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Review on CryptoWallet.si by José A Rodríguez

CryptoWallet Si: A Wallet From Electrum that Requires Improvement

CryptoWallet Si is an open-source Wallet that as everybody knows comes from the Electrum wallet support. In fact, it shares many similar features to it, and how that wallet is not very functional for the current needs of crypto-holders and traders. First of all, although the project is legit, it has still many things to improve and offer. It has a web page with a considerable lack of information and purposeful content that can place on a bad top. Many users like to research about these type of financial products to store tokens and choose which one is the most suitable for what they want, but the company does not offer real-explained options to have it as an alternative.

As other wallets it is available for free and can be downloaded with a rapid process through just one of the operative systems for mobile devices, it means Android. It has not any desktop version. That is another point against what the company provides. Certainly, it can operate better than its companion because it has a totally open source and it was designed with good protocols, but this matter just a little when the limits for storing tokens are under the value required. It has not many open entries for them.

Moreover, it neither provides considerable information about the security parameters that conform to the service. It just can be reached if users download the wallet and do exhaustive research to the reviews of other customers. What is known, it requires support not only from the management team but also from external providers. This wallet has already an open integration where other users can recognize it and assess it. However, it will just depend on what the company wants for the future functioning of it.

In conclusion, CryptoWallet Si is a proxy that can be defined shortly die to the lack of information there exist and how the team offers the service in a public ecosystem. Despite all possible integrations, it is a product that really has to improve. Let's remember that a wallet is the first digital place where our tokens must lay safely.

Pros & cons

  • It has good protocols to run the product rapidly through mobiles. After downloading the wallet, the installation process requires just a few minutes.
  • It is a better development with operative services for all users that apply for it.
  • It does not have concise and reliable information about the security features and privacy options.
  • It has a considerable lack of content and low management from the team. It requires better illustrative ideas for growing up rapidly.
  • It has a low limit of cryptocurrencies accepted, and they are not well-protected as they should be.
  • The design of both the platform and the wallet requires a total assessment to improve it drastically.