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Indodax is an Indonesian change based via way of means of Oscar Darmavan in 2014.Indodax cryptocurrency very exciting due to the fact you may use a few different automated sources to shop for and promote Ether and Bitcoin. INDOMAX is taken into consideration the biggest cryptocurrency asset in Indonesia. In much less than an hour, you may purchase crypto belongings and be given deposits and bills from all local banks in Indonesia.  Indodax offers customer service 24/7, along with weekends. Indodax has safety era that helps multi-component authentication. , Google Authenticator SMS and electronic mail verification are combined. Indodax permits customers to without problems purchase, promote and song their account transactions and encrypted belongings anytime, everywhere, can be accessed using your laptop and phones it even has an app built for it Tam incelemeye bakın

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It's safe for trading

P2PB2B is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform established in 2018. P2PB2B is also a trusted partner for crypto projects. The partner also provides business consulting plans to help the veprojects project community maintain liquidity and develop growth strategies. The broker supports multiple fiat currencies and allows you to use the card to buy cryptocurrencies. However, some currencies are not supported, such as AUD or UAH, and you need to receive USD or pay additional currency conversion fees. Both the recipient and the manufacturer are fixed at 0.20%, slightly lower than the global average, and the withdrawal fee is very competitive. You can deposit fiat currency by bank transfer or card deposit and encrypted currency. You can rest assured that your assets are safe in the cold wallet. In addition, P2PB2B has a hacker detector that can prevent hacker attacks in advance as part of your security Measures. sed and iOS and Android phones with a user-friendly interface.P2PB2B is very good as an exchange. If all the above content is popular, my suggestion is to do so.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Hi everyone, I really want to share my experience with Hitbtc, its design is simple and clear, and easy to use. Their fees are still a bit high, but they are still affordable. The transaction maintains an excellent and reliable status in the trading community and provides many advanced resources that can be exchanged for BTC, LTC, Tron, ETH and other altcoins. HitBtc Exchange registration cryptocurrency platform is very simple and fast. The conversion rate is 0.1%, which is lower than other exchanges in my opinion. The HitBtc platform also has its own security, because it is safe for trading. (Buying and selling) and it's also fast,but the website is hard for beginners to understand and their customer service is somewhat slow in replying Tam incelemeye bakın

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The cryptocurrency platform ABCC was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. It provides good and extensive opportunities for trading cryptocurrencies. In the year it was founded, it had some shortcomings, such as payment systems and transaction systems, which have always been the best solutions. Using this function, you can directly start a transaction on the Kirpto wallet without kyc checking and not getting stuck in the registered traffic. However, this is not caused by kyc, and this fact makes it questionable how much trust it has. ABCC trading all a variety of cryptocurrency pairs are available for trading, and at the same time as an exponential discount for trading activities, I'll recommend this platform for a safe and reliable trading platform Tam incelemeye bakın

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Unsafe to use

VB is crypto exchange platform , established in 2019, but it is currently unavailable. People using cryptocurrency should carefully avoid any transactions on this platform. The website can no longer be accessed . Such exchanges are in vain. It seems inaccessible. So far, there have not been any transactions on the platform. The platform has no information about trading patterns. It has no support team to contact. This is why is it unsafe to use. So I suggest users has to careful when trading and not try to stumble on this kind of platform, because they might ripped off their hard earned money, and conduct future researches before making in starting on any exchange Tam incelemeye bakın

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BISS is the first exchange market that allows users to trade Tokens and Tokens-Stock, such as Tesla, Facebook & Amazon. But is a platform to run away from has it has being closed down the Chinese government they also arrested the founder of this website this platform, which might due to a potential fraudulent activities from taking place or not registered Such a platform will only crush you, that is, in order not to become a victim, stay away from this exchange, and don't let anyone pretend that you are a partner of the exchange equipment you own. Find the one that suits you best. The opportunities for communication are too wide, very desirable, study carefully.Tam incelemeye bakın

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CoinEx Market

No longer functioning

CoinEx is a crypto platform that was launched in Hong Kong and has been operating since December 2017. The project aims to ensure the safety of investors and serve as a trading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is understood that the exchange has at least more than 40 cryptocurrencies and has registered a large number of commercial transactions, which can provide its investors with good liquidity. But this project delayed many investors who withdrew money from this exchange, because it gradually began to fail, and people began to lose interest in this platform. The exchange allows you to make deposits on the platform and start your cryptocurrency journey with your fiat currency here via a simple bank transfer. They have excellent trading prices that are consistent with the current industry average and are now a very profitable trading platform. Water Longview has been marked as a fraudulent website and it is no longer recommended to use it because the service is no longer available because your website is only used for blocking and the blocking message has been posted there. Therefore, you need to find other options.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Failed exchange

Gokuex is every other alternate platform, that helps buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. This Exchange become simply newly added to the alternate marketplace a few months back. I don't have any tons fine assessment in this alternate primarily based totally on my enjoy with it. All I can say right here approximately this alternate is that, Gokuex is like maximum different go out rip-off Exchange, This is another failed exchange in the world of crypto, there is no positive thing to talk about here as their site is no longer accessible has their domain has expired, it also has 0$ volume trade People should be aware of their telegram group has a lot of scamming activity is happening there, in which a lot of people have been a victim I heard it was launched in 2019 users should always should find a safe platform before falling prey to a site like this. It’s so unfortunate this type of site are existing Tam incelemeye bakın

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Hologo is an online cryptocurrency tradinng platform, which is nowhere to be found again The original URL for this platform no longer exists. It is recommended to stay away from it because it is considered a potential scam, because the school uses the brand name and extorts money from the public. Please ignore any platform or application that claims to be a naked exchange. The naked cryptocurrency exchange platform Moment does not seem to be working or It is completely disabled because I checked and I couldn't find any evidence of only exchanging cryptocurrencies. Therefore, I suggest investors and exchangers to be patient for the time being, because you can't trust the exchange platform because you don't know the root cause or the developer. Not worth investing in the stock market.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Another bad exchange

BetaEx Exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform, which was sometimes launched in 2019, aiming to provide the most secure, stable and efficient cryptocurrency trading platform. Although they failed to reach their destination and ruined their reputation.a lot of users were made some complaints about the freezing of user accounts while their platform is active, while their Twitter handle is no longer functioning Since the exchange is unavailable, which means that it has fallen, it is fair to say that the exchange's trading volume is $0. The support team can no longer be reached, I tried severaly but they didn't respond. Generally speaking, users need to be careful when trading on this platform Tam incelemeye bakın

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