the case warms up, the revolutions will increase. + There are no parasitic high-frequency sounds when idle. The Endever-IP46 was 24/7 with HF beeping due to the flashing dial. + Compact. Slightly larger than the diameter of the coil ~ 19cm (there is ~ 1.5cm gap on the winding before the last turns, but we will calculate by total). + Very good looking. + Unlike DCL001CM, DCL002CM has a surface without a hole for a temperature sensor. It is 100% more reliable so that water does not flow into the case
  • - Slower than Endever-IP46 (2022W). 2.5 liters of water here can boil up to 11 minutes. Whereas there are 3-4 minutes. In the instructions, you can see the wording about possible deviations due to the diameter and material of the dishes. Indeed, the coil here is larger, and it has an "inactive" segment between the last turns, in order to fully load it, of course, a larger diameter of the dishes is needed. A watt meter is not at hand now, but in other reviews of the board on the DCL001CM, the power with a full diameter still came out to the people no more than 1800W. Search, but generally slower. - Pulse mode at 250W / The minimum power set here is 500W. But yes, most portable stoves can only boast of its absence from 1kW at best, as for example in IP46 (permanent only from 1000W - 2022W). But it is, so keep a small minus. - Glossy surface. Matte as in IP46 would be better and more practical in a portable tile. Glossy gets dirty at a time, and scratches will most likely be more noticeable. - Very long and loud squeak when turned off. You can pause (short squeak), but when the pause auto-resets after ~ 5 min, this 2 sec loud squeak . apparently for those who are not at all sure that they turned everything off for sure. - There is no timer. Or not found. There is only a pause with a fixed auto-off. Accordingly, the tile cannot be connected to the phone as an older model, so it is most likely not here. And even if there was, it is extremely difficult to set, say, minutes by the number of clicks or lights. There is no display. In general, forget about the timer.

With a small amount of cooking at low power, the frequency of switching on induction is noticeable. The food in the pan boils, then subsides. On a large scale, it's not even noticeable. After reading other reviews, I realized that this is a feature of all induction cookers. I don't consider this a disadvantage. In general, the purchase is very satisfied.

  • Tiles without "newfangled" bells and whistles, all to the point. Heats up quickly, works relatively quietly (good-feature of induction cookers). Caring for the tiles is easy and simple, because. nothing sticks to the surface. Nice modern design.
  • I would like the price to be lower.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good product for me, no problems at all.

He compared the economic feasibility of using a stove compared to gas from a cylinder. With a much higher cooking speed, reaching boiling water - the stove turned out to be expectedly more expensive by 30 percent. And when compared with an electric kettle, it turned out to be completely identical in cost to bring water to a boil. In a word, convenience outweighs gas cylinders, but if you are not in a hurry, then gas is also possible. And the sausages will take too long to cook

  • Heats up quickly, as safely as possible. The existing enamelware came up.
  • Chinese plug, more expensive than gas, you need a special. Dishes. Wave-like heating on the minimum mode.