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Best platform

ethereum is a very popular token now, many airdrops and event projects use ethereum as its main platform, ethereum is a wallet of various tokens or coins that use the ERC-20 platform, besides that many wallets use ethereum as a payment tool for token shipping costs / coin, ethereum is also very flexible, ethereum prices are also very attractive, but seeing the current curve, ethereum prices are lower than last year, for self-delivery ethereum is quite fast to make a deposit or withdraw, sometimes shipping costs using the ethereum platform are expensive which results in delayed processing distribution of tokens / coins to be sentSee full review

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Trust Wallet

Modern wallet

trustwallet is a wallet that is already very well known and in my opinion this wallet is very suitable for use today, trust wallet has a variety of features that greatly facilitate and support players to save their coins / tokens, trust wallet has the advantage of being able to accommodate various different types of coins / tokens, in addition to the wallet wallet there are dapps features that can make it easier for players to connect their accounts to various platforms and can directly store tokens / coins that they can, and trustwallet is also very safe and safeguards the security of its user wallet to avoid from theftSee full review

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imToken Wallet

Imtoken good

if you are an airdroper who often receives tokens from events or bounties, I suggest using the imtoken wallet, because this imtoken wallet can accept various types of tokens / coins based on the ERC-20 platform, imtoken is often recommended by those who hold the airdrop because this wallet very safe to use and not too difficult to use, other than that imtoken is a very flexible wallet because imtoken can be connected to various other applications that will make it easier for us to organize, send, receive tokens / coins. imtoken also has version 2 but I haven't tried it because I am more suited to using imtoken version 1, I highly recommend this wallet if you only use one platformSee full review

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First my wallet

if you are a longtime player in cryptocurrency you will definitely know coinomi, because this coinomi wallet is already very well known among players buying and selling digital tokens, coinomi wallet is famous for the ease and completeness of features that support the players buying and selling digital tokens, unlike other wallets, coinomi is not based on ERC-20 but there are many platforms that can be accommodated by coinomi, the cost of sending tokens does not use ETH but uses tokens / coins to be sent, for the deposit speed is quite fast so it does not make users confusedSee full review

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Exchange in my country

I am an indodax user, because I need it to withdraw my balance in Indonesian currency, features in the indodax market are quite complete such as notification of entry of BTC deposit, friendly menu for beginners, but unfortunately there is no stop loss feature for altcoin, for identity verification ( KYC) is really needed in this market because to make deposits, withdraw and make IDR vouchers, you have to do verification first, as for the drawbacks that there are still few coins / tokens traded compared to other markets, after that I recommend this market for Indonesian usersSee full review

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binance is a large exchange that has its own coin called BNB, in binance there are many choices of coins or tokens that we can trade, besides coins and tokens in finance there is also trade using currencies from various countries around the world, And And the process does not take much time. and for the process of self-identification (KYC) is very easy, it only takes a few minutes, I suggest to do KYC in order to get the advantages provided by binance, binance has features in trading that help traders such as price alerts, stop loss and has a variety of chartsSee full review

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Bittrex exchange

Bittrex is one of the biggest markets in digital coin trading. and has various menus that make it easy for traders. There is no delay in the execution of transactions, the average transaction real humans and not robots, all orders are triggered instantly. low cost per trade, Good security, if you want to have more security, you can activate google authenticator, and pass identity verification (KYC), even if the submission is fairly fast, and it's not difficult to do it. bittrex also has a mobile application to facilitate its usersSee full review

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