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Review on Jaxx Wallet by Joseph Bello

After Much Ads, I Decided To Check The Jaxx Wallet

I actually got introduced to the Jaxx wallet by the incessant ads that usually pop up on my screen. After a while, I got convinced to try out their services. The Jaxx wallet was actually baffling although I expected more than what I saw from their adverts. It is a Canadian crypto wallet established by a person who had gained enough experience from being a co-founder of the Ethereum project, it has been in existence ever since the early days of cryptocurrencies (around the year 2014) and is presently serving more than million traders. The crypto wallet has gained popularity due to it's nice interface and security features, and all these seems to have been possible due to the experience gained by the founder, Di Lorio. The crypto wallet has a built-in exchange platform that I really love. Their services are free to use but the exchange platform requires a fee to execute a trade. They have their applications available for both mobile and desktop devices which includes: the Android version. (which I tried out), the iOS version, Windows, Linux and Mac versions. They also have their site compatible with the Chrome browser. I got to discover their perfect work on their interface but like I said earlier, I had expected more.

There happen to be another factor that users of the Jaxx wallet are proud of, security. Which also happens to be one of the major reasons I signed up to their platform. The Jaxx wallet seems to have really tried with the numerous security features they make use of. One of such is the AES-256 encryption. This security feature happens to be rarely found amongst exchanges and wallets and I discovered that those that possess it have a very nice and secured platform. They also make use of a password and pin to secure users account and makes back-up possible with the 12 word passphrase. To prove their transparency, they have left private keys of users stored on the users device. With these, one can hardly believe that the Jaxx wallet was once hacked. Well, it was although it wasn't really the company's fault but a user's (as the 400,000 dollars that was stolen was gotten from a single account and not the company's). The hack was mainly because of poor maintenance and safe keeping by the user. But aside this hack, the Jaxx wallet has never experienced another ever since it started in the year 2014. I think this record is good enough and that's why I can use their platform freely.

Pros & cons

  • The wallet seems to have a nice interface
  • They have been able to employ multiple security features to protect users funds
  • Accepts a nice range of cryptos
  • Has a built-in exchange platform for the users
  • The founder seems to have gotten lots of experience from the Ethereum project
  • They have their platform available on both mobile and desktop devices, the chrome version is available too
  • The platform displays some useful I formation about the blockchain network and cryptocurrencies
  • The wallet lacks 2 Factor Authentication, which seems bad to me
  • It has experienced a security issue in the year 2017