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Crypto wallet

Although some blockchain protocol service are develop with good standard open source code for users to access and make good use of certain requirements will still be needed for such service to stand out in the competitive market since most users need to look for a project that's seems more secure, fast, scalable with good user experience and fast support.

CryptoWallet being an open source wallet which can be easily accessible by user lack some qualities that would make it a competitive wallet since other wallet provide more interesting features and service to user setting up an account requires downloading the app from play store which only support Android user with user pin and password set to avoid any third party accessing their wallet, the wallet support few crypto coins although it a safe wallet since no report has been recorded on theft.

Pros & cons

  • Open source decentralized wallet support few crypto currency with easy to setup
  • User absolute control over his asset
  • Wallet not popular
  • No update to keep users engage
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