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About is an Electrum based open source native cryptocurrency wallet for ARCO, NEVA, LANA, TAJ and NETKO.

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Wallet specially aimed at a few coins.

This wallet is designed to store some specific cryptocurrencies, which use similar protocols. It is easy to use and you can create the wallet in a few steps. It can be used on android devices, however its application is not updated since 2019. In general, this wallet has been developed to belong to a family of cryptocurrencies that share similar characteristics, in general it fulfills its purpose of being an alternative asset storage service, the only really unfavorable point are the security updates, and information about your current developer or developers.

Pros & cons

  • Decentralized and without custody of information.
  • Centralized network verification (like most lightweight wallets.)
  • No updates since 2019 according to google play.

My favorite wallet wallet.

Hello everyone. back wallet backup seed words on paper and store them in a safe place. You will not be able to access your encryptions if you lose your phone, it is stolen, braked or any other unwanted event and you do not have these spare seed words. I keep my recovery phrase calm and click the Next button. Confirm your backup sentence with your backup of your seed words. If you believe you have written the words correctly, you can take this step, but we recommend checking it out anyway. The order and spelling of the words is mandatory. Even a single letter or word sequence in a word acts as if there is no backup copy. Read and write the words in letters.

Pros & cons

  • Good wallet
  • Great wallet
  • No

One of the easiest and most compact wallets to use.

Speaking of this wallet since the first cryptocurrency appeared in 2009; A large number of digital currencies have emerged in the crypto market, and each has its own unique features, but it has a common purpose: to be a tool for universal and multifaceted use. So digital wallets or wallets have emerged in that area. In addition, Wallets or Wallets allows you to create addresses for managing digital assets and accounts for managing them. Cryptocurrency is also an open source wallet, and can be a free software code used to build blockchains. The Cryptoalletti platform is linked to Electrum server technology and from there inherits open book features. Electrum can also be said to be one of the most popular wallets in the market for keeping Bitcoins inside a computer.

Pros & cons

  • Good.
  • Nothing.

CryptoWallet, permits the simple and secure stockpiling of different sorts of advanced monetary standards

CryptoWallet, permits the simple and secure stockpiling of different kinds of advanced monetary forms, like AquariusCoin (ARCO), LanaCoin (LANA), NevaCoin (NEVA), TajCoin (TAJ) and (NETKO). This wallet customer works in Android cell phones, with an incredibly simple establishment of the wallet and a right activity, which places in security the capacity of the different tokens that it upholds, moreover, it gives exchanges in stores and shipments of coins exceptionally streamlined and productive. CryptoWallet is likewise chipping away at the turn of events and overhauling of its wallet and means to offer a SPV wallet for Android and IOS. CryptoWallet addresses a magnificent alternative for the capacity of coins and you can discover news from its local area in up to 5 informal communities.

There is not much user base.

Although it was launched in 2018, there has been no development or update about the wallet since 2019. First of all, I should mention that I am concerned about security for this reason. The wallet has a mobile app but still hasn't been released on the ios version. When I enter the page to download from Play store, user comments often say that they are not satisfied with the wallet. However, I can say that some of these are scam comments. To create an account in the wallet, simply install its application on our device. However, when entering the wallet for the first time, he wants a 4 digit pin. Thanks to this pin, third parties cannot login to our account from our device without our permission. I love it. It allows us to transact with unknown cryptos inside the wallet. For this reason, I think there are very few users. Because the crypto types in it are not used much. However, this wallet can be useful in the country of Tajikistan. Because it is possible to trade with Tajcoin, the…

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

If all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts value something while keeping our assets, then this is the level of security that our preferred wallet should have. It is no secret to anyone that there are many wallets, most of which have good security mechanisms and can store large amounts of digital currency. Encrypted wallet. If you're looking for a wallet that can accept multiple currencies, Si is not a viable option because you can only store a very limited number of currencies such as Lanacoin, Nevacoin, Tajcoin, and Netko, but future developers can add you too. Special coin.The Electrum-based wallet has a simple design and can be operated very easily for any user without experience with cryptocurrency wallets. It was featured in the Google Play and App Store stores, which were predominantly mobile-oriented, and the percentage of downloads and comments found in these two stores a year after its launch did not receive much attention.

Crypto wallet

Although some blockchain protocol service are develop with good standard open source code for users to access and make good use of certain requirements will still be needed for such service to stand out in the competitive market since most users need to look for a project that's seems more secure, fast, scalable with good user experience and fast support. CryptoWallet being an open source wallet which can be easily accessible by user lack some qualities that would make it a competitive wallet since other wallet provide more interesting features and service to user setting up an account requires downloading the app from play store which only support Android user with user pin and password set to avoid any third party accessing their wallet, the wallet support few crypto coins although it a safe wallet since no report has been recorded on theft.


CryptoWallet is a Electrum based open source non custodial wallet for open source cryptocurrencies that enables quick and reliable holding of different kinds of cryptocurrencies like AquariusCoin (ARCO), Netko (NETKO), NevaCoin (NEVA), TajCoin (TAJ) and LanaCoin (LANA). This wallet app runs on android smartphones which can very conveniently downloaded from Google play store. Cryptowallet would hardly be an ideal solution when you are seeking for a cryptocurrency wallet that supports numerous different coins, because just a relatively small handful of them can be stored in Cryptowallet. Moreover, it is only available for android and lacks any prominent features that positions it over other similar yet profound wallets. The wallet is not integrated with other platforms and exchanges which could have widen its functionality.

Wallet For Personnalized Coins.

CryptoWallet is a wallet specifically made for some class of open source currencies. It was launched and published in the year 2018. It is electrum based and the source code is available to the public to see. The team doesn't hold the key on their server, instead it is at the level of the users. It is very easy and free to use, what one need to do is just go to google playstore and download the wallet, then follow the instruction given to setup the wallet. The user will need to chose the password and pin for the purpose of security when setting up the wallet. Though the wallet is only available for android devices as at now but we hope that other devices version will be available in the future. The following coins can be stored on the wallet; Tajcoin, Lanacoin, Nevacoin etc. Some of this coins are personalized coin, so thanks to the team of cryprowallet who made it available.

CryptoWallet: Unknown wallet that supports that supports few also unknown Cryptocurrencies.

Wallet with two years in development and still very basic, works under the Electron server which supports some cryptos, It is open source, quite unknown and its diffusion on the network almost null, its website is also full of little information and It only guides its download and recovery, which is quite simple, It is only available for mobile devices with Android operating system, IOs and support for Pcs are still missing, Currently works with few unknown currencies such as: LanaCoin NevaCoin TajCoin Netko AquarimCoin. Therefore, it would only be useful for the moment if you need to buy or sell some of the indicated currencies. To be able to recommend it more broadly, they should advance further in their development and support more currencies, give the Wallet more functionality and expand the spectrum to be able to be used on PCs and mobile devices with IOs operating system, if that happens I would recommend you nurture your website more and do a campaign on the net to…

Cryptowalletsi-a virtual link to Electrum

Since the appearance of the first cryptocurrency in 2009; A wide range of digital currencies have emerged in the crypto market, each with particular characteristics but with a common purpose: to become a tool for universal and multifunctional use. Within this context, digital wallets or wallets have therefore emerged. Wallets or purses allow us to create an address to store digital assets and an account to manage them. There are many options for wallets today; one of them is Cryptowalletsi. Cryptowalletsi is an open source wallet; that is, a free software programming code used to build a chain of blocks (blockchain). The Cryptowalletsi platform is linked to the Electrum server technology, from there it inherits the open book features. Electrum is one of the most popular wallets on the market that is used to store Bitcoins within a PC. What should we know about Cryptowalletsi? • It is an application available for Android mobile devices downloadable from Google Play. • Installs…

CryptoWallet, allows the easy and secure storage of various types of digital currencies

CryptoWallet, allows the easy and secure storage of various types of digital currencies, such as AquariusCoin (ARCO), LanaCoin (LANA), NevaCoin (NEVA), TajCoin (TAJ) and Netko (NETKO). This wallet client operates in Android mobile devices, with an extremely easy installation of the wallet and a correct operation, which puts in security the storage of the diverse tokens that it supports, likewise, it provides transactions in deposits and shipments of coins very optimized and efficient. CryptoWallet is also working on the development and upgrading of its wallet and intends to offer an SPV wallet for Android and IOS. CryptoWallet represents an excellent option for the storage of coins and you can find news from its community in up to 5 social networks.

Unknown crypto wallet.

Can we use this wallet where we are afraid to use many popular wallets? After I downloaded the wallet, I felt that it was very weak in terms of security. They have no planned road map and the development process is very slow. They just developed the Android application and have not yet been able to release iOS applications. When you look at the reviews in the Play Store, the reviews will look fake, I doubt if the wallet has actually been downloaded 1000+. Overall, I would never recommend using this wallet, Unless you have to use some selected crypto like: LanaCoin, TajCoin, Netko.

Pros & cons

  • This is a very simple and lightweight wallet.
  • Very small user-base.
  • Very basic website, where there is no important information about the wallet.
  • There is no partner or company details.
  • Supports a total of 8 currencies, of which only three are known.
  • They are using Telegram as user support, where other projects are offering live chat and many more.

Cryptowallet. Si: A wallet not fulfilling its intended potential

CryptoWallet. si is an Electrum server based open source and non custodial wallet for open source cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2018 and it is a wallet for android mobile devices. It is an Open sourced crypto wallet for alternative cryptocurriencies based on blockchain such as: 1. AquariusCoin – ARCO 2. LanaCoin – LANA 3. NevaCoin – NEVA 4. TajCoin – TAJ 5. Netko - NETKO The website doesn’t provide adequate information for user to work with, plus the fact that there is no web version of the wallet. There is no Mac, Windows and iOS version of the wallet as it’s only available on Android devices. Although storing of your assets is very easy, but in the event that you lose access to your wallet, there are no recovery keys stored elsewhere for you to retrieve your stored digital assets. CryptoWallet. si provides staking facilities for your coins, so you can join any of the available staking pools and add your address from your wallet. The company does not have an…

CryptoWallet Si: A Wallet From Electrum that Requires Improvement

CryptoWallet Si is an open-source Wallet that as everybody knows comes from the Electrum wallet support. In fact, it shares many similar features to it, and how that wallet is not very functional for the current needs of crypto-holders and traders. First of all, although the project is legit, it has still many things to improve and offer. It has a web page with a considerable lack of information and purposeful content that can place on a bad top. Many users like to research about these type of financial products to store tokens and choose which one is the most suitable for what they want, but the company does not offer real-explained options to have it as an alternative. As other wallets it is available for free and can be downloaded with a rapid process through just one of the operative systems for mobile devices, it means Android. It has not any desktop version. That is another point against what the company provides. Certainly, it can operate better than its companion because it…

a very unknown wallet with very limited capacity to store assets

If there is something that all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts value when storing our assets, it is the levels of security that the wallets we choose must have. It is no secret to anyone that there are many wallets, most of which have very good security mechanisms and in which a large number of digital currencies can be stored. The cryptowallet. Si , it is not an option if you are looking for a wallet that accepts multiple currencies, since only a very limited amount of them can be stored, such as Lanacoin, Nevacoin, Tajcoin, and Netko although there is also the possibility that in the future developers can add your custom tokens. This wallet works with an open source algorithm which makes it a fully auditable and decentralized wallet, since being backed by electrum servers, only users store their coins on their mobile devices and the only connection it has with the blockchain, It is to verify transactions and update balances. The wallet is available to be downloaded only on a

A Crypto wallet for specific coins.

At first glance the crypto wallet looks empty (obviously) but its a mystery why it still supports so few coins. At the time of writing this review, its your go to mobile wallet for storing $ARCO $LANA $TAJ $NEVA and $NETKO in a safe and non-custodial manner. Nothing much else going on in the wallet apart from storing the above coins. What I like most about this wallet though is its simple user interface, on the wallet its easy to navigate and find your way through the different coins. The interface looks a bit like that of Coinomi wallet, but with less features. Some of the coins listed on CryptoWallet si can be staked so if you decide to join any of their staking pools you can easily add your address from CryptoWallet si wallet.

Electrum-based non-custodial wallet

A wallet based on Electrum, consists of a simple design, adapted for any user without inexperience in cryptocurrency wallets can handle very easily. Mainly aimed at mobile devices, it is included in the Google Play and App Store stores, which one year after its launch has not generated great interest according to the percentage of downloads and reviews available in both stores. Thanks to the provision of electrum backend servers, it has excellent synchronization with the chains in the wallet, although the number of digital currencies that it supports is limited, however there may be the case of new currencies supported in a next update. It consists of several layers of security, such as a security pin and a recovery seed that backs up the user's funds, in addition to the little space it occupies on the device, it does not cause a performance change in the phone.

Review on Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet Platform established in 2018. Is an electrum server based wallet available for Android mobile device Platform and can be downloaded on Google play. Crypto wallet is easy to install, meanwhile the administrator of the platform has provided the easy ways and steps to follow in order to install it on their Crypto wallet has private keys known as recovery phrase, that Will be use to recover wallet funds back in case any undesired even happens to the phone (the recovery phrase most be kept safe). The wallet also require password or pin that will be use to decode the wallet anytime and it also protect users funds in case of lost or stolen phone.  Crypto wallet allow users to send, receive and store cryptocurrency such as ARCD, LANA, NEVA, NETKO and others with easy and convenient