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rocking chair leset 81, 74 x 97 cm, upholstery: textile, color: wenge/beige verona vanilla logo

Ordered for my mom. Mom is 82 years old, upset. I wanted to issue a return, the courier will only pick it up in a week. And again, the new is not the fact that it will not be defective. We decided to leave and repair ourselves. I do not understand how you can send such a product?See full review

smartphone ulefone armor x5 pro 4/64 gb, dual nano sim, red logo

Compared to Samsung and its 12Mpx camera, it looks like Mpx 7-8. The image is good if you don’t need to read something in the photo and if you don’t enlarge it. You have to carry an old A5 with you for photos. For my money, I took 11k from AliSee full review

vacuum cleaner lg cordzero a9-lite, black logo

Has pros: design layout . stands beautifully in a corner without taking up much space - rechargeable Has cons: no recommendation to buy additional accessories (where is the price)See full review

xiaomi mijia mi home induction cooker lite, white logo

The stove is probably normal, like any other product of this brand, let's hope that it will last longer than cheaper stoves. As for the characteristics, nothing outstanding. Maximum power 1760 watts. The first five divisions have an impulse mode (in the comments, one friend wrote that there were only 2 divisions, this is not true. By the way, I probably took this tile because of his review, I thought it was without impulse). 1 liter of water from 20 degrees to boiling heats up in 5.5 minutes, whSee full review

plastic suitcase freedom m+ logo

The benefits of color are endless! The size is satisfactory. Already a few journeys have been completed nominally, even with the bags turned in on time. Got cons: In point of fact, it was far larger than the majority of carry-on baggage allowed on Ryanair flights, and it is possible that it will not fit on some of their aircraft. Although it was stated in the description that the wheels could be removed, this is not the case.See full review

cordiant winter drive 2 175/70 r13 82t logo

delivery is nothing, from the date of order to the date of delivery-7 days, but still a delay of 1 day! I had to transfer the record in the tavern and similarity collapse!See full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

I had to purchase a coffee grinder, because. ground coffee from the store did not taste good from this cone. Empirically, I had to select the grind. In general, if there is interest and a desire to experiment, then a chic device! Household horn is not a story about quick coffee in the morning. I woke up, quickly brewed, drank and went to work, here a drip coffee maker is more suitable.See full review

triple trekking tent canadian camper karibu 3, forest logo

The tent was purchased in 2022 and utilized over the summer on two separate occasions (in the months of July and August). The first hike was hampered by a torrential downpour and a strong wind (we stood in the forest near the shore of the Gulf of Finland), the tent survived, but because the downpour with a thunderstorm began to suddenly close the upper windows, we did not have time, under the influence of the wind, water fell on us; the same thing happened with the second exit / entrance; the waSee full review

microsoft xbox series robot white bundle logo

A wonderfully ergonomic gamepad, for me, is better than Sony. If technologies are brought up to the level of dualsense, there will be a best.See full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier/zhimi air humidifier 2 (cjxjsq02zm) eu, white logo

All things considered, this is the best moisturizer I've ever tried. sufficient water for a day's worth of use, even if it is not being used for intensive moisturizing. The Aquaphor type filter does work continuously to ensure that the humidifier always has water. Cleaning with addiction will require a toothbrush, preferably an unnecessary one, a slotted screwdriver, and all the same sponge and shower — disassemble and clean the drum discs, remove the top to access the inner drum, clean with a bSee full review

l "oreal professionnel shampoo expert blondifier gloss, 300 ml logo

conjunction with other skin care products is excellent. In July 2022, I colored with my hands. I wash my hair with this L'Oréal professional shampoo and balm every two months, use an L'Oréal mask once a week, and dry my hair with L'Oréal Mythic Oil thermal protection. Hair in March 2022, eight months after dying, is shown in the picture.See full review

vacuum cleaner samsung vcc885hh3p/xev, burgundy logo

I tried to buy a hose from an old model, but it has adjustments on the handle. The manufacturer changed the diameter of the hose from 35 mm on older models to 38 mm, so that the parts did not fit - so that you can’t buy a PL127 hose fitting on Ali. I bought a Samsung 84TU07 hose from an old model for 720 without adjustment, but the latch had to be modified with a file so that it would be fixed, it began to clamp, but dangles a little. I immediately threw out the HEPA filter with it, the vacuum cSee full review

low shoes dolomite cinquantaquattro low fg gtx, size 10.5 (45), blue navy logo

The purchase has been received with a generally negative attitude. They were the right size when I tried them on, but after a few days of wear they "shrinked" by a full size; now they're broken in while I wear them, but they'll go back to their original size overnight. And most crucially, the lining was the main reason for purchasing the shoes; without it, air circulation is impossible. There is no indication of perforation in the design of these boots, and it is unclear if that was the intentioSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop 2c global robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

I had really requested a slightly different model, but they gave this one instead. Surprisingly, though, this one is also effective, performing as well as any standard hand-held vacuum cleaner would while washing the floor, moistening a rag, and vacuuming. In the end, they felt fulfilled. Fast charging; fully charged in just a few hours. The year 2022 has its own language.See full review

sim sensitive shampoo system4 4 shale oil shampoo, 500 ml logo

I am a "happy" owner of seborrheic dermatitis. Previously took shampoo # 1, really liked it. Then for some time I decided to change it to another shampoo and got a severe aggravation. I decided to order this shampoo for testing, because. it is suitable for oily scalp + contains menthol, which cools and soothes irritated skin. This shampoo brought the condition of my scalp back to normal in about 3-4 applications.See full review

be natural cuticle eliminator, 15 ml logo

Very quickly softens the cuticle and pterygium. I apply around the nail, then everything is easily removed with a pusher. Economic consumptionSee full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 ru, pink logo

A high-quality product. Tracks your aerobic effort, oxygen consumption, step count, and heart rate. Tests how well you're sleeping. The information is structured and synced with a mobile device. The groundwork for basic exercises has been laid. Even with continuous use—during lengthy workouts, with Bluetooth enabled and indications continually monitored, and with the wearer's hands constantly squeezing the device—the battery will endure for three days. The battery is guaranteed to survive for 5-See full review

michelin pilot sport 3 275/40 r20 106 year old logo

I will write a full review later, because. I just changed my shoes and I can’t objectively judge, I bought it for the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and for the brand. The behavior of the tires is very good at first glance, we'll see further. It is worth noting the good workmanship, balanced easily, few weights. I skated about 8,000 km, which I can say, good tires, everything suits, the only thing that worries is in the heat of over 30 degrees, when you press the gas sharply, theySee full review

🍲 bosch mcm 3501m food processor - 800w - black/grey: enhanced efficiency for all your kitchen needs logo

Long chose from a huge number of options and manufacturers. We settled on a proven quality brand. Only he has additional accessories for the comban that can be purchased separately, albeit at a crazy price. From other manufacturers, all gadgets are limited to a complete set of one device, you need others, purchase another device . The wife is very pleased with the new thing, and this is the main factor of choice!See full review

kettle xiaomi thermostatic electric kettle 2 cn, white logo

I have a lot of xiaomi appliances I am very satisfied with this brand. Directly in the kitchen there is also a grill and a rice cooker . the heavy teapot resembles a thermos, it is convenient that there is a display. The only thing that is not very convenient is that the water level in the kettle is not visible. And by the way, I advise you to replace the adapter, it is of poor quality.See full review

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