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Review on Trust Wallet by Eunice Olagbadun

My best longest serving wallet; Trust wallet

i was introduced to trust wallet late last year by a friend of mine he said a lot about the said wallet having features that fits any crypto user which i have attested to since my Time on the wallet. Trust wallet has a lot of coins such as ethereum, trons, tomochain and their tokens, I even see it as the wallet with the support for many cryptocurrencies and with many more being added via its governance vote, it soon will be the number one spot for holding crypto. To go more into the features I have seen on trust wallet, the wallet supports stakings of different coins like Tezos XTZ and Tron TRX among others giving users security to stake and unstake their coins easily on the wallet directly, no third parties involved. I also realized that apart from holding and staking of cryptocurrencies, a separate and dedicated section called collectibles for holding Non-Fungible tokens NFT separate from other coins which I found quite helpful in being able to Organize different NFTs gotten from Blockchain games I have played over the years. With most of my games being played on the EOS network which trust wallet Is yet to support, I find this a huge disadvantage to my blockchain gaming experience but compensates for the easy access gotten on Ethereum. A disadvantage I noticed recently was that Trust wallet through its customizable fee setting, makes it easy for Dusting attacks possible.

Trustwallet has a decentralized browser which can be used to connect to Dapps and even a wallet connect feature that makes it possible for me to operate or play blockchain games on my PC and simply link my wallet to its native browser using QR code scanning. Other characteristics like a customizable fee setting and dark mode are good features i have found useful and interesting. Another thing users will find on trust wallet Is its privacy feature for Bitcoin and its forks which supports an auto change address to ensure privacy in making transaction. I'll sincerely recommend trust wallet as a good wallet to users and crypto gamers because of the juicy packages that it has as careful outlined oon

Pros & cons

  • Trust wallet supports dark mode and push notifications for transaction alerts
  • Privacy feature that allows auto change address for Bitcoin and its forks
  • Supports a lot of coins and tokens with many more added via its governance voting
  • Seamless UI, easy to make transactions and even alter fees
  • Making Dust token attack is made possible using trust wallet
  • True wallet Is yet to support Dapp connects for Tron and EOS
Uğur Çelik
January 23, 2021
Hi Dear, Thanks for imformative review. You are really explaining Trust wallet very nice. I totally agree with you about trust wallet. I think you are expert about cryptocurrency. Have a nice day.
Canberk Güneri
January 17, 2021
It would really be more effective if it supports Dapp connections for Ron and EOS. Having a large number of tokens is still one of my biggest choices. I think it will continue to be mentioned for many years. In addition, the number of users will increase.
Joseph Bello
January 09, 2021
The Trust wallet is the crypto wallet I'm currently using. I enjoy their services starting from their beautiful interface. Their mobile applications are avaialble on both Android and iPhone OS