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Review on Coinbase Wallet by Joseph Bello

Another Successful Project From Coinbase, The Coinbase Wallet

With the little time I've spent with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network, I've come to believe the fact that anything that has the name or label of Coinbase is nothing but Authentic. I got this belief after trying out their exchange platforms (that's Coinbase and Coinbase Pro). I got really fascinated by their high quality services and discovered how affordable their fees are (although Coinbase Pro charges lesser than Coinbase). I got encouraged to try out their card (which I'm still putting on the pipeline) and their wallet (which I did and would be sharing my experience now)

On downloading their mobile application on my Android device, the first thing I discovered which simultaneously happens to be what Coinbase offer users is their beautiful and well secured interface. After going through Coinbase exchange platform, I got assured that Coinbase offers traders and all other blockchain users one of the best security features in addition to a beautiful, well designed and easy to understand interface. That was exactly what the Coinbase Wallet assured me. Their interface was beautifully designed and had all their icons neatly arranged. On the long run, I went further to check out the number of Cryptos they accept. I was actually a bit discouraged to find out that they offer a few number of cryptocurrencies (not even close to 50). I later felt a big discouraged when I discovered that they are seriously planning on increasing the number. Without being surprised, I found out how responsive their support team were. This has always been a characteristic Coinbase

After going through the Coinbase exchange platform, I began developing fear on how the wallet would make their charges. I had my fear lost when I discovered how affordable it was (not actually cheap but affordable). The Coinbase wallet charges an approximate fee of 3.75%, meaning their charges lie between 1.49% to 3.99%. These fees are affordable and is far better than other wallets that have their fees around 5%. I was really gladdened to discover that the Coinbase wallet followed the steps of the Coinbase Pro Exchange platform instead of the Coinbase Exchange

Pros & cons

  • The Coinbase wallet makes their security system top notched and far from the reach of hackers
  • Their fees are considered affordable
  • They have their mobile applications available on both Android and iPhone OS
  • To proof how secured they are, they have never been hacked ever since they cane into existence
  • Merges up 2 Factor Authentication and Multi signature to come up with a nice security system
  • One can use their wallet without having an account with their exchanges
  • They really need to work on increasing the number of cryptocurrencies they accept
Merve Duru
January 10, 2021
You are very correct in your comments about Coinbase. Coinbase is one of the most reliable exchanges in the world and has many cryptocurrencies, so those who use this exchange are very lucky.