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MetaMask is a special application that can be synchronized with an Ether wallet to provide easy access to transactions. the usage is quite easy just by installing plugins on the web like mozila, google chrome and brave. We know that there is always a lot of evil in the crypto world such as phishing, and metamask is one of the wallets that can minimize this. and this wallet is very safe because you have full control over your assets because you have the initial phrase so you can consider it safe.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Coinbase Wallet

coinbase wallet

Coinbase only offers coins that are guaranteed as currencies or commodities so they only Only offer reliable crypto currencies. unlike other exchange wallets, coinbase actually accepts a variety of fiat currencies for cryptocurrency, as what some are offered are euros, pounds, and US dollars. Coinbase also has an instant exchange, besides that your money will be safely stored in this wallet, because they have offline cold storage that cannot be accessed, so in other words your money is safe and cannot be hacked.Tam incelemeye bakın

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indodax market which is famous in Indonesia, with 1.5 million users, for 5 years they stood up. the convenience obtained is trading using fiat. Their legal indodax market is registered with the government, so this market is very safe. as far as i know indodax never get into trouble about hackers so it can be said to be quite safe. some features provided are quite easy to trade anywhere. especially the deposit and withdrawal system is very advanced and easy to use the voucher system, which can be bought or sold using a third party that is officially registered on the indodax market, so the cost is very low.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bittrex is included in the top 10 exchanges with a large enough daily volume. Bittrex has pretty good security technology, they also have cold wallets to add security to our assets, due to the fact that bittrex can be said to have never experienced hacking and I can say one of the safest digital currency exchanges. in essence, this exchange is very good in terms of security and suitable for new users, because the interface is simple and easy to understand. but unfortunately, for beginner traders of course the fees will be influential because Bittrex applies 0.25% compared to its competitors which are only 0.1%.Tam incelemeye bakın

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We know that the pandemic is happening all over the world, almost all of their economies experienced a drastic decline, besides that bitcoin as a virtual currencies are now safer from spreading viruses, because most know that paper money can cause a rapid spread of the virus. I believe now and in the next few years bitcoin is safe to be a safe place to store assets and even its value will increase, because bitcoin has passed through halving which historically its value has always increased. halving is the process of reprogramming bitcoin which deducts miner income from the process of decomposing mathematical algorithms to produce bitcoin. currently miners get 12,5 btc/block which will be mined in May and will drop to 6,25 btc/Block. so if you want to buy bitcoin, don't hesitate. the value will be higher than now after halving occurs.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Binance Coin

we all know, this coin is owned by binance, the biggest and best crypto market, and maybe it can be said to be number 1. using bnb has many benefits, a good burning program always makes its value go up, as well as projects that will be listed on binance always use this coin to be able to participate and get low fees. there is no doubt if you buy and hold this coin, because this coin is made by the best market cryto in the world. if you know the binance chain, this is one of the advantages that makes the bnb coin keep increase, because the bnb will play a large role as a native token in their new blockchain.Tam incelemeye bakın

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for 3 years i use binance, to date they have had extraordinary developments. has many features and also interface is a very easy to use. in my opinion the binance market is very safe for storing assets, even in large amounts, they don't have a bad case of things that make users lose their assets. the most I like of course, binance always offer very good deals, by using bnb giving a low cost discount and also always giving a airdrop as well as some interesting competitions with great prizes. I never hesitate to save a lot of assets here.Tam incelemeye bakın

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the benefits

although ethereum has the convenience offered in the development process, but there are some things that actually become their weaknesses. but at least ethereum has better technology than bitcoin, ethereum provides more uses than bitcoin. because ethereum is very similar to Bitcoin, but ethereum is specifically designed to be an open smart contract, Another advantage is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), this is software that developers can use to make various applications as easily as creating crypto transaction-based applications.Tam incelemeye bakın

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