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The BKEK Exchange is another top Cryptoasset that supports the buying, selling and Exchange of Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Like most other Exchanges, BKEK Exchange was also recommended to me by a friend. The platform was established in the year 2018 and is acessible globally. It has been in the Crypto space for some while now and so far it has offer several trading services to every Crypto users. BKEK is a well known and recognized Exchange platform, it is available in Google playstore and Apple store where every one can access and install. Like most other Exchanges, the exchange is very easy to access. After installing the app version, you can easily sign up with your email and password. Verification must be completed after registration. in that case, users can have full access to the platform. BKEK Happens to be one of the Exchanges with several trading services. Some of the trading services include Spot trading, Copy trading and so on. Added to that, after signing up, there's a reward pool for Referral, Bonus event for every trading or transaction done in the platform. Every user or investor of this platform is offer different trading services. BKEK offers Derivative trading, Mining pool and there's also what we called Crazy futures on the platform. Every user round the globe is offered several trading services among a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies. The platform is known to be a top blockchain and it's development team consists of developers from different parts of the world and countries. BKEK Exchange supports over 150 currency pairs and also supports the exchange of fiat currency and over the trading of multiple Cryptocurrencies. BKEK is a global investment platform that is available in over 100 different countries around the globe but with the exclusion of other countries. This platform is very recommendable, as the user is offered varieties of trading options to engage on. More features will be added to this Exchange as time goes on. Also, the transaction fees here is very low and affordable. The exchange charges free for every deposit made, while the transaction fees is very low and it also depends on the Cryptocurrencies you are trading on. BKEK Exchange is very reliable equipped with lots of trading features. I will recommend this Exchange to every Crypto investor. They are very reliable. Tam incelemeye bakın

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BITYARD Should be Recognize As a Top Exchange.

Throughout my 5 years journey in the Crypto space, I was prevailaged enough to trade and invest on different Exchange platforms. These exchanges have made trading in Crypto very easy and convinient. There are alot of them available and more are still coming. Some are still operating while some couldn't keep up and are therefore no longer available. My review here will be on one of the most reliable Exchange I ever traded on, BITYARD. Despite the fact that this exchange is yet to gain the proper recognition like other top Exchanges, but Bityard has proven to be a reliable and a top Exchange in Crypto. Bityard like most exchange was created to support the buying and selling of crypto assets. Although it can do more than just that. Since it is created with lots of features that makes it different and unique to other exchanges. Like most exchanges, bityard has its own native Token known as BYD. Bityard is one of the most acceptable exchange platforms today, as it is supported in over 150 different countries. Before engaging in any Crypto platform to trade, there are lots of things every trader must consider or watch out for so as not to fall victim of scam project. Starting up with bityard Exchange, was a bit doubtful for me, as I was trying to be careful not to fall a victim of Ponzi scheme and loose my funds. But after seeing some reviews and comments regarding this platform, I decided to give it a try. Registration and verification process was very easy and fast, as it didn't took me long to complete it. After registering with my email and password, I was introduced properly to the bityard interface. Due to my experience with other Exchanges, it didn't took me long to navigate and explore everything I need to see and know about the platform. The trading view and interface was different and better. More trading features where added to it. Some of the unique features I saw on this exchange that I will like to share include; Copy trading features, Minning of BYD token and so on. Bityard is a platform created for both experts and newbies. Like I have said earlier, it is very easy to trade on. Also, before you engage in either leverage or futures trading on BITYARD, there's a Demo account where you can use to master your trade before venturing into the real trading. As this aspect of trading are very risky and users stand a chance to loose their investment if they can properly trade on them. Bityard exchange has truly revolutionize Crypto exchange. Trading on bityard wasn't much of an issue to me, since I was able to start using my Mastercard. visa and other means of payment are all acceptable in bityard Since bityard is more like a new exchange, I will recommend both newbies and experts who are yet to explore this platform, to try it out. it is very reliable and convinient to use. The security is top notch here, so users don't have much to worry about regarding the safety of their funds. Finally, there are benefits to those who are trading with the BYD token on bityard and also, there's bityard's mystery box available for those who are using the bityard Exchange. BITYARD is a Top Exchange platform. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Disrupt Motion

The world is changing and things are getting better. The world of Crypto is not also left behind, as there are new developments. In the process of promoting ones business or brand, there's always need for awareness. Now, this awareness can come in several forms. But the aim of every business or production is get to the consumers satisfaction. Different businesses or brand have come up with different methods or strategy to promote their businesses or brand. A new platform or industry has been established to bring this to a whole new level. The Distrup Motion is a unique video production company that focuses on producing quality video contents to different online business just to help in promoting such business or brand. This platform is mainly focused on bridging the Gap between real world assets to Definance using web3 video and blockchain marking. With my experience and also from positive reviews about this platform, Distrup motion are known to be experts in video production. With their quality and unique videos, they help different brands or businesses to connect with their audience and also inspire positive change. Distrup motion is one of the top successful video production industry ever to emerge from Canada. The platform is blessed with great team of experts that helps to create good video content, website design and promote brands. If you are an online marketer or trader, Distrup Motion is here to create and produce good video content and good Web design for your product. They are very reliable platform. they also help in blockchain marketing. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Thousand exchange is another new trading and exchange platform in Cryptocurrency. Trading in Cryptocurrency has become easy and more convenient with the help of Exchanges. Exchanges are basically platforms where we buy and sell Cryptocurrencies and other valuable assets. Today's review will be centered on another Exchange platform known as Thousand Exchange. Thousand is a centralized global platform that supports the trading of several Cryptocurrencies. it facilitates the exchange of Crypto projects and other valuable assets. This project is operated in a global level. So many Crypto investors are yet to discover this project, but with it's partnership with revain, it is now getting some recognition and awareness. Like most exchange platforms, thousand exchange has its own utility token known as $TND. ThousandEx will be announcing launch in 2022. it is however a new project in the Crypto space, but going through the whitepaper, roadmap and the mission this platform has set to accomplish, there's no doubt that ThousandEx will be a great exchange platform. This platform came with the main focus of building an ecosystem that will remain stable and balanced for a while and that will grant every Crypto user an easy access to Cryptocurrencies in a proper way. This platform has alot to offer to every Crypto investor. They will be offering us a NFT marketplace, where there will be multichain trading of NFT, A ThousandWallet, where every Cryptocurrency trader can store, receive, buy and send several Cryptocurrencies. Other features that this platform will be offering us include the thousand card, thousand playstore and many more. indeed, Thousand platform has actually come to take over the Crypto world. The platform has enough to offer to every Crypto user. Thousand is a recommendable platform, but however projects like this needs time to develop and adapt to this environment. Thousand has actually come to make trading of multiple Cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible. Every Crypto trader is therefore required to check out on this project. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Another interesting project that's worth looking into. Several projects are been created to make the journey of Crypto more easier and conducive. Coreto is one of this projects that came to the limelight to enhanced our Crypto journey. The Crypto space is a very complex environment. Both beginners and experts can be found in this space, exploring one project or the other. The Coreto project is created for every Crypto investor be it an expert or a beginner. The project has created a reputable Crypto-based research platform that helps to increase the overall performance of the Crypto industries. The needed tools has been provided by this platform to aid both the newbies and the Crypto enthusiastics carry out their Crypto journey. Starting a journey in Crypto as a beginner especially, is very stressful and most times very demanding. As one is not too familiar with the environment. As a beginner or newbie, you will encounter new, different unfamiliar projects and platforms in the space. Both with Coreto, the journey in Crypto has been made easier, as the have some team of experts and the available technology and resources that can help our journey in this space. Coreto has been committed to developing tools and features for different Crypto projects that can help in their growth and also to build and nurture their communities. Coreto is known to be community driven, as they always look forward to focus on user experience and also a gamification system that rewards users. I find this project very interesting and reliable. The Coreto came with the sole aim of developing a global Ecosystem, that is user friendly and also ensures the financial growth of every user. This project has the necessary tools and equipment to increase the financial level and f every user. They are offering every investor especially in the Crypto an opportunity be it a beginner or even an experts with lots of experience. Coreto project is for everyone. The team behind this project are well Experienced and are experts in Crypto. They have therefore provided a platform that can help strategize our journey in Crypto. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Apart from saving, investment is another wise and decisive thing every trader and investor is expected to do. There are many investment platforms in the space and more are still coming. In my search for an investment platform, I came across ROOBEE. ROOBEE is discovered to be the first Blockchain Investment platform, that was established in Apart from saving, investment is another wise the year 2017. The platform was created to provide an investment service not only to private investors, but also for non- professional investors. This makes the platform accessible by everyone. Since it's discovery, the platform has been used by over 5,000 people as of then. ROOBEE which is known to be a blockchain-based investment platform, enables users and investors to make intelligent investment, as the offer the right and reliable product for investors to invest on. Before Investing or exploring any project, people look out to the reliability of such project. After carefully going into this project and with the feedback and review give about this project, ROOBEE is 100% transparent and reliable. This project keeps complete record of every user's investment on their blockchain. This will point directly to the real user. Also with the partnership this project has with other blockchain project and fintech, this definitely proves that ROOBEE is a well recognized and reliable platform for investment. Investors or users who want to engage or invest on this platform can invest as low as $10 and above. This makes it easy for all income earners to invest on, as the minimum amount for investment is considerably very affordable. With as low as $10, one can invest on a wide variety of investment product offered by this platform. The ROOBEE platform provides varieties of services for users to invest on. Some of this services offered by this platform include cryptocurrencies, stocks, ventures capitals and lots of other options. The user or investors has alot of options to choose and invest on. Another interesting thing about this project is the native token which every user must buy before having access to the product the platform offers. Having access to the token is very easy. it is available in Exchanges like uniswap, Gateio, EXMC and many more. Also, trading with the ROOBEE token will give the user access to advanced features on the ROOBEE platform. With staking and farming also implemented on the platform which gives good yield to the investor. ROOBEE is the most transparent and reliable platform that provides investment opportunity to it's users. This platform provides good statistics of the user's investment, As it makes use of blockchain technology. Not every project can do just that. This platform is made available and accessible to everyone, as you can also use your debit or credit card to buy the token and engage the platform. Although the platform has been available for over 5 years now, but not everyone is fully aware of the services this project offers. Thanks to revain for giving us the opportunity to share our experience with this transparent project. If you are looking for a transparent platform to invest on, then ROOBEE is the best available option. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Review on one of the most famous and widely used blockchain chain project where users can carry out different series of complex and private transactions on the platform provided by this project. Ethereum is known to be one of the oldest and most valuable blockchain platform that has ever graced the world of cryptocurrency alongside Bitcoin. This blockchain project has its own native currency known as Eth. Ethereum is a decentralized platform, as such users of this blockchain has control over their assets, since the platform is not backup by any central authority. it is also known that the ethereum blockchain has been in operation for over 6 years now, and up till this veery moment it hasn't experience any downtime or any external attack from hackers. This shows how reliable and ideal the project is. The ethereum blockchain was created by some teams of crypto enthusiast, so as to provide a platform where complex contract trade and also private transactions can be run on the ethereum network. Ethereum was mainly created to provide support for the incapability of Bitcoin. And since then the ethereum blockchain has the highest marketing value, but only second to the one and only Bitcoin. Ethereum is an active blockchain project, the volume of trade on this platform keeps on increasing every 24 hours. it is reliable. Also, ethereum token is among the most valuable cryptocurrency together with Bitcoin, as 1 Eth is equivalent to 2,770.69 USD. when you convert it to my countries Naira currency, is is equivalent to 1,217,207.22 Naira, in the Nigeria currency. This shows how valuable the ethereum network is.Tam incelemeye bakın logosu

The importance of Exchange platforms in cryptocurrencies cannot be overemphasized. Many cryptocurrencies Exchange platforms with great trading features and unique trading tools has been made available to traders so as to effectively carry out their trading activities. One of this exchange is Nex Exchange, but popularly known as N. Exchange. For so many traders, N. Exchange is just another newly discovered trading platform. But from my little experience with this exchange, N. Exchange is more than that. N. Exchange is a cryptocurrencies Exchange platform, that originated from the United kingdom. Throughout my experience and research about Exchanges, I have found out that the United kingdom are also among the top leading country in Europe when it comes to discovering cryptocurrencies Exchange platform. This Exchange although been just newly discovered, as alot of unique and interesting trading features and views. Although most traders including myself are not still comfortable with the exchange and transaction fees. N. Exchange as it is popularly known, has a fast processing feature. users can carry out different transactions within a short time. However, the registration and verification process is very compulsory before one can effective trade on this exchange. But the registration requires kyc verification so as to process. Also this exchange support trading on cryptocurrencies and other several other Fiat currencies. This makes it for both newbies and experienced traders to effectively trade on it. But my major issue with this exchange is that, the mobile version of it, is not made available. This had made alot of traders with only mobile devices not to access this exchange. N. Exchange has good support teams online, that effectively respond to customers complains concerning this platform. Trading on this unique Exchange is a whole new experience for me. The trading features and views perfectly fits my trading pattern. However, n. Exchange has yet to gain global popularity, as most other exchanges. it is not well recognized and not known to many cryptocurrencies trader. But however, n. Exchange is still a good Exchange platformTam incelemeye bakın

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TELUS Ventures

There are alot of Capital investment ventures companies, that helps to pool out their resources and capitals, inorder to help most especially developing companies to reach Their maximum potential. However, most of this Capital Ventures Companies mostly focus on technological based company, but however there's this innovative capital ventures company that has also paid attention to other aspects such as health, security telecommunication, internet services and many more. Telus Ventures is a North American telecommunication company, that was established in the year 2001, but so far this company has made a great Mark in so many Technological based Companies all over the globe. this company invest in health, telecommunication, internet, security, technology and so many more. This has make them unique and different from other Capital Ventures Companies all over the globe. So many Companies and industries, most especially start up businesses and technological based company are doing well and reaching their required potentials all because of this world class teams of investors and entrepreneurs known as Telus Ventures. Telus Ventures has their headquarters in North American, Canada and also in British Columbia. This venture company usually adopts a method of initial stage investment with Companies that offers business potential. That is, they don't just invest their capitals in any business. They must be convinced that such business has the potential of doing great. Telus Ventures is an innovative ventures capital system, that is mostly based on technology and specifically on telecommunication. This venture company is still available and also still operational. they have help to develop and support so many businesses and companies. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Dell Technologies Capital

Technology has become the order of the day in the human society. Without this technologies, life would have been difficult and inconvenient. There are thousands of technological based Companies around the world. But however, not all of this Companies are actually doing well. This might due to some number of factors. Like low capital to invest, poor mangement and many more. Dell Technology Capital as the name implies is a technological based company, that provides investment platforms for Enterprise and consumers. This company has a great teams and group of investors and entrepreneurs that invest on different technological based company, most especially start up companies, so as to help such companies succeed. Many Companies around the globe are doing well, all thanks to this team of world class investors who put in their capitals and resources so that such companies can continue operating and succeeding. Dell Technology Capital has its headquarters in California, United States. This Company has invested over 200 million dollars in over 100 technological based company, since it's existence. This Company mostly engage in early stage investment. Also, not only did they invest on Companies, they also have teams of expertise, that offers advices to growing companies. Dell Technology Capital has really done well to so many companies. They are still operational and functioning. They are still promoting technology all over the world. Tam incelemeye bakın

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